Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anal slut Training dana

It has been over four years since I began dana's slut training. I have thoroughly enjoyed training her to become a true anal slut and transforming her into My "girl". her transformation into an anal slut has taken many forms over the years and the journal below was a requirement on her last trip!

anal slut training

It had been almost 3 years since I served Mistress Natasha when I lived in FL for a year during 2009-2010. Over that period of time I occasionally called her on Niteflirt to talk about the days when she was training me turning me into Her anal slut and girl. Work made it difficult to visit, but this year I had some time off and scheduled a trip to Ft Lauderdale. She had discussed her plans for my eventual visit several times, and now it was finally going to become reality.

I didn’t know exactly what she would do to me during my 3 day visit, but there were hints. I knew she enjoyed the psychological effect of violating me with her strapon – she had taken my virginity in 2009 and trained me that way regularly over the course of a year. In our phone conversations she often fondly recalled the changes in my personality that resulted from her use of this method. She enjoyed reminding me how I was once a “regular guy” looking for a casual fetish encounter when I first contacted her, but became a slave over time, feminized, shaved, docile, and no longer behaving the same way in the presence of women.

Over the span of 3 years I often thought about the changes she had made in me. Sometimes the thoughts were scary, sometimes embarrassing. There was always an amazement that she accomplished exactly what she said she would. I guess I could say I was warned. When I first saw her for 2 or 3 sessions in 2009 she told me that soon I wouldn't be able to run away, and that she was going to make me her girl. I admit that I doubted it would ever go that far. So here I am over 3 years later, still under her control even though I have been so far away, and about to embark on my long awaited trip to serve her and be trained again. One session of slut training  would not be enough; she wants me to spend 3 full days completely dedicated and focused on what is happening to me.

This is just the beginning of dana's slut training journey as she arrives!
Below is a picture as she waits in anticipation!
slut training

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July from Female Supremacist Goddess Natasha

It has been awhile since I have posted on this blog in particular...BUT I have many posts and blogs around the web!

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Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

Goddess Natasha

Here is a photo from My latest video "Punishment fucking"