Monday, November 11, 2013

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Saturday Night Fetish Factory Party

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Saturday Night Fetish Factory Party: Well, the venue was new to the Fetish Factory and unfortunately having to walk outside around the hotel to the nightclub Vita sucked. ...

Saturday Night Fetish Factory Party

Well, the venue was new to the Fetish Factory and unfortunately having to walk outside around the hotel to the nightclub Vita sucked.

However, that being said the club was set up nice...bartenders great and of course all the hot people in latex. Sadly, only a few in leather!

It turned out to be a great night (or morning actually) making some new friends (Hi to Kelly, Andrew and Ramone) and after 7 years I actually introduced a long time friend of Mine to the “kink” side of Me. Let’s just say I don’t think I will ever make a pain slut out of him but kinky? Oh yes, its there! ~smile~ Or maybe it was just My latex dress and thigh high boots that did it! That is all I am saying…..for now! But there are pictures! Some I will be able to share….some I won’t!

Either way it was great and I got home about 8 AM on Sunday morning and it was time to pack for My vacation on Hillsboro Beach.

Which is where I am for the next week!

Taking calls on NiteFlirt on and off and new Fetish and worship videos will be added as they are filmed.

My NiteFlirt Line is 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9531839

Goddess Natasha

Friday, October 4, 2013

Strapon Training and Smoking Fetish

Strapon Training

This form of training is very erotic to Me and I also find it so effective in training a slave. After an intense session of strapon training, a slave is very docile, very submissive and very focused on serving. The act itself is very dominant and the role reversal is one of the things that make it very exciting to Me.

Strapon: giving you what you need

This particular video combines two of My favorite activities or fetishes you might say. Sexy seductive smoking and strapon training. Dressed in a gorgeous corset and a pair of skin tight leggings, with a deep color lipstick I explain how I am going to give you what you need.  I light up a cigarette and give you a nice view of My smoking as I stroke My cock. Knowing how much you want to submit. Knowing how you want to serve and please Me. you have been begging Mistress. Begging for Mistresses cock. Well, I have decided that its time to give you what you need, what you have been craving. I will be exerting My dominance over you, using you, fucking you but first....on your knees and suck My cock


Featuring Female Domination, strapon, strap-on training, smoking, smoking fetish, corset

Monday, September 16, 2013

Body Worship Face Sitting Ass Worship

Body Worship
I consider any type of body worship an extreme privilege for a slave. Even though it may be an act that is sexually gratifying for Me and something I enjoy, a slave must earn this honor. While I thoroughly enjoy face sitting as well as ass worship, as a professional dominatrix, these activities have never been listed in contact advertising or on My website (s) as an act that I engage in with the submissives who might contact Me. These privileges, face siting and ass worship have always been reserved for those I consider to be My personal slave.  Even the honor of giving Mistress a foot massage or being allowed to give Her a full body massage is not granted to everyone and anyone. If you are ever granted permission to perform any of these activities at My direction be assured that I am pleased with you.

Face Sitting & Ass Worship

face sitting

It has been a long time since I did a ass worship video with a slave and he was just lucky enough to be able to serve Me! First you get a view of the back as I am Dressed in a see through dress, tiny G-string and thigh high leather boots, first he is granted the privilege of worshiping My beautiful ass as I smother him and sit on his face. Nice view of My gorgeous ass as I use his face. Then I turn so you have a front view of My breasts through My dress as I continue using his face and allowing him to worship Me.

Click Here for all My Ass Worship and Face sitting Videos

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Corporal Discipline with Goddess Natasha Hertz

Outdoor Corporal Discipline

A good example of Corporal Discipline is in One of My CLASSIC Goddess Natasha videos called Whipped. I truly enjoy outdoor play and especially tying a submissive to a tree and corporal discipline. While I have played outdoors quite often, this is the ONLY one I have ever recorded….hmmm, not sure why but that can be changed in the very near future. Unfortunately, with the growth of Florida such lovely scenes are limited because so much forest has been built on.


corporal discipline
Dressed in a three piece (bra, thong, garter belt) black and red latex outfit with stockings and boots I am ready to train My slave. he is taken to the woods and doesn't know what awaits him! slave has been locked in a belly iron complete with ball & chain attached which he is required to wear at all times! After attaching wrist restraints My slave is commanded to stand against a tree and chained to it with his arms overhead. I use a variety of implements beginning with a riding crop to warm up, moving on to a 12 string leather whip and finishing with a good amount of time with a bullwhip. I allow My slave to kneel before Me and he is granted the privilege of licking and polishing My boots!

