Sunday, December 30, 2012

Life of Sacrifice

Hello....almost Happy New Year!

As a continuation of  Complete Surrender and My series on Female domination and living the Lifestyle, today I recorded "Life of Sacrifice"  uploaded an MP3 and a video to NiteFlirt explaining your new life as My slave!

Life of Sacrifice …you will give up your wants, needs and desires to fulfill MY wants needs and desires!

Life of Sacrifice (MP3)

Life of Sacrifice (MP4)

I am very excited to be doing this series explaining EXACTLY what is entailed when I own a slave! Could you be next?? ~smile~


Goddess Natasha

Friday, December 28, 2012

Complete Surrender!

The ultimate in Female Domination....Complete Surrender!

Complete Surrender! I describe your life of enslavement! My words are Complete surrender...willingly and gratefully abandoning your old life. Because you know THIS NEW life will be better...more fulfilling and more rewarding.

 Feminization Trance Brought into a trance, I will tell you what you will NOW see in the mirror! Full, ripe breasts, rosey nipples and a womanly figure! your voice has changed and even your walk is different!

Come see what you are missing! Visit My Studio

Goddess Natasha

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Interview from FDS

I just finished completing an interview for FDS which will be published shortly...however, you can read it now!

How do You wish to be addressed? By submissives who are in service to Me as “Mistress”, (well, because I am their Mistress) those who contact Me as Goddess Natasha

What celebrity are You often told You resemble? Jillian Anderson but frankly I don’t see it!

What do You consider to be Your greatest feature? Physically I would have to say My legs and My blue eyes. I play quite a few sports rather than a “set” exercise program although I do strength training and Pilates.  People most often comment on My creativity.

What is the best advice You have ever received? Years ago someone told Me as a Professional Domme to only participate in activities that I really enjoy and find erotic.

What are you “totally addicted” to? Power! Whether it is physical, mental or emotional, it is the reason that I am a Domme.

What do You not ever leave home without? I have a small kit that contains clamps, rawhide ties and a few other toys that rolls up as a travel pouch. It fits so nicely in My purse!

What do You wish you could be more of? I have a severe lack of patience!

How long have You been in the lifestyle? I didn’t become active publicly until about 1990. So…how many years is that?? LOL

Would You consider Yourself to have had a regular childhood? Yes, I have always considered it a “normal” childhood but I was surrounded by what is referred to today as Female Led Relationships. I am not referring to any of the BDSM aspects but the Women in My family ruled the households!

What is your favorite beverage? (can be hot/cold, alcoholic/non-alcoholic,etc). A Bloody Mary! But not any Bloody Mary! There is a bar here in Wilton Manors that make the best around!

What's the sexiest thing a submissive has ever or could ever say to you? One of the things that I hear from those who serve Me is that I have a wonderful touch. For some reason, I find that very sexy!

Tell Us about Your first Femdom experience, including a detailed description of how You felt? I was attending MSU (Michigan State University) when someone I was dating mentioned how they made very bad decisions regarding their free time, finances, study habits etc. We had a conversation about Women’s roles in our families and I made the argument that Women made MUCH better decisions than men.  It turned out that I basically controlled both him and Our relationship for the rest of the time we dated. As far as how it made Me feel, I would have to say that it just felt right, the way it should be with a Women making the decisions and the male following the orders!
What is the last book You read? I just finished “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot  It is about a woman’s cancer cells that were cultured without her permission in 1951 and her family’s story.

What is Your favorite movie? I haven’t been to or watched a movie in ages! I am not a movie goer! Whenever it is on though I watch Beetlejuice.

Do You consider Yourself a Pro Domme, Lifestyle Domme, or a combination of both? Actually, I have always considered Myself a Female Supremacist first and foremost. Then I would say I would refer to Myself as a Lifestyle Domme.

If You were to choose one word to describe the feeling You experience when Dominating a submissive, which word would You choose? I would have to say powerful and sexy…the feeling of knowing a male is submitting himself to Me, trusting Me and that exchange of power is exhilarating!

What is Your general view of men? Oh, I enjoy them…immensely!

Does Dominating another bring You sexual pleasure? Tell Us about how so and why do You feel this way Oh, yes! The control over someone else whether physical or mental is definitely a form of sexual pleasure for Me.

Which lifestyle books and magazines would You recommend to others? Honestly, not any!

What is Your line of work? I am an administrative assistant which basically means I am the lion at the door!   

How does Your work affect Your Femdom lifestyle? Not at all

How do Your Female Supremacy views affect Your attitude within Your work environment? Well, it helps that I have a dominant personality as I have to deal with a lot of lawyers, politicians who try to run roughshod over people.

Does Your family know of Your lifestyle? Yes but not to the extreme ends of it.

Do You have friends in the lifestyle? I have a lot of friends in the Lifestyle.  Some of them I have known for many years.

Do You have vanilla friends who know of Your lifestyle? Yes.

If Your favorite vanilla Girlfriend were to ask You why She should try dominating Her man, what reasons would You give Her?  I would explain that Women make better decisions and that their life together would be so much smoother if She was in control. 

Have You ever been to a lifestyle party? Oh, yes, many! I have hosted more than My share also!

Have You ever played in public? All the time! I am fortunate enough that I live in an area where there are public events as well as public places that are alternative Lifestyle friendly.

What is the single most important mistake a submissive man makes when first approaching a Dominant Woman? One of the misconceptions would be assuming that their particular fetishes/kinks are Mine.  I think they make the assumption that when approaching Me as a ProDom, I will do what they want because they are paying a tribute. WRONG!

What do You look for when reading an e-mail message from a submissive? I look for common courtesy and respect as well as protocol.  

Do You currently have a slave or submissive? Yes, I have three slaves. Two are local, one is long distance and actually one is featured in My video “slave for life”.

Are You seeking other slaves or submissives? Yes, I am.  As My time if limited, I look for those who can truly assist in My endeavors and understand the concept of “serve and please”.

Do You consider Yourself straight or bi-sexual? Bi-sexual.  I think Women fall in love with a person rather than first considering gender.

Do You prefer Your slaves or submissives to be straight or bi-sexual? It really makes no difference.

Which rules do You require a slave or submissive to live by? For instance, rules regarding use of furniture, walking behind You, calling in, chastity, and so forth. I have rules for private and public. My owned slaves are required to check in daily (by text or phone), remaining chaste is required and I require them to follow basic protocol (ie ask permission before speaking, rising etc)

What is Your favorite lifestyle activity? Well, My main focus is always about control whether it is physical or mental. Other than that I would say CBT especially electro play.

Do You feminize Your servants? It really depends on the individual.  One of My slaves is required to wear feminine under garments at all times while My other slaves are not.

Does Your domination apply to all levels of Your relationship? For instance, do You or would You control Y/your finances?   Yes, ALL levels! My relationship with a slave is a total surrender, giving up COMPLETE control.

Do You cuckold Your slaves or submissives with other lovers? Yes. I actually belong to a group “Goddess Manor” (headed by Lady Femina here on FDS) that embraces the Dominant Female and the cuckold relationship

Do You live a 24/7 FemDom lifestyle? Yes!

If You are in a 24/7 FemDom relationship, would You describe Your relationship as stronger than a vanilla relationship? Definitely!

