Tuesday, May 22, 2012

dana comments

dana couldn't leave a comment so she emailed her thoughts to Me
Silly gurl!


I am glad that you enjoyed the journal, Mistress. I wanted to add that you took my virginity in June 2009, and I didn't start the journal until February 2010, so most of the training isn't even there. It was much more extensive than just the three months above. During the year I spent serving you in FL I didn't go on a single date due to the emasculating effect of the regular strapon training. It was amazing how calmly you went about it. Such a deep, serious, life affecting training method, and you did it so nonchalantly. So calculated and effective. I didn't know what I was getting into.
It changed my personality and interactions with women, and still affects me deeply even though I have been in another state for the last 2 years.
Hope to serve you again soon when I can visit.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just recently....

I received this from a slave who is quite dedicated to Me!
If you too desire to become a devotee My wish list: http://amzn.com/w/2XSMSSM9Y9PQW

Goddess Natasha
You are of delicacy and ecstasy.
No other can compare to You.
 No sonnet or music is able to be composed of You, because there is no words that are able to describe You.
  Goddess Natasha is You are one who is harsh but fair, but will treat me with kindness but whip my ass bare.
No other Goddess is as beautiful as You, You Goddess cannot be compared to the sky, the earth, or the sea.
Angels fight to have a voice like Yours, Your skin is as soft as the finest furs.
Goddess Natasha Your face is that of a pearl, so majestic, makes my  toes curl.
 The love I have for You Goddess Natasha is one that is great, we were destined to be together, it is fate.
 I love You  Goddess Natasha with all my heart, I can't stand to be without You or apart.
 The joy that You Goddess brings to me, is one that is only described as ecstasy.
 Goddess Natasha You are the most precious thing in my life.
 No other Goddess can compare to You. You are so glorious and so devine.
I love You with all my heart and my soul, without You, my life would be null.

 sincerely Your slave and property
todd k

Thursday, May 17, 2012

slut training dana

Below is a diary that I required a slave to keep while I was using strap on training to break "her" male ego and humble "her". I found it quite an interesting read! I think you will too!
To listen to My strap on training MP3's as well as other training visit: http://www.niteflirt.com/listings/show/9531839-Lifestyle-Female-Supremacist-Taking-Total-Control

2-6-10: Went to see Mistress. Delivered dry cleaning, groceries. Had bloody marys and talked about politics. Arrived in black skirt and purple blouse. Changed into beach Barbie outfit and posed on the doll stand (3 poses). Mistress gave me a cheek flower tattoo. I requested a training session for tomorrow (Super Bowl Sunday). Mistress was wearing a black body stocking. She mentioned training me on the big leather bench and moving some mirrors. Writing this on 2-7. Soon I will have to prepare for training. I am going to see Mistress at 6:30.
I am also doing her laundry today. I was going to move the bed to the condo but slept late and didn’t feel like it. Maybe I can finish the laundry and surprise her by bringing it tonight.

2-7-10: Had bloody marys with Mistress. Showed her TN pictures. Massaged her back.
She took me with the 6 inch strapon while I was bent over the large black bench. She sent me home locked, wearing denim skort and pink flowery blouse.

2-15-10 Monday: Mistress gave me laundry and locked me. Flew in from TN today.

2-19-10 Friday: Mistress sent IM and told me she wants to train my pussy and have me be her doll Sat night.