The second scene is back at My dungeon where another slave awaits Me, restrained to the X-Cross, masked and gagged. He, too, experiences a variety of implements meant to punish! First, a leather strap across his ass, then an especially wicked knotted rope whip. I move on to flog his back then use a riding crop, strap and make sure I have his attention by digging My nails into his nipples. Lastly, I use a horse hair whip that is especially effective!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Latex Smoking Fetish by Goddess Natasha

Latex smoking fetish is so erotic to Me. By now you know how I feel about leather. I also very much enjoy wearing latex. Some of the latex in My wardrobe like latex skirts, waist cinchers, dresses and gloves. The tightness of the latex is only second to the shine of it!

Latex Smoking Fetish

Putting on and modeling one of My pairs of latex gloves (My favorite pair as a matter of fact) but of course showing you the proper way to wear latex. Powdering My elegant hands so no moisture remains and then pulling them on. Oh, they fit so tightly! But now for the shine! I rub the liquid into the gloves and now…so sexy and shiny! Now that My black Latex gloves are on so very tightly and have been properly shined, I take the time for a cigarette. While My gloves shine so nicely in the light…so form fitting and slippery I wasn't sure I could light it! Drawing hard on a 120 menthol cigarette watch as the smoke swirls and I blow smoke, I talk to you about seductive latex smoking fetish. It is so erotic isn't it? Watching a Woman smoke? Especially with a pair of shiny black latex gloves and a tight-fitting, leather cleavage baring top? Look at the dark purple lipstick that is left on My filter!
 Featuring smoking, smoking fetish, leather, cleavage, lipstick, latex gloves, seductive smoking, sexy smoking

Friday, August 23, 2013

Erotic Hypnosis Mind Control by Goddess Natasha

Using Mind Control Erotic Hypnosis in Real Time Sessions,  Recordings and By Phone

Many years ago, in fact in the early 90's I started using erotic hypnosis to train My slaves and to relax and control them. My very first recording Mind Control I is still available. To this day I have found it very effective over the years on many submissives. I have always enjoyed combining My mind control and erotic hypnosis videos and audio with subject matter that I find especially erotic. For example, using this method of reprogramming on a submissive who may have a low pain tolerance and increasing his tolerance. Another example would be suggesting that every night his dreams will be filled with Me (See Mind Control: Dream of Goddess) . I also practice it while on the phone as well as real time sessions. At the beginning of a real time session, I have found it very helpful to assist My submissives in relaxing. Often they are coming from work or just the drive on the expressway can be stressful. This method of "trancing" not only will relax them but help them to focus now that they are with Me.

Erotic Hypnosis Mind Control

Mind Control: Craving Cock

In one of My latest Mind Control recording, I take you deep into trance, deep into a state of relaxation. Making you so susceptible to all My suggestions. When I am finished with you, you will crave cock, want cock and beg to be My cocksucker

  Format: MP3 Length: 10 minutes Price: $10.99 Buy Now

Mind Control: Reprogramming

My newest Trance recording takes you deep into trance and leaves you completely relaxed. Then I command you to empty your mind as I then begin your reprogramming. Your mind is so open to everything I tell you and will become your new reality. It has begun….the beginning of your reprogramming.

erotic hypnosis
  Format: MP3 Length: 12 minutes Price: $12.99 Buy Now


Interested? Click Here to View all of My Mind Control Recordings

Weekend Update

TGIF! It looks like another busy weekend!

I am recording new videos today including one with a new chastity device purchased for a slave, latex shine and of course a foot worship/foot fetish video.

My NiteFlirt lines will be on all weekend  including cam in the evenings.
Tonight a slave will be serving Me ~smile~ and I will be recording some of our play which also means you can watch on cam! Contact Me to find out how! 

Keep up with My new videos and recordings at NiteFlirt

 See you soon!

Goddess Natasha

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Views on Chastity


 As many of you know, I am a great advocate for chastity in relationships. In My opinion, it does not matter if the relationship is Lifestyle, a Female Led Relationship or a "vanilla" relationship.

 In the Lifestyle, some may consider this a fetish. However, this is an absolute requirement for any male who serves as My personal slave. Or for a male who is owned by Me. It is not up for discussion. There is no compromise. For a Female Led Relationship, this will certainly give the Woman a vast amount of control and a feeling of power over Her Partner.

 Frankly, I believe even so called "vanilla"  relationship can benefit from a male being kept chaste. I certainly don't mean taking his word for it! After all, what do most couples have arguments over? Sex! If a Woman is controlling Her partner's sexuality the basis for a number of arguments can be eliminated The device ensures She is controlling his sexual activities there is nothing to argue about or for Her to worry over.