When a disagreement occurs between You and your slave or submissive, how is it resolved? Is Your word the final word? Yes, My word is final…I can’t recall any major disagreements! I don’t compromise and when someone gets involved with Me that is made clear from the beginning.

Do You set benchmarks for a male to prove his devotion to You? Oh yes! I have A LOT of training material that is required to be read, watched, and listened to and assignments to be completed! Step by step a submissive is guided by Myself to My ways of thinking and My control.

Do You judge a slave or submissive’s willingness to embarrass himself as proof of his desire to serve You? No, I do not. I judge a slave’s devotion by his service and willingness to surrender.

What advice would You offer a Woman whose male partner has just asked to dominate him and She knows nothing of the lifestyle? My advice would be not engage in anything SHE wasn’t comfortable doing.

How do You discipline Your servants? Actually, the act of ignoring a slave for a period of time is what I have found to be the most effective discipline! It gives them a chance to miss the interaction with Me and to reflect on whatever they have done wrong!

Do You use chastity on Your servants? Absolutely!

How do You control the orgasms of Your servants? Monitoring their behavior and through chastity devices. They may have to send photos or appear on web cam at any given time.

Do You use strap-ons on Your servants? Oh, yes! In My opinion strap-on’s reflect My dominance and control. I believe it is a very humbling and submissive act for a slave. If you think about it, it is a total role reversal.  Instead of a male entering a Female’s body, a Female is entering a male.

What do the next five year hold for You? My main focus is growing the Goddess Worship group that I founded some years ago.

Share with Us Your fears when You first became involved in the lifestyle. I was quite young and felt isolated for a time because there just weren't a lot of Dominant Women around. Because I was very vocal about Female Superiority I got a lot of negativity. Thank goddess, those days are over!

Do You have any words of encouragement for new Dommes? The same advice that was given to Me: Don’t do anything that YOU don’t find erotic and exciting!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Female Domination filled December!

I have been very busy the past couple of weeks....last Sunday taking a slave to the adult Movie theatre to amuse Me...this past Sunday a submissive was in town and after lunch I treated him to a Season's Beating...see picture(s) below

Yesterday a slave treated Me to lunch and some lovely MAC cosmetics!

In addition, I opened a second studio for Videos!  FemDom & Fetish

The weekend should be just as interesting with a slave to serve Me Saturday and maybe Saturday night going to a Fetish party!!

I just updated My Amazon list to reflect My Christmas gifts...tick tock! Christmas is only 13 days away!  Gifts for Goddess ~smile~

Hope that you are all having a FemDom Filled December like I am!

Goddess Natasha

Monday, November 26, 2012

FemDom: My Sunday afternoon

Well, a lot of people TALK about taking their slaves out for forced (or not so forced) Bi activities but I actually do it and enjoy it!
Yesterday, I took a slave to the adult movie theater that was actually PACKED to have him entertain Me....and entertain Me he did!
After performing on several men, I had him ask one of them "My Mistress wants to know if you mind if I blow you?" Very he got down on his knees and and I guided his head as it bobbed up and down. I am sure his nipples and balls are more than a little tender these morning as I did use My sharpened nails on both!
Below is a picture of the theater!
Until it's time for a movie again!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Femdom Story: By the balls by Goddess Natasha


Men are so easy. I mean they are so easily seduced. Regardless of your strength, your assertiveness, your courage and heroics, the size of your muscles or the size of your cock, whether you are a fireman or a financier, a smart Woman can conquer you with the merest whiff or suggestion of sex and reduce you to crawling and begging for Her favors. A smart Woman can have you eating out of Her hand effortlessly or, if She chooses, She can use that hand to lead you around by the balls. You are so helpless to our sexual guile you eagerly succumb to our dominance. Let’s face the truth about the old saying that a man’s brain is in his cock. A smart Woman can use your libido to make you Her slave. Once your cock and balls are in Her hands you will do anything She commands.....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Serving and pleasing Me....

So many of you ask how you can serve Me or how you can please Me!

Here is a very simple way to show Me how much you appreciate the photos I share, My writings and the time that I take with each one of you!


Goddess Natasha

FemDom: Punishment Writing

What free time?
Let Me enlighten you

There is no such thing as free time for you! your so called "free time" is now MY time!
your lunch hour? It is now 5 minutes..that is you now have 5 minutes to eat. The other 55 minutes belong to Me. I will be watching and timing you,

When your 5 minutes are up I will certainly let you know.
What will you be doing? Oh, I may send you a book to copy but even better, one of those old dry boring manuals in your office will do!

Forget about your weekends especially long holiday have NO FREE TIME!

Preview here

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chastity, Cuckolding and Feedback

I thought I would share a number of things with you....

Chastity MP3:

you will remain chaste for orgasms, no erections!
Locked in a device of My choosing, you will think of Me every moment of every day.
I will wear the key on a beautiful gold chain that you have purchased and every time I notice it I will smile-imagining your frustration
First, you will undergo a forced milking where every drop of cum will be removed.
Then locked away until??? View here

Cuckolding POV:

In this POV video I will explain exactly how your life will be as My cuck!
No more sex for you, this is all about MY sexual desires!
Oh, you will be expected to be an oral slave but there will certainly be no intercourse for you!
There will be other duties and you may accompany Me when I choose My lovers, may be even permitted to watch while I entertain them.
Watch other men do with and to Me things you will never be allowed to do! Preview here

Below are recent comments left for Me:

Goddess is a genuine female supremacist (as well as a severe disciplinarian). Highly recommended. Extremely smart, intuitive, Whether you need to be punished, or controlled, She is one who can do it in a highly effective manner.

Recent email regarding a custom video I recorded:
Mistress, I fear you, I adore you, and I love how you take a concept and turn it into my closest, most intimate fantasy and my worst nightmare, all at the same time. love Michael

Have a wicked Wednesday!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cuckolding: A Lesson

In this POV video I will explain exactly how your life will be as My cuck!

No more sex for you, this is all about MY sexual desires!

Oh, you will be expected to be an oral slave but there will certainly be no intercourse for you!

There will be other duties and you may accompany Me when I choose My lovers, may be even permitted to watch while I entertain them.

Watch other men do with and to Me things you will never be allowed to do!

Have a great Sunday!

Goddess Natasha

Friday, September 7, 2012

Worship My Leather

This second part of the clip shows Me dressed in a leather cleavage showing halter top and opera length leather gloves smoking.

I describe how you will become My slave...My smoking and leather slave as I blow smoke in your face and will use you as My ashtray

Thursday, August 30, 2012

FREE Video clips


I am currently editing some videos and I am making available some "vanilla" clips on My youtube
I would love for you to Subscribe and comment!
Racier content is displayed on Xtube


Goddess Natasha

Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is REAL and true....

Most of you know that I am a Lifestyle Domme who has a stable of slaves.  The video that has never been released details My slave a, having permanent locks attached to a metal collar and belly iron!

slave for Life 

My slave is in My presence to sign a contract that I have drawn up and to have the temporary locks on his iron collar and his belly iron replaced with permanent locks! 

The belly iron will now have a ball and chain attached that total 11 pounds (ball is 8 pounds and chain is 3 pounds) that is becoming permanent. He will now have to carry this with him EVERYWHERE! 
The iron collar is also becoming permanent! 

