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Sissy Training Sissy Steps

Sissy Steps are just the beginning to your transformation!
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 There as so many aspects that I want to train you in as My aspiring sissy! I want your training to be thorough and complete. After all, your behavior and training is a reflection on Me! That is why step by step I will be training you in such things as cum eating, cock worship and anal training. Also steps to feeling confident and being a sissy even in public! Just to name a few.
   Sissy Steps
  sissy steps There are many steps to being a good sissy! Especially if you want to be MY sissy. Some of them are simple and some of them will take a bit more effort. But every one of these steps will bring you closer to the sissy you were meant to be! I am sure at times you have performed a lesson here or there or have seen those incomplete lessons that leave you wanting more. THIS will be thorough, detailed and very comprehensive changing your masculinity totally and completely! Each of these steps will lead you down the path of feminization and sissification. This file will be your introduction to the sissy steps you will be taking under My guidance and control! From panties to cum eating and cock worship there won’t be anything that you won’t be well trained in! I can’t wait for you start! Now be a good gurl and listen closely!

 So many facets to being a well trained sissy!
  Pretty Sissy ~ Slutty Sissy Assignment
  sissy steps An assignment/task for My girls! As one of My gurls I want you to look, feel and act feminine! I have found that the more feminine you look, the more feminine you will act and vice versa! This is for when I want you to be My slutty sissy or My pretty sissy.
  Sissy Assignment
  sissy steps I take the training of My gurls very seriously! One of the reasons is I want to be proud to call you My sissy just as you are proud to be My sissy! This assignment will allow visual reminders that you are a sissy and will enhance your femininity as well as your sissification!
  Sissy Clitty ~ SPH 
sissy steps It is so true that size does matter! As a matter of fact, you realized that long ago! The size of your penis was a contributing factor in your becoming a sissy! The realization that you will never be a real man instead servicing real men is now just a fact of life for you. Let's just call it what it is...your sissy clitty.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Trampling by Diane Callaway

Trampling is the act of man laying down while a woman walks all over him. This can be a full body contact with him being basically used as a doormat or it can be focused on a certain part of man's body. Generally this part of the body is the penis and or testicles. For a lot of men this is a very sexually encounter. They desire to be forced down and then used as a source of entertainment for a woman or even a group of women. They enjoy being no longer treated like a human being but as an object.  This is another fetish of power exchange. It can involve pain but for most men that are into trampling it is about the mental exchange more than the physical one. trampling 
 While many Mistresses are forceful in how they deal with a trampling scenario for some it is more about the sensual taking over of a man's mind and body. They use their feet as a way of blocking out the rest of the world and focusing a man's full attention on them. Power exchanges are often about blocking out all the stress of the rest of the world. The men are craving a break from the high demands of their life and the women are there to give that to them.  People often wonder why men or women of power crave sexual situations that are more intense. These people are of strong minds they desire something that will break through their normal. Strong sexual situations take them to a new sense of release. The vanilla sex is comforting like a warm fuzzy blanket but it is not enough to pull them to a different level of who they desire to be. Trampling is not something a large portion of the population would be drawn to. It is for a small group that is craving different, unique and intense. 

Written by Diane Callaway. Diane is a phone sex operator, self producer of erotic movies, literature, and mp3's. Diane is currently on Niteflirt. You can read more of her writing on her niteflirt exclusive blog Be sure to add her on twitter @dianecallaway and let her know you found her here.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Introducing Chilly Hicks All Worked Up and Alone

Hey guys this is Chilly Hicks, a little bit about me. First off I am an all American girl. I was born and raised in the Mid West. I have never lived in the city and adore being in the country. I work from my home always have and that gives me a lot of freedom to do the things that I truly enjoy. I am not much of a hunter but I like to fish, play on the water and be outside. I live out in the woods so a lot of the pictures and videos I do are outside. It is a lot of fun to get naked feel the air and sun on my skin. I am a simple girl I like to do things like ride motor cycles, four wheelers, and get muddy. You might notice that I am on here almost every day for me that is a lot of fun to talk to all you guys. I have made some tremendous online friends since I started on here. Sexually I am completely bi-sexual and have been since I was in my early 20's. I have a girlfriend (Diane Callaway) and a boyfriend her husband. We do live together most the time which is awesome. I am mostly submissive but these last couple of years I have been exploring my dominant side. I am not a "country bumpkin" I have a degree and am highly educated. I do this because I like the freedom of doing my own thing in my own way. I was raised in a conservative household so being online lets me explore things that were not really talked about. Come tell me your stories or talk about the things that intrigue you. I want to hear it all. You will get the real me not some made up character. All my pictures and videos are me and I do camming. I prefer skype so call me up ask me for my skype ID or shoot me an email.

