Monday, December 1, 2014

Mind Control Craving Castration

Craving Castration

Dressed in a tight fitting leather dress, lace top thigh high stockings and black leather pumps, a relaxing hypnotic induction takes you down very deep into a pleasurable trance in this latest  video.  While you are deeply relaxed I begin to tell you how much you want to be Mine, to be owned by Me and to please Me. You know that castrating you will make Me so very happy and please Me.  Now the thought of castration will be so exciting to you, so very erotic. There will be no fear, no apprehension just the craving to be Mine and to be castrated by My hand.

This video features elements of mind control, trance, castration, ownership, castrated, post hypnotic suggestions, femdom hypnosis
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Chastity on Goddess Natasha's slave Farm

chastityIf you have ever read any of My writings or listened to any of My Femdom videos or recordings, you know that I am a firm believer in males being kept in chastity by the Woman in their life! I especially enjoy combining the elements of a slave farm with the idea of all males there being kept in chastity.

Chastity on the slave Farm

I take you down into a relaxing state as I have you visualize the slave farm. There is excitement and a lot of activity on the slave farm but of course, you are not privy to what is happening. Then everyone is summoned to the barn. It’s dim and dark and you can almost smell the mustiness of the hay. I command you to kneel and ask when is the last time you orgasmed?

Not since you have been on the Farm of course! I inform you that today is the day you will be locked in chastity and your cock and balls will now be under MY control! I give you directions for jerking off and you will cum in this glass. As you hold your own cum in your mouth, the chastity device locked on! This recording features elements of chastity, orgasm control, JOI, CEI, cum eating instructions, jerk off, masturbation instructions, femdom, female domination Mind Control

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Blackmailed! Road to Ruination

There are so many different fetishes and fantasies that play a role in our imaginations! While I do not consider Myself a Financial Domme the idea of blackmail fantasy is particularly intriguing to Me! That being said, I have just recorded a new MP3 that address the fantasy of being blackmailed into doing as I command.

Blackmail Fantasy Road to Ruination

  It started off innocently enough…you found Me on Niteflirt and called Me to talk. You have such a need for a Dominant and powerful Woman to control you! Each time you called you found yourself more and more intrigued.  It was so exciting! This sexy Mistress was interested in you! I asked you leading questions and you were so eager to answer them. Too bad…you really had no idea how much information you were giving Me and even with small details you shared it was soooo easy to learn all about your life! Where you work. Where you live and even the details of your house! Welcome to your new life of living on the edge, a life filled with anxiety and apprehension where you jump every time the phone rings or there is a knock on the door! Fantasy Role Play by phone! blackmail fantasyRead more about Fantasy Roleplay

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Skype Show and Cam Video Greetings

Goddess Natasha Skype Show

  Since I am available by cam for a Skype show on a regular basis, I am releasing a Cam Video Greeting whenever My cam line is on and I am available for a cam show.

These greetings show you what I am wearing for the sessions as well as the type of mood I am in...maybe it's a strapon night....or I am in the mood for forced bi...or smoking or even forced intoxication!

 These Greetings can all be viewed on My Goodybags page here.
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 Goddess Natasha

Friday, July 25, 2014



One of My favorite acts to indulge in while playing with a submissive is kicking. Kicking with a few stipulations that is. I HAVE to be wearing thigh high boots...I HAVE to be dressed in leather and I have to be attracted to the slave that I am doing the scene with.

Fortunately, a slave of Mine that has been serving Me for close to 20 years fits this description. Both of us have an EXTREME love of leather! So I am always dressed completely in leather...from gloves to boots. At times in a leather catsuit, other times in a leather dress and sometimes in a leather corset with a skirt.

 I find it so very erotic and not because I find it a form of humiliation or degradation. It's primal maybe. It's violent...and of course, it is painful! But also because of all those lovely bruises ~smile~ Again, someone and something to feed My sadistic streak..

Have a Wicked evening!

Goddess Natasha

 The boots I am wearing below are one of My favorites to wear for kicking impact play

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Another one bites the dust! Paddle that is!

So....last night I was beating the fuck out of My slave because....well, just because I was feeling a bit sadistic and honestly he has a great ass that looks even hotter when its marked and bruised...and another broken paddle! The sad part is that it was a brand new paddle and the very first time I had used it!
But looking at it now, I realize it was not made very well at all. It wasn't quality wood and the holes put in it only weakened it.