Some details of My requirements in this contract include sleeping in My cage once a week and 30 minutes of Worship every day. 

After he reads the contract and initials each requirement, the locks are put on! The locks that are attached are cut proof, waterproof and CANNOT be rekeyed! 

Photos are taken of this momentous occasion! 

After I put wrist restraints on him, he stands against the cross facing the wall. Ankle restraints are added and then I apply 30 strokes of the cane for a past infraction involving the ball and chain! 

Note: When he recites the contract he is to sign, notice the date!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Femdom Clips4Sale Studios

As you know by now I have two  Femdom Clips4Sale studios! I am adding content on a regular basis  with video clips from CLASSIC videos as well as newly recorded clips.

Some of these Classic Goddess Natasha videos that are appearing on My Femdom Clips4Sale studio have not been seen in many years! If you want to see the videos that are Classics simply type in Classic in the search box.

 Newly recorded for example  "Impaled" which is a video that I filmed  recently.  My slave rides the impaler which is a platform with a telescopic rod that a dildo fits very nicely on.

 Tonight My slave is going to ride the impaler! (The impaler is a platform with a telescopic rod that a dildo can be attached to-big or small!) What he doesn't know is that I have put a large black dildo on it for him not the usual smaller one. First, he has the humiliating task of lubing up the black dildo then himself. As I tell him to insert it, I calmly light a cigarette while he not so calmly forces it in. As I smoke, I pinch his nipples, squeeze his balls and slap his bare ass as he strokes.
femdom clips4sale

Friday, August 24, 2012


Below is a description of the POV video I did regarding caging and the reasons I use caging for My submissives.

Caging…Locked away!

I appear in many of My pictures next to, leaning against or sitting on one of My cages. You could say I have a fetish for cages! This video explains why I use cages and My reasoning for locking you away! I want to put you in a cage…maybe for an hour, maybe for days! Locked in My cage you will become dependent on Me for anything and everything!! Which is exactly what I want…you under My control, depending on Me emotionally, mentally and physically!

To purchase this clip, Visit Caging POV Video

Have a great weekend!

Goddess Natasha

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Breaking of a slave...revealed

I have just recorded a number of point of view videos in which I discuss a variety of topics including My Breaking of a slave program, caging, chastity and obedience training.

These are topics that interest Me and some of them are what I believe to be neglected areas that submissives need to be educated and trained in.  However, if there are topics you would like covered or you would like a custom video, contact Me at

These videos will be available over the next few days in a variety of formats: WMV, MP4, and MOV
If you haven't already, I suggest you visit My studio and bookmark it My Studio

Over the years I am sure you have heard of My breaking of a slave program. In this video, I explain how you will be completely controlled for 30 days. Your free will is taken away, shackled, collared and put in a chastity device you will be isolated from everyone and everything you know!
You will be broken and reprogrammed to serve Me and your old ways of male thinking and behavior will be obliterated

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Complete slave training

Many of you may know and even may have participated in My  21 week "Complete slave Training Program" that I developed years ago.  It was very popular and well received as it was one of the first of its kind! To this day, I still receive communications from those who enrolled.

I have decided to revamp it to include modern technology taking advantage of webcam, digital downloads, instant messaging etc. The past program was the actual physical mailing of each weeks lesson/assignment and the availability of the internet and other options will make this easily available!

It is still broken down into three parts: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Then of course there were a number of slaves that actually were invited to continue in Lifestyle Training.

Of course, this training focuses on Female Supremacy, Female Domination with humiliation, Goddess Worship, hypnosis, chastity, oral training and more!

Stay tuned or send Me an email if you would like to be kept informed of the availability and procedure.


Goddess Natasha

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Worship My Strap-On"

This past week I was playing with a submissive and decided to film a few of the things we did...or I did to him I should say! It was very amusing for Me....humiliating for him! I think you will enjoy the clips!

Here are some stills from the video


I will be adding over the weekend so stay tuned!

For those of you who don't know, I am also available on webcam. I can be reached on NiteFlirt on phone with cam (Skype) 1-800-863-5478 Ext 9722483

Also, via Talk Sugar (this is one way only) 1-877-447-8427  ext. 24547

Wishing you all a kinky weekend!

Goddess Natasha

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Step up!

So...what do you think of the above banners??
Any creative people out there who want to design a few things for Me?
Like banners, animated gif's etc
Step up, submissives!!
Goddess Natasha

Friday, August 3, 2012

When My slave served Me....!

I just added My latest video to My NiteFlirt site! It features Me dressed in latex, flogging then using a leather strap on My slave! Look for "Punishment of a slave" on

This was filmed the weekend that My slave served Me and his motto was "my pain is your pleasure" ~smile~

In addition, I have put some clips from some of My classic videos up like Sting of My Whip, Pain Puppy and Oral slave

Goddess Natasha

Sunday, July 22, 2012

and what did you do this weekend??

After finally feeling better, Friday began with one of My slaves picking Me up for was a wonderful day of servitude! Massages, foot rubs, flogging, the cat applied throughout the day and into the evening!
he prepared dinner (delicious fresh salmon on the outdoor grill, rice and steamed green beans!) and basically spent his day in servitude and submission!
(That is just some of the high lights!)
If you would like to found out how you can APPLY to serve as My "slave for a day", contact Me and I will direct you!

you may also call Me on NiteFlirt to discuss: 1-800-863-5478  Ext 9547319

Never had a Niteflirt account? Sign up at link below for 3 FREE minutes and a FREE slave training letter from Me! (you must be a NEW customer to NiteFlirt AND sign up through the following link!)

Below is a picture of Me dressed for Friday!

Well, that is a little about Friday....Saturday's adventure is a whole different story with a different slave!

Goddess Natasha

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer flu!

Finally feeling better after spending most of the week fighting the flu-it won by the way! For two days anyway!

Tomorrow I will be filming some new videos and also taking photos. Exciting since I haven't filmed anything since April!!

It should be a lot of fun since My slave is very well prepared and up for anything!

Tomorrow night he will also be appearing with Me on cam via NiteFlirt-now THAT is going to be fun! Well, fun for Me anyhow! LOL!

Goddess Natasha

My slave and I....LIVE

I will be on High definition webcam with My slave via Skype and Yahoo. I will be doing all sorts of wicked things to him!

Visit My page below and call Me on the Phone with cam line!

Have a great day!

Goddess Natasha

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Its raining, its pouring....HD Webcam

Well, no beach or pool today....raining and storming like the end of the world!
I will be on webcam via Skype and Yahoo for the afternoon!
Visit My page below and call Me on the Phone with cam line!
Keep dry and have a great day!

Goddess Natasha

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Webcam via Skype


I hope you are all having a good weekend!

I will be signing  on to NiteFlirt cam via Skype soon! Make sure you have the latest version and have obtained My Skype ID!

Goddess Natasha

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Next week starting on Thursday I will be on webcam with a slave part of the time and alone part of the time! I don't cam often so don't miss out! Also this is a rare opportunity to suggest torments for My slave! First would be violently raping his mouth with a strap on.....