I am just an average girl. I live alone and need some company! What about you? Are you hiding out at the office and need a quick little sexual pickup? Maybe you are out of town on business and just want to relax with someone that would enjoy getting off as much as you do. I feel the need to masturbate all the time there is no better cure for a bad mood or a terrible headache then getting off. I have a number of fun toys that I am adding to all the time make sure you check them out with the link below. I have a plug in vibrator so I can play for a very long time without having to worry about those batteries getting tired. I have a great time doing naughty things for you. Check out my feedback and you will see that I truly enjoy doing what I do. I love lingerie and girly things and wear a number of different sexy outfits if you have a preference just ask I will happily wear it for you if I. I have pictures of a lot of my outfits listed below just check them out with the link below. I do a number of role plays and enjoy talking about new things so just ask! If it is not my thing I am sure we can find something that we will both enjoy getting off to. I am generally submissive in my day to day life, but hey a girl likes to step into a fantasy too. I work from home so I am on here most the time this for me is a great way to spend my day. I have a Goodie Store here but my really naughty stuff is on my personal niteflirt store so check out all my home made movies as well as tons of new stuff coming. I am having a great time with some of the things I am shooting for this coming year lot of fetish stuff which is just a blast to shoot. While I have been around here for a few years I am completely amateur just a home grown naughty girl. Here is a short list of some fetishes that I have fun with. Pantyhose are something I really enjoy wearing and I always have a few pair around just ask I will slip them on for you. Small Penis Humiliation I have grown to truly have a lot of fun with making fun of a guys tiny little cock. Sissification before I started on niteflirt I had never even heard of this now I have a wonderful time forcing a guy to dress up for me. Full bottom satin panties you bet I have some of these and greatly enjoy wearing them for you. I am a girly girl and enjoy wearing high heels sometimes with nothing else. Balloons okay this one just makes me smile and laugh great fun. Tickling I am completely ticklish yep touch me anywhere and I will giggle while bouncing all over. Submissive girl oh I have leather, rope, handcuffs, dildos and LOTS of toys this girl comes well equipped. Tie me up, spank me, lets caress each other don't worry I can have multiple orgasms. If you like I will get out my strap on and do the same to you. No matter what your little secret is lets explore it together.

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There are a lot of fun things coming out as make sure you are watching for them. I and Diane Callaway have a new pantyhose store that is filled with downloadable movies, mp3's, free movies, and articles. All of this is up or will be up very soon. The Pantyhose Store is just the beginning though. We have the following fetish stores coming very soon: SPH, Coerced Bi, Feminization/Sissification, Feet, Ass Worship, Strapon Play, Tease and Denial, Balloon and Inflatable. Now this is now where near the amount of content we have these are just the ones we are highlighting with special content.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Top Ten Femdom Videos by Goddess Natasha

I have really neglected this blog for quite some time! Since I do have a blog section at My personal web site Worship Natasha that it where I have been concentrating My efforts!

Since My last post here there have been so many things happening!

I have taken 100's of phone calls on Niteflirt, recorded many videos for Clips4Sale as well as dozens of MP3 Files! Don't forget the many photos and photo sets that I have made available!

If you add to that the literally dozens of custom recordings that I have done I have been kept very busy!

In addition I have traveled numerous times to and from Michigan in the past year. Unfortunately most of the trips were in the winter!

Recently I was looking at My studio and decided to see what My Top Ten recordings have been since day one on Clips4Sale! I was a bit surprised! Are you? Do you have them all? If not, I hope you will take the time to click on the link and preview these recordings!  


