Monday, March 26, 2012

The Farm (Original)

For many of you, this story will seem very familiar.  It was written by Me over 12 years ago and published in "Goddess Natasha's Bondage Tymes" as well as My first web site and through out the internet. All I can say is I enjoy it every time I read it! Below is a snippet for you to enjoy. You can also purchase the whole 13 pages 

The Farm

I am a sadist. I am beautiful, stunningly so. I am tall, with long legs and a gorgeous athletic body and devilishly beautiful face. I have always been able to get men to do anything for Me, sometimes the most ridiculous things. It started, I guess, with My father. I soon found that with a certain look or pout I could rap him around My little finger. From there I progressed to the boys at school. I was the cruelest bitch to ever go through high school. I also remained a virgin throughout high school. I was never going to allow a filthy man to enter my body.

It was natural, I guess, I ended up a professional dominant. Soon after I graduated as a psychiatrist from a highly esteemed Eastern school, I got enough money together to buy a secluded piece of property. It had a huge house and about twenty acres of land. The house was somewhat run down, but I thought I could easily have it rebuilt by men seeking to gain favor with Me. I ran a couple of ads and offered a lengthy stay at a “secluded retreat to learn the fine art of servitude to a female tyrant.’ I was surprised by the deluge of responses I received and was able to be quite selective in My clientele.

My first customer was a well built man of about age forty. The rates I charged for a one week stay were nothing short of outrageous.  Nonetheless, he showed up as scheduled. I picked him up at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. I wore a black leather skirt and a white silk blouse, off-black stockings and knee high very high heeled boots. My new slave was relieved to see I was as attractive as I claimed to be, and we walked to My car. I made him kneel and kiss My feet before we got into the car, much to his dismay. There were people around for this scene, but none paid too much attention. I made him get into the trunk and I drove back to My new slave ranch.

When we arrived, we walked to the front door and I made him lie down across the front of the doorway. I stepped up onto his chest and very deliberately wiped My boots on his shirt. I then held each boot over his mouth so he could better clean them with his tongue. I opened the door and stepped off his body into My castle. I instructed him to strip naked and await My return. I went to My room and put on a pair of leather gloves and picked up a riding crop and returned to find My new slave kneeling in the middle of the floor. As I walked over to him, I noticed he had a raging erection. Knowing the power I have over males I had no fear whatsoever of this strange slave. I kicked him as hard as I could in the stomach and he doubled over onto his side in pain. Raising My boot, I stepped down hard on the side of his neck. He whimpered and apologized for some unknown infraction he may have committed and pleaded with Me to have Mercy on him.

“I have no mercy, you piece of dirt. There’s no need of an apology. I kicked you because I enjoy hurting men. I brought you here to torment and torture you for My amusement. You have no rights here and you can expect some very painful time in My presence. If you feel you are not up to serving Me, you may leave now. You will have to find your own way back. If you stay, you are My slave, to do with as I see fit. No one knows where you are.  If you are willing to accept these terms, you may kiss the toe of each of My boots and tell Me to do with you as I will.”

I raised My boot off his neck and stepped back. He crawled over to Me on his stomach and kissed the toe of each boot.

“1 am Here to worship and adore you, Mistress. I will place My life in your hands and only hope I can offer you some pleasure with My miserable body.”

I smiled down at him and stepped on the back of his neck. My heel dug into the nape of his neck and I twisted it back and forth creating a nice red welt. My new slave did not make a sound.

To read all 13 pages of The Farm (Original) 

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Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: A youth trained for Her pleasure

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: A youth trained for Her pleasure: When he was a young man, he spent many years of his callow and artless youth taking pleasures from the village beauties but giving little in...

A youth trained for Her pleasure

When he was a young man, he spent many years of his callow and artless youth taking pleasures from the village beauties but giving little in return. A lustful lad of twenty‑five, with torrents of testosterone coursing through his veins, no village maiden was safe as long as his wagon was camped on the edge of town. Lured by his striking features, hearty laugh and tales of quest, they would eagerly dance for him and drink his wine. With equal exuberance, they would slip quietly from their cottages late at night, following the feint sounds of his guitar across the fields to reach his camp fire. There in his arms, as the flickering light evoked images from the shadows, he would speak of empty castles and storms at sea, of wizards with talking animals, of trade routes through trackless deserts sad lost treasure. Later in the wagon, among pillows and fine silk brought from exotic lands, he would take his pleasures. Within an hour, his seduction complete, the poor girl was sent back to the village with a slap on the buttocks and an intense longing in her loins. Morning sunlight would creep through the unharvested wheat fields and olive groves, then slowly dry the dew from the grass where his wagon had once been.