I am taking calls now and will be taking calls on Niteflirt all weekend......
1-800-863-5478 ext 9528071

Also, training materials such as letters and MP3's can be found here Training Materials

Goddess Natasha

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I just recorded two more MP3's in My "Breaking of a slave" series of MP3's. They have just been uploaded to My NiteFlirt home page here!

The two new ones are " it begins" and "Day One"

Also, "Punishment writing" and "The Gift of Golden Nectar" MP3's are new!

In addition, I have made video clips available for download!

If you are not yet familiar with them, visit the page below for the Breaking of a slave and Mind Control series!

Goddess Natasha

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

dana comments

dana couldn't leave a comment so she emailed her thoughts to Me
Silly gurl!


I am glad that you enjoyed the journal, Mistress. I wanted to add that you took my virginity in June 2009, and I didn't start the journal until February 2010, so most of the training isn't even there. It was much more extensive than just the three months above. During the year I spent serving you in FL I didn't go on a single date due to the emasculating effect of the regular strapon training. It was amazing how calmly you went about it. Such a deep, serious, life affecting training method, and you did it so nonchalantly. So calculated and effective. I didn't know what I was getting into.
It changed my personality and interactions with women, and still affects me deeply even though I have been in another state for the last 2 years.
Hope to serve you again soon when I can visit.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just recently....

I received this from a slave who is quite dedicated to Me!
If you too desire to become a devotee My wish list:

Goddess Natasha
You are of delicacy and ecstasy.
No other can compare to You.
 No sonnet or music is able to be composed of You, because there is no words that are able to describe You.
  Goddess Natasha is You are one who is harsh but fair, but will treat me with kindness but whip my ass bare.
No other Goddess is as beautiful as You, You Goddess cannot be compared to the sky, the earth, or the sea.
Angels fight to have a voice like Yours, Your skin is as soft as the finest furs.
Goddess Natasha Your face is that of a pearl, so majestic, makes my  toes curl.
 The love I have for You Goddess Natasha is one that is great, we were destined to be together, it is fate.
 I love You  Goddess Natasha with all my heart, I can't stand to be without You or apart.
 The joy that You Goddess brings to me, is one that is only described as ecstasy.
 Goddess Natasha You are the most precious thing in my life.
 No other Goddess can compare to You. You are so glorious and so devine.
I love You with all my heart and my soul, without You, my life would be null.

 sincerely Your slave and property
todd k

Thursday, May 17, 2012

slut training dana

Below is a diary that I required a slave to keep while I was using strap on training to break "her" male ego and humble "her". I found it quite an interesting read! I think you will too!
To listen to My strap on training MP3's as well as other training visit:

2-6-10: Went to see Mistress. Delivered dry cleaning, groceries. Had bloody marys and talked about politics. Arrived in black skirt and purple blouse. Changed into beach Barbie outfit and posed on the doll stand (3 poses). Mistress gave me a cheek flower tattoo. I requested a training session for tomorrow (Super Bowl Sunday). Mistress was wearing a black body stocking. She mentioned training me on the big leather bench and moving some mirrors. Writing this on 2-7. Soon I will have to prepare for training. I am going to see Mistress at 6:30.
I am also doing her laundry today. I was going to move the bed to the condo but slept late and didn’t feel like it. Maybe I can finish the laundry and surprise her by bringing it tonight.

2-7-10: Had bloody marys with Mistress. Showed her TN pictures. Massaged her back.
She took me with the 6 inch strapon while I was bent over the large black bench. She sent me home locked, wearing denim skort and pink flowery blouse.

2-15-10 Monday: Mistress gave me laundry and locked me. Flew in from TN today.

2-19-10 Friday: Mistress sent IM and told me she wants to train my pussy and have me be her doll Sat night.