2-20-10 Saturday: Caught up with moving stuff and sent a message to Mistress. She wanted to pussy train me. I arrived as dana. We had bloody marys and Mistress raped me in a standing position over the black bench.
2-21-10 Sunday: Took Mistress to Shooters for lunch. Had drinks at the bar then lunch outside and talked about many outfits that ladies were wearing and if she would like them on dana.
2-24-10 Wed: Picked up laundry for Mistress after work.
2-25-10 Thurs: Washed laundry for Mistress at the condo
2-27-10 Sat: Delivered laundry to Mistress. Didn’t feel well and went home. Mistress had asked me to bring maid uniform. Maybe tomorrow
3-2 to 3-5: Mistress is out of town
3-4-10 Thurs: Mistress sent IM telling me that p-training is coming soon. On Monday 3-1 she told me that p-training would be on Sat 3-6 when she gets back.
3-6-10 Saturday: I went shopping at Macys. Bought black stretch pants, then went to Walmart and bought 2 new blouses. Purple and pink. Went to see Mistress. Had bloody marys. Mistress raped me in the standing position after pulling down my stretch pants.
3-7-10: Sent an IM to Mistress and told her that I wanted to go through p-training again for her, and actually wanted to be trained 3 days in a row again. Went to see Mistress wearing black skirt, white blouse, nude stockings, black shoes. Mistress raped me particularly aggressively and deeply.
3-8-10 Monday: Went to see Mistress wearing denim skort and pink blouse. Mistress raped me deeper and harder than she ever had before.
3-11-10 Thursday: Visited Mistress. Picked up laundry first and was raped again. Mistress thrust deeply again, and made me say several times that I love being her slut and being raped. I parked several doors down, and Mistress watched me do the walk of shame very slowly, with my head down, taking small steps..
3-13-10 Sat: Delivered laundry. Very busy with work this weekend.
3-15-10: Asked Mistress if it would please her to make formal plans to train me with the larger dildo. She said yes, when I catch up with work and can schedule a training session. I blushed and felt butterflies. It is scary and exciting that it might happen soon.
3-16-10 Tues: Bought black panties, garter belt, thigh highs today at lunch when I went to Sunrise to get the order I made online. Also picked up body stocking and anklet. Met the lady who runs cross-dress dot com. Looked at black mules to wear with my outfits and a black pleated skirt. Tried on pink blouse and chose 3x size. Can’t wait to wear black ensemble for Mistress.
3-17-10 Wednesday: Visited Mistress at 9:15 PM for regular p-training session. Wore my new black garter belt, thigh highs, and panties with black stretch skirt and new pink blouse and black belt. Mistress reminded me of how my wardrobe has grown and what a girl I have become while she was raping me.
Mistress said that next time I am not allowed to speak when I arrive next time and will immediately get in position for training.
She also said that she wants me to wear my virgin bride outfit when she takes me with the large dildo for the first time.
3-22-10 Monday: Went grocery shopping for Mistress and picked up laundry. Mistress locked me.
3-23-10 Tuesday: Washed laundry for Mistress
3-24-10 Wednesday: Silent Dana training. Overwhelmed. Have to comment tomorrow.
Arrived Wednesday night with laundry, wearing black skirt and pink ruffle blouse. New black lingerie – thigh highs, panties, and garter belt. Placed laundry on the chair, removed my clothes, put on wig and lipstick in complete silence, then assumed the position. Mistress positioned my arms, then pulled down my panties and raped me. Mistress then pointed to the kneeling bench and raped me while she knelt on the pillow. She gave me a pad to put in my panties. I put my mike clothes back on and Mistress escorted me to the door. I left with my head down without ever looking at her face.
3-25-10 Thursday: Arrived for silent training, but forgot KY. Mistress tried baby oil and began to take me. I said that it hurt. She was disappointed.