Although I thoroughly enjoy flogging, whipping using various implements made of leather. Yes, My love of leather again! Wooden paddles and brushes leave the loveliest bruises...deep bruises. The kind of bruises that a slave will feel for a minimum of two or three days.

So I believe a trip to Paddlewerks is needed to find a couple of new paddles. They really do make the best quality and have the widest variety of paddles. If you have never been there, it is so worth the trip!

Goddess Natasha

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tell Me...what is YOUR fetish?

What's YOUR fetish?? I have accepted custom video request for many years. Some of the content that is requested is particularly erotic to Me. Such things as forced bi, mind control, impact play such as kicking and well, My list goes on.

In the past month I have been inundated with custom video and MP3 recordings which is a wonderful thing! My most recent "Nothing more than My slave" was made for a particular submissive that has served Me for years. He had been begging to be a cuck slave and this video for him points him to some realities!

Custom Mind Control Recordings

Additionally, I have been making a large number of both personalized and custom mind control videos such as "Manipulating your Mind, "Dominating your Mind" and My latest "Mind Control with Smoking".
Just released this weekend is "Mind Control: The Pendant".

Fetish Videos

That isn't even taking into effect the other fetish videos featuring such things as flexing My calve muscles, sissification and feminization and orgasm control and denial!

Custom Fetish MP3's

Furthermore, I have been recording many MP3's like "Shemale cock toy" which has proven to be quite popular! I actually have a few along this genre ready to be released. So....share with Me...what's YOUR fetish?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Secret Cocksucker


As you probably know by now, I thoroughly enjoy bisexual men....submissive bisexual men to be more concise! Forced bi fantasies, excursions to an adult movie theater or talking about this particular activity on the phone!

  I know what you secretly want, what you desire, what you dream of - men. Smooth, muscular, delicious, hard-bodied young men. I know that you dream of a place to go, be free and be surrounded by cocks and tight hard asses. In this audio recording, I take you a place where you can be what you truly desire to be...a cock sucker

Secret Cocksucker $9.99

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Sissy slut transformation from Corporate Executive

Oh, I so enjoy taking powerful alpha males and turning them into My cock sucking sissy slut! I know exactly what you need...the humiliation, the degradation, the need to be used! Oh, yes, I see you sitting behind your desk...the big executive giving orders and having people scurry to do your bidding! But not with Me...oh, no, with Me you will be My corporate slut kneeling in subjugation waiting for My orders and eager to please Me!  

My Corporate slut sissy slut

  This MP3 is only the beginning of your journey to becoming a sissy slut!

Take a look at the panties, stockings and lingerie at Secrets in Lace....this is where I dress My sissies and corporate sluts!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

your complete emasculation

Your complete emasculation Femdom Video

As I recline on My couch dressed in a soft, short leather dress and knee high boots, I discuss your emasculation that will be complete when you become My slave. It begins with the destruction of your male ego, testosterone blockers and chastity! By then castration will be a given!

Featuring leather, boots, emasculation, chastity, castration, femdom, female domination

Your Complete Emasculation Available on NiteFlirt 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Corporal Discipline

Corporal Discipline

So as you know,  I do have a bit of a sadistic streak….
Sunday I met with one of My submissives who can endure a heavy caning and a pretty severe whipping which fed My sadistic streak …..for now anyway! (See pictures below although unfortunately I did not take photos at the end. These were taken fairly early in the session.)

I truly enjoy corporal discipline and I am fortunate enough to know a number of people who also enjoy it.  Canes, paddles, brushes, whips….I enjoy them all!

Eroticism of Corporal Discipline for Me

It is such a release and also I find it erotic to push someone past what they THINK they can take. I also find it particularly hot to have a submissive stand completely still in whatever position I place them while the discipline is administered.
There is just something so seductive to Me to have someone stand and endure whatever level of discipline I feel like administering. Watching a submissive or slave trembling and shaking with the effort of holding the position....HOT!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Now its time to tell what I have been up to...

After three days in the sun, its back to answering the phone!

Who can blame Me for taking advantage? For the past three days it has been HOT (at least 80 degrees) and sunny unlike the previous  weeks here in Florida where I had to have the heat on! (Believe Me, I am aware that I will not gain much sympathy from those of you who have been so cold all winter long.)

It has been absolutely gorgeous and a very relaxing few days but the weather is about to change again so time to turn on the phone lines. 

The pictures below are from the rooftop of a local resort overlooking Hollywood beach where I have been hanging out. Secret location but any of you locals will know where I was. Rooftop??? Hint Hint When you call Me, I might tell you what I was doing ~wink~

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