 If a male is kept in a device for any length of time he becomes more obedient ,it deepens his submission AND his servitude! This has been My experience many times over. Controlling a man's sexuality and sexual activities through the use of a device in essence controls the man. He becomes docile and more willing to please. This willingness to serve and please, I believe comes from the male psyche that thinks "oh, I will be allowed a release as a reward for good behavior". While this could be the case, of course the Keyholder decides the when and where as well as the important how long!

This requirement is all about control for Me as most things are. The more control I have the better! Below are a number of videos and recordings that I have made available on this subject. I know that you will find them enlightening! The pictures below are from "Ultimate Chastity" and show what I believe to be an ultimate device!

Small cocks and Chastity
The Importance of Chastity
Chastity for all men
Ultimate Chastity 

For a Lifestyle Discussion you can call Me on NiteFlirt 1-800-863-5478 Ext 9547319Call Button

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anal slut Training dana

It has been over four years since I began dana's slut training. I have thoroughly enjoyed training her to become a true anal slut and transforming her into My "girl". her transformation into an anal slut has taken many forms over the years and the journal below was a requirement on her last trip!

anal slut training

It had been almost 3 years since I served Mistress Natasha when I lived in FL for a year during 2009-2010. Over that period of time I occasionally called her on Niteflirt to talk about the days when she was training me turning me into Her anal slut and girl. Work made it difficult to visit, but this year I had some time off and scheduled a trip to Ft Lauderdale. She had discussed her plans for my eventual visit several times, and now it was finally going to become reality.

I didn’t know exactly what she would do to me during my 3 day visit, but there were hints. I knew she enjoyed the psychological effect of violating me with her strapon – she had taken my virginity in 2009 and trained me that way regularly over the course of a year. In our phone conversations she often fondly recalled the changes in my personality that resulted from her use of this method. She enjoyed reminding me how I was once a “regular guy” looking for a casual fetish encounter when I first contacted her, but became a slave over time, feminized, shaved, docile, and no longer behaving the same way in the presence of women.

Over the span of 3 years I often thought about the changes she had made in me. Sometimes the thoughts were scary, sometimes embarrassing. There was always an amazement that she accomplished exactly what she said she would. I guess I could say I was warned. When I first saw her for 2 or 3 sessions in 2009 she told me that soon I wouldn't be able to run away, and that she was going to make me her girl. I admit that I doubted it would ever go that far. So here I am over 3 years later, still under her control even though I have been so far away, and about to embark on my long awaited trip to serve her and be trained again. One session of slut training  would not be enough; she wants me to spend 3 full days completely dedicated and focused on what is happening to me.

This is just the beginning of dana's slut training journey as she arrives!
Below is a picture as she waits in anticipation!
slut training

Visit Me here to learn all about My training Methods for anal sluts!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July from Female Supremacist Goddess Natasha

It has been awhile since I have posted on this blog in particular...BUT I have many posts and blogs around the web!

For those of you interested in Online training, Phone Domination and cam, visit My profile on NiteFlirt Goddess Natasha Female Supremacist

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

Goddess Natasha

Here is a photo from My latest video "Punishment fucking"

Monday, May 20, 2013

Female Domination The seduction of jenny

Female Domination 

 I am sure by now you have read My original “The Farm”. As I have grown in the Lifestyle and expanded My interests, I decided to revisit My original story and expand on what I would like My “slave Farm” to be… present day! Below is an excerpt.

 Chapter 1: The Seduction of jenny 

The idea grew in my early teen years that I could own a boy by controlling his cock. As I matured I came to realize the innate Superiority of Women. I began to see men as pitiful fucktoys and masturbators. I could manipulate and dominate them to My own benefit, comfort, and luxury. I never dated without being in total control, and on the flimsiest of whims I was quick to laughingly abandon a boy. Occasionally I made one walk home without a ride. A funny thing happened on the way to graduation. As My reputation for callousness and meanness grew the boys came courting in greater numbers. I learned that cruelty attracted boys like flies to honey. My treatment of them was downright pitiless.

Somewhere along in My late teens I began to fantasize about living on a big estate of some sort, or maybe a farm or a ranch. There I would be worshipped by submissive females who loved Me. And I would be served by the hard labor of inferior boy beasties of burden. It was just an incipient dream at that time. But, it made Me wet.