3-27-10 Saturday: Mistress raped me for the first time with the 8 inch dildo. I wore white corset, thigh highs, lace gloves, white shoes, long blond wig. Mistress put the entire 8 inches inside me. She commented on the contrast between her black outfit and my white outfit. I am thinking about how I felt when her thighs touched me and I couldn’t see the dildo anymore.
3-31-10 Wednesday: Visited Mistress for silent pussy training. I wore black stretch mini and ruffled pink blouse with black thigh highs, garter belt, and panties. Put on wig and lipstick, assumed the position over the bench. Mistress raped me with the traditional dildo (6 inch). Mistress gave me a maxi pad (I bought a new package of 20 after work). I put on mike clothes and left in silence with head bowed. Mistress gave me library books and lingerie to hand wash.
4-8-10 Thursday: Mistress raped me wit the 6 inch dildo after I delivered laundry. I wore black skirt, white blouse, black belt, and black garter belt with thigh highs.
4-14-10 Wednesday: Picked up lingerie to hand wash for Mistress and went grocery shopping. Mistress locked me in chastity. Bought new black sandal pumps at the store in Sunrise.
4-15-10 Thursday: Mistress wants Silent Dana to visit tomorrow, but it looks like the truck will have to go in the shop Friday.
4-20-10 Tuesday: Mistress raped Silent Dana with the 6 inch dildo. I wore new denim skirt, purple blouse, nude thigh highs, and beige panties and bra. Mistress took me first in the standing position, then moved me to the kneeling bench. She knelt behind me on the cushion and took me again. I returned her hand washed lingerie. Mistress said that maybe I would be unlocked. She didn’t unlock me.
4-21-10 Wednesday: Mistress raped Silent Dana for the second night in a row. I wore black skirt, black thigh highs and bra with new black shoes. Mistress took pictures of me standing. I looked at the camera. Mistress said, “Silent Dana looks down.” Mistress started p-training in the standing position, then raped me on the kneeling bench again. Mistress touched my cheek and said “good girl, dana” as I was leaving.
4-22-10 Thursday: Went shopping after work for Mistress with black lingerie. Delivered jam, apples, yogurt, water, cigarettes, cheese. Mistress didn’t unlock me. It has been 8 days, and I sent Mistress a text saying that I had to use a safe word because I couldn’t work and sleep. She is disappointed.
4-24-10 Saturday: Visited Mistress for an emergency rape. I felt like I was a disappointment the other day and wanted to please her. She raped me in the standing position and the kneeling position. I wore denim skirt, pink blouse, beige underwear, and black pumps. Mistress said that I was wearing her favorite bra. Mistress thrust very hard toward the end of the rape. Dana is alone now on Saturday night.
5-10-10 Monday: I was in TN since last Tuesday. I got back to FL today. Went shopping for Mistress and delivered groceries. Mistress gave me clothes to hand wash and some mail to take to the post office. She told me to send a text when I got home telling her when my last p-training was. She wants to train me again soon. She told me that she wants me to wear denim skirt, pink blouse, black stockings, new black sandals, red panties and bra for my next training, and that I will probably be raped, locked in chastity, and sent home to do laundry.
5-14-10 Friday: Mistress raped me for the first time in 20 days. I wore denim skirt, new pink blouse, and red lingerie with black stockings. Mistress applied my new eye shadow. She locked me in chastity and sent me home with laundry.
5-19-10 Wednesday: Delivered laundry to Mistress. Busy with work this week.
5-21-10 Friday: Mistress raped me tonight. I wore black skirt, white blouse that I mended with needle and thread, Mistress’s favorite bra and panties, and gold nail polish. I forgot my wig, and Mistress let me wear a pretty medium length brown curly wig that she had. We both thought it was pretty. I was moody and told Mistress that I didn’t think I was ready to be taken. I changed my mind and said please. I thought she was not going to do it, but she suddenly told me to position the bench so that I could look directly into the mirror. It hurt a little at first but the discomfort went away quickly.