2-20-10 Saturday: Caught up with moving stuff and sent a message to Mistress. She wanted to pussy train me. I arrived as dana. We had bloody marys and Mistress raped me in a standing position over the black bench.
2-21-10 Sunday: Took Mistress to Shooters for lunch. Had drinks at the bar then lunch outside and talked about many outfits that ladies were wearing and if she would like them on dana.
2-24-10 Wed: Picked up laundry for Mistress after work.
2-25-10 Thurs: Washed laundry for Mistress at the condo
2-27-10 Sat: Delivered laundry to Mistress. Didn’t feel well and went home. Mistress had asked me to bring maid uniform. Maybe tomorrow
3-2 to 3-5: Mistress is out of town
3-4-10 Thurs: Mistress sent IM telling me that p-training is coming soon. On Monday 3-1 she told me that p-training would be on Sat 3-6 when she gets back.
3-6-10 Saturday: I went shopping at Macys. Bought black stretch pants, then went to Walmart and bought 2 new blouses. Purple and pink. Went to see Mistress. Had bloody marys. Mistress raped me in the standing position after pulling down my stretch pants.
3-7-10: Sent an IM to Mistress and told her that I wanted to go through p-training again for her, and actually wanted to be trained 3 days in a row again. Went to see Mistress wearing black skirt, white blouse, nude stockings, black shoes. Mistress raped me particularly aggressively and deeply.
3-8-10 Monday: Went to see Mistress wearing denim skort and pink blouse. Mistress raped me deeper and harder than she ever had before.
3-11-10 Thursday: Visited Mistress. Picked up laundry first and was raped again. Mistress thrust deeply again, and made me say several times that I love being her slut and being raped. I parked several doors down, and Mistress watched me do the walk of shame very slowly, with my head down, taking small steps..
3-13-10 Sat: Delivered laundry. Very busy with work this weekend.
3-15-10: Asked Mistress if it would please her to make formal plans to train me with the larger dildo. She said yes, when I catch up with work and can schedule a training session. I blushed and felt butterflies. It is scary and exciting that it might happen soon.
3-16-10 Tues: Bought black panties, garter belt, thigh highs today at lunch when I went to Sunrise to get the order I made online. Also picked up body stocking and anklet. Met the lady who runs cross-dress dot com. Looked at black mules to wear with my outfits and a black pleated skirt. Tried on pink blouse and chose 3x size. Can’t wait to wear black ensemble for Mistress.
3-17-10 Wednesday: Visited Mistress at 9:15 PM for regular p-training session. Wore my new black garter belt, thigh highs, and panties with black stretch skirt and new pink blouse and black belt. Mistress reminded me of how my wardrobe has grown and what a girl I have become while she was raping me.
Mistress said that next time I am not allowed to speak when I arrive next time and will immediately get in position for training.
She also said that she wants me to wear my virgin bride outfit when she takes me with the large dildo for the first time.
3-22-10 Monday: Went grocery shopping for Mistress and picked up laundry. Mistress locked me.
3-23-10 Tuesday: Washed laundry for Mistress
3-24-10 Wednesday: Silent Dana training. Overwhelmed. Have to comment tomorrow.
Arrived Wednesday night with laundry, wearing black skirt and pink ruffle blouse. New black lingerie – thigh highs, panties, and garter belt. Placed laundry on the chair, removed my clothes, put on wig and lipstick in complete silence, then assumed the position. Mistress positioned my arms, then pulled down my panties and raped me. Mistress then pointed to the kneeling bench and raped me while she knelt on the pillow. She gave me a pad to put in my panties. I put my mike clothes back on and Mistress escorted me to the door. I left with my head down without ever looking at her face.
3-25-10 Thursday: Arrived for silent training, but forgot KY. Mistress tried baby oil and began to take me. I said that it hurt. She was disappointed.
3-27-10 Saturday: Mistress raped me for the first time with the 8 inch dildo. I wore white corset, thigh highs, lace gloves, white shoes, long blond wig. Mistress put the entire 8 inches inside me. She commented on the contrast between her black outfit and my white outfit. I am thinking about how I felt when her thighs touched me and I couldn’t see the dildo anymore.
3-31-10 Wednesday: Visited Mistress for silent pussy training. I wore black stretch mini and ruffled pink blouse with black thigh highs, garter belt, and panties. Put on wig and lipstick, assumed the position over the bench. Mistress raped me with the traditional dildo (6 inch). Mistress gave me a maxi pad (I bought a new package of 20 after work). I put on mike clothes and left in silence with head bowed. Mistress gave me library books and lingerie to hand wash.
4-8-10 Thursday: Mistress raped me wit the 6 inch dildo after I delivered laundry. I wore black skirt, white blouse, black belt, and black garter belt with thigh highs.
4-14-10 Wednesday: Picked up lingerie to hand wash for Mistress and went grocery shopping. Mistress locked me in chastity. Bought new black sandal pumps at the store in Sunrise.
4-15-10 Thursday: Mistress wants Silent Dana to visit tomorrow, but it looks like the truck will have to go in the shop Friday.
4-20-10 Tuesday: Mistress raped Silent Dana with the 6 inch dildo. I wore new denim skirt, purple blouse, nude thigh highs, and beige panties and bra. Mistress took me first in the standing position, then moved me to the kneeling bench. She knelt behind me on the cushion and took me again. I returned her hand washed lingerie. Mistress said that maybe I would be unlocked. She didn’t unlock me.
4-21-10 Wednesday: Mistress raped Silent Dana for the second night in a row. I wore black skirt, black thigh highs and bra with new black shoes. Mistress took pictures of me standing. I looked at the camera. Mistress said, “Silent Dana looks down.” Mistress started p-training in the standing position, then raped me on the kneeling bench again. Mistress touched my cheek and said “good girl, dana” as I was leaving.
4-22-10 Thursday: Went shopping after work for Mistress with black lingerie. Delivered jam, apples, yogurt, water, cigarettes, cheese. Mistress didn’t unlock me. It has been 8 days, and I sent Mistress a text saying that I had to use a safe word because I couldn’t work and sleep. She is disappointed.
4-24-10 Saturday: Visited Mistress for an emergency rape. I felt like I was a disappointment the other day and wanted to please her. She raped me in the standing position and the kneeling position. I wore denim skirt, pink blouse, beige underwear, and black pumps. Mistress said that I was wearing her favorite bra. Mistress thrust very hard toward the end of the rape. Dana is alone now on Saturday night.
5-10-10 Monday: I was in TN since last Tuesday. I got back to FL today. Went shopping for Mistress and delivered groceries. Mistress gave me clothes to hand wash and some mail to take to the post office. She told me to send a text when I got home telling her when my last p-training was. She wants to train me again soon. She told me that she wants me to wear denim skirt, pink blouse, black stockings, new black sandals, red panties and bra for my next training, and that I will probably be raped, locked in chastity, and sent home to do laundry.
5-14-10 Friday: Mistress raped me for the first time in 20 days. I wore denim skirt, new pink blouse, and red lingerie with black stockings. Mistress applied my new eye shadow. She locked me in chastity and sent me home with laundry.
5-19-10 Wednesday: Delivered laundry to Mistress. Busy with work this week.
5-21-10 Friday: Mistress raped me tonight. I wore black skirt, white blouse that I mended with needle and thread, Mistress’s favorite bra and panties, and gold nail polish. I forgot my wig, and Mistress let me wear a pretty medium length brown curly wig that she had. We both thought it was pretty. I was moody and told Mistress that I didn’t think I was ready to be taken. I changed my mind and said please. I thought she was not going to do it, but she suddenly told me to position the bench so that I could look directly into the mirror. It hurt a little at first but the discomfort went away quickly.

To listen to My strap on training MP3's visit:

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Classic Goddess Natasha Videos

Currently I am uploading My videos to My Kinkbomb studio.

Below you will find the titles and descriptions to the ones that I am making available.

Also, if you missed it, I recorded some great new ones with more to come!

STING OF MY WHIP Welt after welt of intense  whipping pain!  Watch as I unload my full arsenal of whips as well as my cane on my pet slave as he is tied into full restraint on my cross, then gagged.
SLAVE TO MY FEET Watch my slave follow my every command to serve my feet.  I shape my slave to lick, adore, then worship, first, my heels and then my beautiful size 6 feet. Trampling with both heels & bare feet. Slave then experiences two supreme privileges: licking whipped cream off of my toes and nibbling strawberries placed on my heel of my six inch black patent leather shoe. Also shoe & boot  modeling  

SLAVE TRAINING I My first session with a new slave-learn as he learns how to serve a Lifestyle Dominatrix . A great video for those slaves who have always wanted and those who need to know the proper way to serve and please a Mistress! Obedience  training, boot & body  worship, nipple play, LOTS of oral servitude and ass  worship and  smothering. 
NOVICE SLAVE My first session with a new slave-learn as he learns how to serve a Lifestyle Domina.   Obedience training,  smothering, nipple play and heavy paddling are all 
featured in this video.
ORAL SLAVE My slave is trained in the art of pleasing a dominant woman.  Step by step you , too, will learn how a Woman likes to be worshiped orally.  Face sitting & smothering are also a major part of this video.

PAIN PUPPY The title says it all!  My slave endures  c&b torment with weights & hot wax, caning whipping on all parts of his body and nipple torment.  Watch as welt after welt  appears on his body!
GODDESS CRUSHES  Watch as I crush male “puppets”, grapes,  tomatoes, strawberries, eggs, crackers and more with my bare feet.  Those who love crushing  will love this new  video! (60 minutes)
TORMENT OF A SLAVE A slave’s cock and balls are used by ME to  torment and  control my slave.  That is exactly what this 30 minute video  depicts.  After I  immobilize My slave by attaching his arms to ceiling chains, I use a parachute with and without weights and other paraphernalia to 
torture and  torment My slave’s body

NANNY TAKES CHARGE My naughty young man has to be punished!  His butt turns cherry red as I turn him over my knee and use a hairbrush on his bare behind.  He wants to be  punished like a big boy? I take him to my dungeon for more spanking fun!

THE INTERROGATION  video that includes lots of face slapping, smoke blowing, and scratching with my long red nails.  A great video (shot close up) for those who like smokey french kissing and up close torment.  I will make my prisoner talk-one way or another!  A smoking fetishist delight!

DUNGEON BONDAGE  My slave is tied ,restrained with rope, helpless, to My torments.  Ropes keep him helpless on My table as I use various  implements on him. (Medium bondage, nipple torment, medium CBT) 

DISCIPLINE OF A SLAVE  My slave is now paying for his misbehavior!  Heavy
discipline with My bull whip,(watch the welts rise!) boot worship,  and nipple torment.