Oral slave (Full Movie) 
 CLASSIC GODDESS NATASHA: From beginning to end, this video is full of ass worship, face sitting and smothering! Dressed in black bra, G-string, garter belt & stockings with knee high leather boots a new slave needs training! Kiss the collar, kiss My boots to greet Me and then the questions begin! What is a slave's purpose....why are Females superior to males? Wrong answers and out comes the riding crop! Next I lean over the table so slave can begin worshipping My ass I instruct My slave further, Bury your face in My ass slave, I instruct him next. I am not really pleased with his performance or his answers to My questions so I instruct him to rest his head on the floor between My legs-ass up! I hold his head tightly with My boots and the riding crop is applied to his ass-liberally. Then I sit down to torment his nipples and slap his face repeatedly when he doesn't please Me! Holding slave's shoulders he is commanded to remove My leather G-string. As I sit I pull his head between My legs for some oral commands. He will pay for that privilege as I smack his ass with a riding crop! I lock My legs around his neck and he is trapped! I am enjoying Myself as slave's head is between My legs-then time for some ass worship. slave kisses and licks My ass as I lean over and smoke a cigarette. After some instructions on ass worship, I turn around and his head is back between My legs as I place one leg over his shoulder.I grab his head by his hair and scold slave then instruct him to lay on his back as I restrain his arms. he speaks out of turn and I slap his face, torment his nipples and sit on his chest. I straddle his face so he can really bring Me pleasure!Straddling slave's face, he is given commands as I ride his face. I turn around face forward to smother him and asks if he can breathe with My ass on his face. My best selling video EVER this shows exactly how I expect an oral slave to perform! Classic Goddess Natasha!

Breaking of a slave..revealed 
 Over the years I am sure you have heard of My breaking of a slave program. In this POV video, I explain how you will be completely controlled for 30 days. Your free will is taken away, shackled, collared and put in a chastity device you will be isolated from everyone and everything you know! You will be broken and reprogrammed to serve Me and your old ways of male thinking and behavior will be obliterated

  Face Sitting & Ass Worship 
 It has been a long time since I did a face sitting video with a slave and he was just lucky enough to be able to serve Me! First you get a view of the back as I am Dressed in a see through dress, tiny g-string and thigh high leather boots, first he is granted the privilege of worshiping My beautiful ass as I smother him and sit on his face. Nice view of My gorgeous ass as I use his face.Then I turn so you have a front view of My breasts through My dress as I continue using his face and allowing him to worship Me. After face sitting and ass worship, I sit on the couch and use him as a rest for My thigh high leather boots, digging the heels into his body. Then it is time for heel sucking and worshiping My boots.Featuring femdom, female domination, face sitting, ass worship, thigh high boots, boot worship

slave for Life 
 My slave is in My presence to sign a contract that I have drawn up and to have the temporary locks on his iron collar and his belly iron replaced with permanent locks! The belly iron will now have a ball and chain attached that total 11 pounds (ball is 8 pounds and chain is 3 pounds) that is becoming permanent. He will now have to carry this with him EVERYWHERE! The iron collar is also becoming permanent! Some details of My requirements in this contract include sleeping in My cage once a week and 30 minutes of Worship every day.After he reads the contract and initials each requirement, the locks are put on! The locks that are attached are cut proof, waterproof and CANNOT be rekeyed! Photos are taken of this momentous occasion! After I put wrist restraints on him, he stands against the cross facing the wall. Ankle restraints are added and then I apply 30 strokes of the cane for a past infraction involving the ball and chain!Note: Notice the date as he reads the contract!

Absolute Control (Mind Fuck)

Continuing in My Control Series, with each wave of My hand, you relax more and more. I take you down deep with a countdown and snap of My fingers. It’s time for your conscious mind to take a rest and your subconscious mind to take over. Now it is time for giving up control and giving Me absolute control. Absolute control over your mind, your body, your actions. Featuring daze, mesmerize, mental domination, breasts, mind fuck, smoking, smoking fetish, hand fetish, long nails, finger nail fetish, fingernail fetish, hand gestures

Chastity A Lifetime of Frustration (MP3)
 This is what you have been craving and needing. Furthermore,  strong Dominant Woman controlling your cock, controlling your orgasms. In this latest Mental Domination recording, I use hypnosis and begin to plant ideas in your subconscious. You crave this permanent chastity. You want this chaste life. A permanent life of chastity. As a matter of fact, if you THINK about removing the chastity device there will be consequences! Deep in your subconscious I have implanted what will happen to you physically and mentally if you contemplate removing it! Oh, you will be aroused and excited but unable to release! Welcome to a lifetime of frustration!Featuring elements of chastity,mind fuck, orgasm control, femdom, female domination, mental domination, mesermize, mesmerization