To listen to My strap on training MP3's visit: http://www.niteflirt.com/listings/show/9531839-Lifestyle-Female-Supremacist-Taking-Total-Control

Monday, May 14, 2012

Classic Goddess Natasha Videos

Currently I am uploading My videos to My Kinkbomb studio. http://www.kinkbomb.com/studio/goddess_natasha

Below you will find the titles and descriptions to the ones that I am making available.

Also, if you missed it, I recorded some great new ones with more to come!

STING OF MY WHIP Welt after welt of intense  whipping pain!  Watch as I unload my full arsenal of whips as well as my cane on my pet slave as he is tied into full restraint on my cross, then gagged.
SLAVE TO MY FEET Watch my slave follow my every command to serve my feet.  I shape my slave to lick, adore, then worship, first, my heels and then my beautiful size 6 feet. Trampling with both heels & bare feet. Slave then experiences two supreme privileges: licking whipped cream off of my toes and nibbling strawberries placed on my heel of my six inch black patent leather shoe. Also shoe & boot  modeling  

SLAVE TRAINING I My first session with a new slave-learn as he learns how to serve a Lifestyle Dominatrix . A great video for those slaves who have always wanted and those who need to know the proper way to serve and please a Mistress! Obedience  training, boot & body  worship, nipple play, LOTS of oral servitude and ass  worship and  smothering. 
NOVICE SLAVE My first session with a new slave-learn as he learns how to serve a Lifestyle Domina.   Obedience training,  smothering, nipple play and heavy paddling are all 
featured in this video.
ORAL SLAVE My slave is trained in the art of pleasing a dominant woman.  Step by step you , too, will learn how a Woman likes to be worshiped orally.  Face sitting & smothering are also a major part of this video.

PAIN PUPPY The title says it all!  My slave endures  c&b torment with weights & hot wax, caning whipping on all parts of his body and nipple torment.  Watch as welt after welt  appears on his body!
GODDESS CRUSHES  Watch as I crush male “puppets”, grapes,  tomatoes, strawberries, eggs, crackers and more with my bare feet.  Those who love crushing  will love this new  video! (60 minutes)
TORMENT OF A SLAVE A slave’s cock and balls are used by ME to  torment and  control my slave.  That is exactly what this 30 minute video  depicts.  After I  immobilize My slave by attaching his arms to ceiling chains, I use a parachute with and without weights and other paraphernalia to 
torture and  torment My slave’s body

NANNY TAKES CHARGE My naughty young man has to be punished!  His butt turns cherry red as I turn him over my knee and use a hairbrush on his bare behind.  He wants to be  punished like a big boy? I take him to my dungeon for more spanking fun!

THE INTERROGATION  video that includes lots of face slapping, smoke blowing, and scratching with my long red nails.  A great video (shot close up) for those who like smokey french kissing and up close torment.  I will make my prisoner talk-one way or another!  A smoking fetishist delight!

DUNGEON BONDAGE  My slave is tied ,restrained with rope, helpless, to My torments.  Ropes keep him helpless on My table as I use various  implements on him. (Medium bondage, nipple torment, medium CBT) 

DISCIPLINE OF A SLAVE  My slave is now paying for his misbehavior!  Heavy
discipline with My bull whip,(watch the welts rise!) boot worship,  and nipple torment.

TORTURED BY GODDESS  Hooded with a blindfold and gag, My slave is fully stretched on My rack, completely helpless.  He endures nipple torment and CBT with electrical stimulation and more!  Arm restraints bind My slave then nipple clamps with weights are attached.  Overall, a VERY painful video! (Heavy bondage, CBT, heavy nipple  torment, paddling, smoking)

HELPLESS  restrained with an overhead suspension bar and leg spreaders, My slave is subjected to nipple play and whipping with various implements. 
Secondly, I use an arm binder to restrain him and further immobilize him.  Completely  helpless, gagged & masked! (Heavy restraint, heavy whipping, nipple  torment, smoking)


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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Every day is....

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Every day is....: ......Another day to upload video clips! Clips from such classics such as Sting of My Whip, Oral slave, Whipped by Goddess and more! In ...

Every day is....

......Another day to upload video clips!

Clips from such classics such as Sting of My Whip, Oral slave, Whipped by Goddess and more!

In addition, I have added some new videos that were just filmed!



Friday, May 4, 2012


I am spending the day by the pool and upload LOTS and LOTS of material!
Visit My Kinkbomb studio! Classic Goddess Natasha videos as well as brand new videos
Just made over 60 high def photos available!
#fetish #femdom #wetandmessy #nylons #pantyhose #stockings http://www.niteflirt.com/listings/show/9655543-Dominant-Sexy-Mature-Woman-to-take-charge-

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photos from Video Shoot(s)

I just filmed 19 different videos of varying topics (smoking, dressing, pantyhose, crushing...) and varying lengths.
Below are some photos for you to enjoy!
Feel free to follow and comment!
These Femdom and fetish videos are available through Niteflirt. Additionally, I take custom Femdom video requests.

Goddess Natasha