TORTURED BY GODDESS  Hooded with a blindfold and gag, My slave is fully stretched on My rack, completely helpless.  He endures nipple torment and CBT with electrical stimulation and more!  Arm restraints bind My slave then nipple clamps with weights are attached.  Overall, a VERY painful video! (Heavy bondage, CBT, heavy nipple  torment, paddling, smoking)

HELPLESS  restrained with an overhead suspension bar and leg spreaders, My slave is subjected to nipple play and whipping with various implements. 
Secondly, I use an arm binder to restrain him and further immobilize him.  Completely  helpless, gagged & masked! (Heavy restraint, heavy whipping, nipple  torment, smoking)

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Every day is....

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Every day is....: ......Another day to upload video clips! Clips from such classics such as Sting of My Whip, Oral slave, Whipped by Goddess and more! In ...

Every day is....

......Another day to upload video clips!

Clips from such classics such as Sting of My Whip, Oral slave, Whipped by Goddess and more!

In addition, I have added some new videos that were just filmed!

Friday, May 4, 2012


I am spending the day by the pool and upload LOTS and LOTS of material!
Visit My Kinkbomb studio! Classic Goddess Natasha videos as well as brand new videos
Just made over 60 high def photos available!
#fetish #femdom #wetandmessy #nylons #pantyhose #stockings

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Photos from Video Shoot(s)

I just filmed 19 different videos of varying topics (smoking, dressing, pantyhose, crushing...) and varying lengths.
Below are some photos for you to enjoy!
Feel free to follow and comment!
These Femdom and fetish videos are available through Niteflirt. Additionally, I take custom Femdom video requests.

Goddess Natasha

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Goddess Worship

Below is a recent devotional that was written by My slave staGGy

Worshipping the Wickedly Wonderful Goddess Natasha

Today, April 21st, 2012 is the birthday of the Woman i now Worship as my Goddess, my Ruler, my Muse and my Owner.  Two months ago, i went onto NiteFlirt for the first time searching for a Dominant Woman with whom i could interact with.  Now that i know that website better, i realize now that luck was with me as i came across one of the links to Goddess Natasha almost immediately and bought one of HER MP3s. Her calm Dominant Demeanor and icy glare as She regally and seductively stood next to one of HER slave cages instantly made me want to find out more about HER. i have since bought just about all HER MP3s and the many instructional writings that She offers on this site.  Each one has further enslaved me and taught me more about HER very controlling ways and HER very real vision of Female Supremacy.

As i slowly tried to put many of HER worship rituals into my life with each and every purchase off of Nite Flirt, she started to write me and give me guidance personally.  Every time She started a message to me with HER usual greeting of “Hello slave”, or words to that effect, it was like an electric shock to my system.  i felt HER power and i knew my place was at HER sexy feet with eyes downcast and my male ego fading into the persona of the owned and controlled slave She wanted me to be.  i longed to kneel before HER beauty, but, being 1,000 miles away from Florida, i also felt the pain of a constant longing of HER personal tormenting touch.

About 2 weeks after i first purchased HER “Mind Control” MP3, and after a few messages from HER, i went to HER Amazon wish list and saw an anklet bracelet that were real handcuffs designed into a bracelet.  i immediately begged HER in an email to let me buy them, not only for HER, but for myself also. After a few days of consideration, She agreed, and i have felt connected to HER ever since and wear them proudly on my ankle 24/7.

 Then, about 2 weeks after that, and right around the one month anniversary date of when i first wrote HER, i bought HER Panty Worship tape. Without going into too much detail about what SHE instructs HER slaves to do so i don’t ruin the surprises for the slaves who might read this testimony and buy the tape to please HER, i knew I had to follow all HER explicit instructions and make HER happy with my Total Obedience and subjugation to Her will.

What i will say, hopefully without giving away too many of Her seductive secrets, is that Goddess Natasha tells HER slaves in this MP3 to build an alter that will reflect their devotion to HER and one that will allow HER presence into their home.  This alter is to be designed around HER panties, which must be purchased separately from the tape itself.  Upon hearing HER voice dispel any thoughts of hesitation on my part, i immediately went to and sent HER a gift certificate to celebrate Our/our one month anniversary that was hopefully going to be generous enough to allow HER to consider the possibility of sending me some of HER precious panties so i could build this alter that She desired me to have in my home.

When Goddess Natasha wrote back immediately thanking me for my gift and asking for my address so SHE could send me HER worn panties, i was beyond excited.  Immediately i knew that i must design an alter that would reflect HER beauty, HER power and HER teachings.  Each day my anticipation of the arrival of Her treasure grew, and, when i finally received HER package about a week later, i already had many thoughts in my head on how i wanted HER alter to look.

i cannot express to the readers of this article all the emotions that went through my head as i opened HER package. my slave hands trembled, my slave tongue salivated, and then my slave body shook with emotion as i became totally enthralled and enchanted by all SHE had included.  A beautiful card welcoming me into HER world, two pictures of HER beauty, and a sealed baggy containing HER panties.  i fell to my knees and kissed the baggy and immediately went to the store to get what I needed to make the alter perfect for such a Wonderful and Gorgeous Goddess. 

Fresh flowers were needed, and then frames for the pictures that She graced me with.  While buying the frames, i saw a really cool high heeled show picture holder, and i decided to take HER rules and worship rituals and put them all on index cards and display them on the altar.  As worshipping at HER altar would be in my mind a celebration of sorts, i placed a bottle of Champagne and empty champagne flutes on the alter also.  i bought some taped candles and a scented candle to always remind me of HER Majesty and the solemnness of my worship.  A wooden spatula that SHE had commanded me to paddle all parts of my body with previously to remind me that my pain is HER pleasure and a baggie of my fresh cut pubic hairs i had been told to carry around with me to remind me of HER ownership of my cock and balls were also placed on the alter.  A box of matches i got as a wedding gift to remind me of my eternal devotion to HER made the alter ready for HER treasured panties.
(Altar that slave staGGy created)
(Rules of conduct displayed on altar)

 Then, into a world of subspace for slave staGGY …. i stripped as instructed in HER Panty Worship tape and followed each and every instruction SHE eloquently expresses on HER MP3.  Slowly, and reverently, taking HER panties out of the sealed pouch i inhaled HER fragrances and fell under HER spell.  Many instructed positions and many of Goddess Natasha’s own declarations of worship later, i knew i belonged to Goddess Natasha in All ways for Always and I have never been happier.  She is Bewitchingly-Beautiful, Daringly-Dominant, Excitingly-Enslaving and Cruelly-Creative.  My original lust for HER has turned into Love and i hope Our/our relationship continues to evolve over time so i become the slave She wishes me to be.  Her happiness is my goal and i know that Her vision of Female Supremacy has easily become an integral part of my life also. i appreciate all Goddess Natasha has done for me, and all the time She has spent training me. 

Thank YOU Goddess Natasha for Your gift of Dominance.

(The items for panty worship training, MP3's and more can be found at )

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Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: The Bathroom

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: The Bathroom: The Bathroom A Fiction By an Obedient Scribe Cleaning. Cleaning is so very important. Cleaning reminds men of their status in the natural ...