Ass Worship 
 I know by now that you have learned that Mistress loves a good ass worship slave! BUT I had never recorded an ass worship video…until now! Dressed in black cleavage showing bra, waist cincher and thong as well as My favorite black heels, I show you and instruct you. Do you have a strong tongue? Obedience and devotion..that is what is required! Maybe you will be allowed to sleep with your face between My ass cheeks..wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to sleep?? Lick, dart, swirl…just some of the commands for ass worship. Nice close ups of Mistresses ass and beautiful body! Featuring Ass worship, instructions, body worship

  Violated by My strap on! 

My slave kneels, waiting for Me holding a condom and lube in his hands. First, I have him roll the condom on the strap on and then lube it. Then he has the humiliating task of lubricating his own ass to be taken! I stand behind him as he leans over a bench pushing the strap on between his legs. Playing with his nipples, slapping his ass and running My long red fingernails across his back, he braces himself for the entry. After instructing him to stroke himself, I hold the strap on and push! I use him over and over making him ride and holding tight to his hips!

Forced Smoke Inhalation 
 First restraining My slave’s arms behind him as he sits in the chair, I tease him by blowing smoke in his face after I light a cigarette. Then straddling him on the chair I play with his nipples before I begin forcing smoke into his mouth holding his face tightly. Using My nails I tease and play with him alternating between painfully using My nails on his tender nipples and using them gently. Listening to him moan in pain but he is still so very aroused…dripping in fact. Of course, I make him lick his precum off My finger. I stand up and again use My nails to tease him but this time using My long natural nails on his cock and balls. More precum? Lick it off My finger! Featuring bondage, smoking, forced smoking, nipple play, CEI, nail fetish, scratching

 HOT for your Teacher  
 Last but not least! Well, class is dismissed for the day except for YOU! That’s right…you will be staying after class to explain yourself! Did you think I didn't notice your hand down the front of your pants for the past 45 minutes? So explain yourself! It’s either an embarrassing and humiliating trip to the principal’s (who is also a Woman of course!) office or the embarrassment of standing in front of me and masturbating! Featuring teacher fetish, authority figure, pantyhose, short skirt, masturbation, humiliation, school teacher, masturbation, masturbation humiliation (This last one of My top ten femdom videos is an erotic roleplay)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Men Crave Control by Diane Callaway

Men Crave Control

 You always hear men say they want a woman to be underneath them at least that is what they will always tell their friends. When we get to the core of a man's fantasy he wants a woman to take control. He wants to be under her subordinate and have her take full control of his world. There are some men that want a woman to nag them about every little thing as strange as that may seem to a lot of people for some men that constant belittlement is a means of knowing they are in a loving relationship.

We have all met "that" woman the one that tells her husband about all his faults no matter what they are. Being from the South this type of woman is very easy to find. It took me a lot of years even with being a dominant woman to understand they are there because that is the situation they want.

They enjoy what is said to them. I really did not fully understand until I started taking calls on niteflirt and these men started talking to me about what they craved and how they could not find women like those they knew when they were young.

 I strongly believe that all men crave a woman who takes control. A woman who will tell them exactly what she wants and how she wants it to be. Dominant comes in many layers and to different degrees. The vast majority of men probably do not crave the woman who belittles them on all levels that is taking the pendulum to the extreme.

Men are also not happy with the woman who is passive aggressive and refuses to express her wants and desires. The happy zone is where it normally resides right in the middle. A woman who is confident in who she is and what she expects of her man. She sets up boundaries and demands those boundaries be respected. A man will push a woman to see how much he can get away with and when he does that he needs to be brought back to those rules.

A lot of women compare men to raising children and that is not a fair representation of a partner. There are couples out there where a man is allowed to go to that degree of disrespect he will do what ever he wants. He has been allowed to push those limits over and over to the degree that he no longer expects any consequence to his action. These are the women that find themselves in situations they find unacceptable over and over again. Most of these women never see that the control was always there but they refused to take it when it was easy to get.