Thus he traveled until one day he reached a small fishing village on the Bosporus. There, in a dockside tavern crowded with sailors and heavy with the odor of fish, his attentions were drawn to the lovely Kyla. A serving tray poised elegantly next to her cheek, she whirled through the clamorous crowd of men, laughing at their crude suggestions and pouring beer into the laps of those who persisted. He had never seen ballet in his life but was certain it could not compare to the movements of this lovely maiden as she moved gracefully from table to table. When she finally reached his side, his mouth grew dry under the fire in her eyes. "Beer she poured him as her body lured him." he thought to himself.

Never inclined toward circumlocution, his proposition was brief, bright and humorous. Taken by the handsome youth who smelled more of horses than fish, she agreed. Her room was just above the tavern and she would be free of her duties in two hours. Time slowly dissipated like the foam on his beer glass. When finally they found themselves alone in her room, his swollen heart and bulging cock were throbbing in unison. Promising to bestow pleasures of unrivaled intensity, she invited him to disrobe. His limbs moved in eager compliance and soon he stood naked before her. Nearly as naked, except for her corset, she approached him with a length of rope in her hand.

She spoke softly but firmly of her desire to receive as well as confer pleasure. Weary of the local sailors who's idea of lovemaking was to lift a woman's skirts from behind and plunge vigorously into her sex for a few moments of thrusting, grunting and shuddering, she had conceived a plan to ensure equity. To demonstrate his capability of bringing her slowly to the fervent orgasm she deserved and desired, a simple test was in order. His hands would be bound to the wooden rafter above while she explored the limits of his control. Caressing him passionately, she affirmed her desire for his love, promising she would be his after enduring this simple trial.

The feel of her warm nakedness against his skin, the sound of her soft voice in his ear and the way his nerve endings quivered under her gliding hands all conspired against his discretion. His offered wrists were deftly and tightly bound, then hoisted to the beam above, his legs stretched wide and tied as well. His swollen manhood stood out for her appraisal as he writhed on his rope in vain attempts to reach her. She smiled as she removed the wide leather belt from his trousers.

Approaching him, she spoke again with a strange erotic menace in her voice; "I will stroke your cock lightly, my love. You must not come in my hand for this would only confirm your sorry equivalency with the village men who only deserve to tuck the mouths of their dead fish! You must restrain and regulate the urges you will feel. If you begin to lose control I will know and my actions will be swift".

He was puzzled by her last words but eager to bed his fetching captor. Standing at his left side, she glided her right hand softly over his buttocks while pressing her body firmly against his. With her left hand, she began to stroke his cock in a delicate and rhythmic motion. His hips thrust forward in an unrestrained reflex. Smiling to herself, she continued the motion and nibbled at his earlobe with her lips. Feeling his body begin to tremble, she stood back and spoke harshly to him.

"A typical man! You cannot contain yourself very well at all my dear. I shall have to teach you better control". With those words, she took up the belt and brought it down sharply on his ass with a loud crack. He jerked with pain and surprise, thrusting his swollen cock forward. The belt made contact again with a sharp sting. Standing behind, she continued the whipping until she observed his member growing limp. This took several minutes, time filled with his moans and earnest pleading. Although he twisted his wrists and wrestled with the knot she had so cleverly tied, he could not free himself.