The Bathroom

The Bathroom
A Fiction
By an Obedient Scribe
Cleaning. Cleaning is so very important. Cleaning reminds men of their status in the natural ordered of the universe. I particularly love to clean the bathroom. The bathroom is a very special place. It is where I am allowed to help my Mistress prepare for the day by attending to her bath. It is where I received my toilet training. It is where, when I please my Mistress, she will shave me so that my bald crotch gives testament to her power.
I clean the bathroom at least once a week. As always, I am naked, my Mistress does not allow me to be clothed when I am in her house.
It takes quite a while to clean a bathroom properly. I am especially proud when Mistress notices my service. Last week Mistress gave me a very special reward for my efforts.
I was just finishing up, scrubbing the bathroom floor on my hands and knees. I heard the door open and close and a wave joy sweep over me, Mistress is home early. I feel the warmth of her power as she walks up behind me. I continue scrubbing.
"I see that my little boy has been busy cleaning."
"Yes Mistress."
"You have done a very nice job."

The joy of my Mistress's approval causes my cock to spring out hard and erect. "Thank you Mistress."
"You can be a very good slave, sometimes."
She pushes my legs apart and kneels behind me
. Then I
feel the tips of her fingers brush against my ass. Slowly
she begins to fondle my checks. I stop scrubbing and she
snaps, "Did I say you could stop scrubbing?"
"No Mistress, no of course not." I resume scrubbing, but without really paying attention to what I am doing. Mistress knows that playing with my ass turns me into a helpless mound of jelly.
She grabs my ass and begins to knead it hard. "I like you like this," she growls, "on your hands and knees' ass in the air, waiting for me." Yes, I was waiting for her, for my Mistress.
Now the waiting has ended and I slip beyond time. I sink deep into her power. I surrender to her completely. In her benevolence she is taking me to that special place. That place beyond male ego, beyond male arousal, standing on the edge of creation, the female power from which all good comes.
Soon I will not be able tell you what time it is, or what day. I lie naked, the dark sky and stars racing above me' on the edge of the land, the crimson of dawn. She approaches now, calling me, her smile is the dew on the grass, her arousal the light of the sun bursting up over the horizon.

Her voice calls me back. "You belong to me."
"I belong to you." I echo back. I grasp, breath again, maleness returning. I notice her cloths strewn around on the floor, I don't remember her undressing, but yes, I can feel the warm of her skin against mine.
"Are you ready to give up everything for me?" She asks.
"Yes, everything."
She grabs my cock and begins to stroke it hard. I can see her reach around with her other hand and dip her index finger in the bucket of sudsy water and hold it there motionless, my eyes fixed. Finally Mistress says, "What do you want little boy; what do you want slave?"
I swallow hard and say. "I want you to fuck me Mistress."
"And where did you want me to fuck you little boy?" My Mistress asks, a nasty hard edge creeping into her voice. I am scared and can't answer. After a couple of seconds of silence she slaps my ass, hard. "Answer me slave, where do you want me to fuck you?"
"In the ass Mistress," I whisper, but it is enough. She wets her finger again and begins to slide it up into my ass. She is now in control and the power is surging through her like lighting. With her free hand she grabs my balls and begins to squeeze them as she twists her finger deeper into my ass.
"Why do you belong to?"
Mistress demands.

I have given up any pretense of scrubbing the floor and my face goes to the cold linoleum. The pain is excruciating, the pain is wonderful. "I belong to you, Mistress.” I gasp and my body explodes, my seed splashing on the floor.
Mistress laughs and I feel her body tense, right down to the tip of her finger deep in my ass. She collapses on top of me, her nipples pressing into my shoulder blades.
After a few minutes she gets up and says. "We have made quite a mess haven't we little boy."
"Yes Mistress," I say.
"I think you should clean it up then," she says as she gets up and steps over me. The smell of Pinesol is overwhelming.
I begin to lick up my seed from the floor as Mistress takes her seat on the clean toilet and relieves herself loudly. When she is finished she smiles down at me and spreads her legs wide so I may lick the fountain of her golden nectar clean. Cleaning is so very important.

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: A y...

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: A y...: Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: A youth trained for Her pleasure : When he was a young man, he spent many years of his callow...

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Farm (Original)

For many of you, this story will seem very familiar.  It was written by Me over 12 years ago and published in "Goddess Natasha's Bondage Tymes" as well as My first web site and through out the internet. All I can say is I enjoy it every time I read it! Below is a snippet for you to enjoy. You can also purchase the whole 13 pages 

The Farm

I am a sadist. I am beautiful, stunningly so. I am tall, with long legs and a gorgeous athletic body and devilishly beautiful face. I have always been able to get men to do anything for Me, sometimes the most ridiculous things. It started, I guess, with My father. I soon found that with a certain look or pout I could rap him around My little finger. From there I progressed to the boys at school. I was the cruelest bitch to ever go through high school. I also remained a virgin throughout high school. I was never going to allow a filthy man to enter my body.

It was natural, I guess, I ended up a professional dominant. Soon after I graduated as a psychiatrist from a highly esteemed Eastern school, I got enough money together to buy a secluded piece of property. It had a huge house and about twenty acres of land. The house was somewhat run down, but I thought I could easily have it rebuilt by men seeking to gain favor with Me. I ran a couple of ads and offered a lengthy stay at a “secluded retreat to learn the fine art of servitude to a female tyrant.’ I was surprised by the deluge of responses I received and was able to be quite selective in My clientele.

My first customer was a well built man of about age forty. The rates I charged for a one week stay were nothing short of outrageous.  Nonetheless, he showed up as scheduled. I picked him up at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. I wore a black leather skirt and a white silk blouse, off-black stockings and knee high very high heeled boots. My new slave was relieved to see I was as attractive as I claimed to be, and we walked to My car. I made him kneel and kiss My feet before we got into the car, much to his dismay. There were people around for this scene, but none paid too much attention. I made him get into the trunk and I drove back to My new slave ranch.

When we arrived, we walked to the front door and I made him lie down across the front of the doorway. I stepped up onto his chest and very deliberately wiped My boots on his shirt. I then held each boot over his mouth so he could better clean them with his tongue. I opened the door and stepped off his body into My castle. I instructed him to strip naked and await My return. I went to My room and put on a pair of leather gloves and picked up a riding crop and returned to find My new slave kneeling in the middle of the floor. As I walked over to him, I noticed he had a raging erection. Knowing the power I have over males I had no fear whatsoever of this strange slave. I kicked him as hard as I could in the stomach and he doubled over onto his side in pain. Raising My boot, I stepped down hard on the side of his neck. He whimpered and apologized for some unknown infraction he may have committed and pleaded with Me to have Mercy on him.

“I have no mercy, you piece of dirt. There’s no need of an apology. I kicked you because I enjoy hurting men. I brought you here to torment and torture you for My amusement. You have no rights here and you can expect some very painful time in My presence. If you feel you are not up to serving Me, you may leave now. You will have to find your own way back. If you stay, you are My slave, to do with as I see fit. No one knows where you are.  If you are willing to accept these terms, you may kiss the toe of each of My boots and tell Me to do with you as I will.”

I raised My boot off his neck and stepped back. He crawled over to Me on his stomach and kissed the toe of each boot.

“1 am Here to worship and adore you, Mistress. I will place My life in your hands and only hope I can offer you some pleasure with My miserable body.”

I smiled down at him and stepped on the back of his neck. My heel dug into the nape of his neck and I twisted it back and forth creating a nice red welt. My new slave did not make a sound.