By the time they are wanting to have a handle on the unacceptable situations it is so far gone that they will never be able regain it with that man. Men crave a woman who will control them through consistent expectations that are maintained while be clearly laid out. Letting a man forget things for years getting more and more angry but staying silent will never end well. A man who is told you will remember important dates you are expected to get a thoughtful gift or do something thoughtful and then having him set up so he will remember it will get far better results than passive aggressive anger. Men do not understand passive aggressive behavior they as a rule do not behave through those types of self-expression so it is confusing for them. Men are biologically programmed to understand cause and effect. Women are biologically programmed to pay attention to subtleties in human nature body language, changes in tones of voice, shifting in how things are done.

Women have the ability to change a few minor ways of how they deal with men and men respond completely different. Dominant women generally have very stable loving relationships with men that crave to give them whatever they desire. There are reasons for this. Men know what is expected of them and they know if they do not fulfill these expectations there will be well laid out consequences. There is none of the sighing because she is irritated and refuses to tell him exactly what she is upset about.

A dominant woman says exactly what she is thinking and why. She is not afraid to tell someone how they can fix a problem. While dominant women may get angrier faster than other women she will generally get over it faster. She has expressed herself she is no longer fretting about something that has been done to her and she is ready to move forward. While a dominant woman may fight with her significant other more often she is also more likely to not hold a grudge she has no reason to do so. This is actually a good situation for men it is feels more natural to their biological set up.

Think of how men are with each other they may get into a fist fight with a guy but then that man becomes his best friend one of his most trusted companions. This is due to the building of trust through cause and effect. Non dominant women have been trained by society to think that in order to get the guy they want they have to play games of deception. A dominant woman would never do this she may play games of tease and denial but the man will always know she is interested she just wants him to work for something.

Non dominant women think they need present themselves in ways that are not accurate to their personality while a dominant woman is never anything but who she truly is. A dominant woman does not need a man she wants one while a non dominant woman have often been conditioned to think they need someone to care for them. Men crave a woman who can ultimately stand on her own two feet. She does not have to have someone to take care of her in the most fundamental way. Men will always crave a woman that is in control even if she maintains that control through seduction.

Diane Callaway

 I have been dominant my whole life. I play on niteflirt every day so you can find me there.

I invite you to follow me on twitter or subscribe to my blogs.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Castration Fetish by Goddess Natasha

Who knew that there were so many people fascinated by castration like Myself?? As for Myself, it is the idea of complete emasculation of the male that is so erotic to Me! The idea of the sacrificing of one's manhood as well as the psychological and emotional effects are particularly exciting. Castration emasculation and the very extreme end of emasculating a male is so very fascinating as well as empowering!

Castration Emasculation Extreme Femdom

I am thoroughly enjoying speaking about all of the different aspects of castration emasculation from the physical to the emotional and psychological effects. Simply click on a link below for a full description and preview!

 ritualistic castration

castration emasculation
cruel castration
sadistic castration

Friday, January 9, 2015

Femdom Hypnosis and Chastity Two of My favorite topics!

I have just recorded My first two new videos of the year! These two are brand new and cover two of My favorite subjects…Mind Control and Chastity! I so enjoy Femdom Hypnosis and have found it to be very effective whether on the phone or in person.

Femdom Hypnosis

Mind Control: Craving My Gift of Pain $19.99

Wearing only an eye catching spiked bra that shows off My breasts and deep eye shadow that enhances My beautiful blue eyes, My voice slips seductively through your mind as I relax you completely putting you down into a deep state of trance. But today that is not enough. Today I put you into a dream state where in your minds eye you will see yourself serving Me. Kneeling in front of Me...feeling the leather of My shoes as you kiss them. Feeling the restraints as I place them on your wrists and ankles. You will feel each stroke, you will feel My nails as I run them across your back. It feels so good to please Me, to suffer for Me. Soon your nightly dreams will be filled pain filled and you will begin to crave My gift of pain
femdom hypnosis


Chastity: Surrendering Control $7.99
 Dressed in a soft leather top that shows off My beautiful breasts, I speak to you about surrendering control of your sexual activities! After all, you know that I believe all men should be kept in chastity with a Woman holding the key. The psychological aspects of chastity cannot be obtained unless you have no access to the keys!
femdom hypnosis

Of course you can call Me on Niteflirt for live Domination! Call Button