When he had ceased his struggling, she approached him once more, moving the fingers of her right hand lightly over his buttocks and between his parted legs to fondle his balls. All the while, her Left hand was squeezing and stroking his cock back to it's previous state of hardness. He groaned as he felt her hands on his body, now writhing and twisting on the rope. His cock soon began to tingle again. She continued stroking and fondling his body, softly admonishing him to control himself. He panted, the sweat glistening on his face in the candle light. Rubbing her bare breasts up and down his side, then leaning forward to kiss his nipple, she felt him begin to shudder again, his hips thrusting vainly toward her hand. As she stepped away again, she took amusement in watching as he continued to thrust his cock fruitlessly into the air. From behind, she brought her arms around his chest and hugged him tightly, whispering. "My darling, I long to feel you inside me but you must earn the privilege of serving me. Your pleasure could rival the brilliance of a hundred sunrises and our romance would exceed that of a thousand full moons, but you must learn to understand the FULL importance of pleasing me first! And you will please me! With that, she took the belt and resumed his whipping. As each smack fell on his helpless rear, his erection seemed to grow larger. He could not ejaculate though, and in a short time he grew limp once more. Kneeling at his feet, Kyla took the tip of his now flaccid cock into her lips while kneading and probing his warm ass cheeks. Sighing, he felt his erection growing inside her mouth. In a short time, she was positioned once more behind her prisoner, smiling as she watched him dance in agony under her whip. She flogged him mercilessly until he nearly fainted. Then, after blindfolding him, she reclined on the bed and masturbated while watching him hang before her, twisting in torment. Orgasms, like hot winds,swept over her and she gasped with pleasure.

Hours passed and he had not achieved the orgasm he desperately craved. His wrists burned the ropes and his ass burned from her repeated whippings. She stood in front of him once again and smiled. Reaching around behind her to undo the hooks, she let her corset fall to the floor. Now fully naked, she hugged him, writhing her hips against his and kissing him passionately. "You have at last earned a place in my service." she spoke.

When she had freed him, Kyla lead him to bed and stretched him out on the cool sheets. There she rubbed soothing and sweetly scented unguents onto the tender skin of his buttocks and massaged the tension from his sore muscles. Soon after, she straddled his face and allowed him the honor of serving her womanhood with his tongue and lips. Once he had satisfied her in this manner she fumed her body around and pushed her lovely pink anus toward his face. She sighed deeply, rubbing her nipples as she felt his tongue move in circles around the puckered opening. Looking down at his crotch, she watched his cock twitching up and down. With a flick of her hand she gave it a brisk slap. "I will not be needing that for some time, my dear." she said. Closing her eyes, she leaned forward and relaxed across his chest and belly, enjoying the sensations he was giving her with his tongue. He had so much to learn. . .>>

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Coming Attraction!

I recently received a new video camera from a very generous slave and will soon be shooting new videos!
I will also be editing and converting past videos so that they are again available! I am sure some of you remember such popular titles such as "Oral slave", "slave Training I & II" and the Mind Control series of videos!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Domination Scene

These pictures were taken from a scene I did with a sub that I see on his vacation. I tease him and tell him his vacation doesn't begin until he arrives at My door!

One of the things I value most is the trust that submissives place in Me.

Take a deep breath-that won't hurt at all! Well, it won't hurt Me!

I spent quite a bit of time doing electro torture!

Restrained & Helpless - quite a vulnerable position!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tuesday Evening

I have had the honor and privilege of knowing and serving Goddess Natasha for many years. Every time we meet She amazes me to no end. I am not just talking about the obvious. Her looks can take your breath away no doubt. But Her touch will make your knees buckle, forcing you right where you belong  bowing to Her power and superiority. In awe as you kneel naked and vulnerable, you will quickly find out that those long sexy nails have been filed so She can dig into your flesh.
As She applies more and more pressure to your cock and balls you would think She is holding a hand full of staples. Then She softens her grip just long enough for you to feel how soft Her skin is. It won't take but a minute for all the worries of life to leave your head. you will not be able to concentrate on anything but the desire to please your Goddess.
    You might think that these thoughts will leave your head when She dismisses you for the night. But trust me they won't. She is so good at leaving reminders. You might not even see them-at first that is. But when you get in the shower your cock, balls, nipples and any where else She chose to torment will soon become very apparent as the water and soap will burn. The seat belt in your car will rub against your tender nipples. There is always a reminder of just how hard She beat flogged or whipped you. Every time you sit. Depending on Her mood that can last for days.
Let us not forget the black and blues that might not even show up for 2 days. She can punch and kick you like no other. The best part is every ache and pain will send your mind racing with visuals of this amazing Goddess. So the addiction begins...
Both the bondage table and cage were used-extensively!

I enjoy using My natural long red fingernails for nipple torture
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to My blog!

This is new for Me....The purpose of this will be to share My views on Female Supremacy, Female Led Relationships and My ongoing experiences in this wonderful Lifestyle of Female Domination!

In addition, My updates on daily life as well as what is new on Niteflirt will be featured here!
As everything I have done in the past, this blog will be dedicated to Female Supremacy and the Dominant Female!