To read all 13 pages of The Farm (Original) 

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Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: A youth trained for Her pleasure

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: A youth trained for Her pleasure: When he was a young man, he spent many years of his callow and artless youth taking pleasures from the village beauties but giving little in...

A youth trained for Her pleasure

When he was a young man, he spent many years of his callow and artless youth taking pleasures from the village beauties but giving little in return. A lustful lad of twenty‑five, with torrents of testosterone coursing through his veins, no village maiden was safe as long as his wagon was camped on the edge of town. Lured by his striking features, hearty laugh and tales of quest, they would eagerly dance for him and drink his wine. With equal exuberance, they would slip quietly from their cottages late at night, following the feint sounds of his guitar across the fields to reach his camp fire. There in his arms, as the flickering light evoked images from the shadows, he would speak of empty castles and storms at sea, of wizards with talking animals, of trade routes through trackless deserts sad lost treasure. Later in the wagon, among pillows and fine silk brought from exotic lands, he would take his pleasures. Within an hour, his seduction complete, the poor girl was sent back to the village with a slap on the buttocks and an intense longing in her loins. Morning sunlight would creep through the unharvested wheat fields and olive groves, then slowly dry the dew from the grass where his wagon had once been.

Thus he traveled until one day he reached a small fishing village on the Bosporus. There, in a dockside tavern crowded with sailors and heavy with the odor of fish, his attentions were drawn to the lovely Kyla. A serving tray poised elegantly next to her cheek, she whirled through the clamorous crowd of men, laughing at their crude suggestions and pouring beer into the laps of those who persisted. He had never seen ballet in his life but was certain it could not compare to the movements of this lovely maiden as she moved gracefully from table to table. When she finally reached his side, his mouth grew dry under the fire in her eyes. "Beer she poured him as her body lured him." he thought to himself.

Never inclined toward circumlocution, his proposition was brief, bright and humorous. Taken by the handsome youth who smelled more of horses than fish, she agreed. Her room was just above the tavern and she would be free of her duties in two hours. Time slowly dissipated like the foam on his beer glass. When finally they found themselves alone in her room, his swollen heart and bulging cock were throbbing in unison. Promising to bestow pleasures of unrivaled intensity, she invited him to disrobe. His limbs moved in eager compliance and soon he stood naked before her. Nearly as naked, except for her corset, she approached him with a length of rope in her hand.

She spoke softly but firmly of her desire to receive as well as confer pleasure. Weary of the local sailors who's idea of lovemaking was to lift a woman's skirts from behind and plunge vigorously into her sex for a few moments of thrusting, grunting and shuddering, she had conceived a plan to ensure equity. To demonstrate his capability of bringing her slowly to the fervent orgasm she deserved and desired, a simple test was in order. His hands would be bound to the wooden rafter above while she explored the limits of his control. Caressing him passionately, she affirmed her desire for his love, promising she would be his after enduring this simple trial.

The feel of her warm nakedness against his skin, the sound of her soft voice in his ear and the way his nerve endings quivered under her gliding hands all conspired against his discretion. His offered wrists were deftly and tightly bound, then hoisted to the beam above, his legs stretched wide and tied as well. His swollen manhood stood out for her appraisal as he writhed on his rope in vain attempts to reach her. She smiled as she removed the wide leather belt from his trousers.

Approaching him, she spoke again with a strange erotic menace in her voice; "I will stroke your cock lightly, my love. You must not come in my hand for this would only confirm your sorry equivalency with the village men who only deserve to tuck the mouths of their dead fish! You must restrain and regulate the urges you will feel. If you begin to lose control I will know and my actions will be swift".

He was puzzled by her last words but eager to bed his fetching captor. Standing at his left side, she glided her right hand softly over his buttocks while pressing her body firmly against his. With her left hand, she began to stroke his cock in a delicate and rhythmic motion. His hips thrust forward in an unrestrained reflex. Smiling to herself, she continued the motion and nibbled at his earlobe with her lips. Feeling his body begin to tremble, she stood back and spoke harshly to him.

"A typical man! You cannot contain yourself very well at all my dear. I shall have to teach you better control". With those words, she took up the belt and brought it down sharply on his ass with a loud crack. He jerked with pain and surprise, thrusting his swollen cock forward. The belt made contact again with a sharp sting. Standing behind, she continued the whipping until she observed his member growing limp. This took several minutes, time filled with his moans and earnest pleading. Although he twisted his wrists and wrestled with the knot she had so cleverly tied, he could not free himself.

When he had ceased his struggling, she approached him once more, moving the fingers of her right hand lightly over his buttocks and between his parted legs to fondle his balls. All the while, her Left hand was squeezing and stroking his cock back to it's previous state of hardness. He groaned as he felt her hands on his body, now writhing and twisting on the rope. His cock soon began to tingle again. She continued stroking and fondling his body, softly admonishing him to control himself. He panted, the sweat glistening on his face in the candle light. Rubbing her bare breasts up and down his side, then leaning forward to kiss his nipple, she felt him begin to shudder again, his hips thrusting vainly toward her hand. As she stepped away again, she took amusement in watching as he continued to thrust his cock fruitlessly into the air. From behind, she brought her arms around his chest and hugged him tightly, whispering. "My darling, I long to feel you inside me but you must earn the privilege of serving me. Your pleasure could rival the brilliance of a hundred sunrises and our romance would exceed that of a thousand full moons, but you must learn to understand the FULL importance of pleasing me first! And you will please me! With that, she took the belt and resumed his whipping. As each smack fell on his helpless rear, his erection seemed to grow larger. He could not ejaculate though, and in a short time he grew limp once more. Kneeling at his feet, Kyla took the tip of his now flaccid cock into her lips while kneading and probing his warm ass cheeks. Sighing, he felt his erection growing inside her mouth. In a short time, she was positioned once more behind her prisoner, smiling as she watched him dance in agony under her whip. She flogged him mercilessly until he nearly fainted. Then, after blindfolding him, she reclined on the bed and masturbated while watching him hang before her, twisting in torment. Orgasms, like hot winds,swept over her and she gasped with pleasure.

Hours passed and he had not achieved the orgasm he desperately craved. His wrists burned the ropes and his ass burned from her repeated whippings. She stood in front of him once again and smiled. Reaching around behind her to undo the hooks, she let her corset fall to the floor. Now fully naked, she hugged him, writhing her hips against his and kissing him passionately. "You have at last earned a place in my service." she spoke.

When she had freed him, Kyla lead him to bed and stretched him out on the cool sheets. There she rubbed soothing and sweetly scented unguents onto the tender skin of his buttocks and massaged the tension from his sore muscles. Soon after, she straddled his face and allowed him the honor of serving her womanhood with his tongue and lips. Once he had satisfied her in this manner she fumed her body around and pushed her lovely pink anus toward his face. She sighed deeply, rubbing her nipples as she felt his tongue move in circles around the puckered opening. Looking down at his crotch, she watched his cock twitching up and down. With a flick of her hand she gave it a brisk slap. "I will not be needing that for some time, my dear." she said. Closing her eyes, she leaned forward and relaxed across his chest and belly, enjoying the sensations he was giving her with his tongue. He had so much to learn. . .>>