 Also, around that time of my life a dark urge started to grow within me. I thought how lovely to have a boy suffer for Me, and to see the helpless, pleading look in his eyes while I inflicted some undefined pain. By graduation time I developed a hunger to seriously hurt and torment boys. More than that, I began to fantasize about medieval instruments of torture, of whips and crops, of canes and bondage. My fantasies became intensely erotic the more I toyed with and abused My little dumbnuts classmates. My little girlfriends became so proud of the powerful orgasms they provoked in Me, little understanding it was not their tongues but My own imagination that sent Me into throes of passion.

It was obvious to Me, however, that My small town was not a safe place to play out My wet hot sexual dramas of Female Superiority and cruelty to men. So, I went off to an urban university where I could secure more anonymity and many more hapless male victims [chuckle]

Read the complete chapter on NiteFlirt

 The Farm: Chapter 1: The Seduction of jenny $8.00 

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Boot Worship A tale of FemDom by Goddess Natasha

You can’t take your eyes away from My boots, can you? I can see your arousal. Your bulging cock gives you away. It is so hard and full of desire. It betrays your need to worship My powerful, black leather, high-heeled boots. All the better that they go to mid-thigh. Almost more than your needy eyes can absorb. Gorgeous and Powerful. You are aching to kiss them, to lick them, to suck the leather, to worship these boots. You cannot resist them. They call out to you and your hungry, perverted heart cries for them. But are you worthy? I don’t think so. You know you are not. You are an inferior male creature unworthy to lick Mistresses boots. But your intense desire makes you prisoner to My boots. You want so badly to worship. Then beg Me. Get down on your  knees and beg for the privilege. Beg real hard, boy! Convince Mistress that She should allow your worthless tongue and lips to profane these glorious boots. If you grovel and beg hard enough She may permit you to slurp your filthy male mouth over this glorious and powerful leather. Crawl to Me on your belly and Beg! Very well then, lick the smooth leather with your dirty slave tongue. Slowly. Let your tongue absorb the taste of the leather. Let your nostrils inhale the heavenly odor. All the way from the instep to the very top of each boot. The fragrance of the leather is intoxicating. Get drunk on the odor and the taste. Rub your face and nose and mouth up and down the length of My boots. Purr like a kitty cat. I’ll bet You would rather rub your face against the boot leather than against your girlfriend’s dripping wet pussy. You are so hooked on leather.

Available on NiteFlirt Boot Worship and FemDom at its Finest!

A highly erotic tale of Boot Worship! $5.00  
Fully Dressed in Leather Video  $5.00 

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Goddess Worship Group and How it Began

Many years ago, I founded a Goddess Worship group because I felt one was genuinely needed in the south Florida area. While I did find some groups and remnants of groups they seemed to focus on the religious aspects. 

WHY I started My own Goddess Worship Group

These groups also didn't emphasize the philosophy of Female Supremacy which I wanted to be embrace. As a firm believer in Female Supremacy and the Dominant Female, I wanted to incorporate the BDSM lifestyle into a Goddess Worship group. So on that basis My Group began.

A few facts about the Goddess Worship Group

There are rules and initiations. Prospective devotees (male members) are interviewed by all of the Dominant Female members of the group. The meetings are held every four to six weeks . My Goddess Worship group has members from all over the world who fly to south Florida at least twice a year for Our meetings. Actually, attending meetings at least twice a year is a requirement. The Goddess's in the group and all Dominant Females and also firm believers in Female Supremacy. There is so much more to belonging to Our group and learning about Goddess Worship and Female Supremacy! 

The articles below can enlighten you and you may also call Me at on NiteFlirt to discuss our initiation  rituals and more

Sign up at Niteflirt and talk to Me FREE

1-800-863-5478 ext: 9531839  Call GoddessNatasha for phone sex on

Goddess Worship: Introduction into Our Group  
Goddess Worship: Rules and Rituals 
My View on Female Supremacy 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chastity, Orgasm Control and Orgasm Denial

The list of projects goes on and on!

I have been traveling a lot this winter to see some special people (you know who you are!) so a number of things have been neglected! Like My blog....

I cover many subjects like chastity, slave training, worship and more! I actually might open a third just for videos featuring My gorgeous feet! Every time I have an idea, out comes the camera for a video! 
The past couple of months I have been doing a lot of webcam on NiteFlirt.

For your information I am no longer doing "free" cam....there were not enough serious Lifestyle people and well, I can SEE what was going keep in mind any camming with Me is a paid service! NO!! I do NOT take paypal! Don't even ask

Of course, that doesn't even begin to touch the thrilling live sessions! Well, that will have to be the next update!

Meanwhile, you can always call Mistress on NiteFlirt 
Call GoddessNatasha for phone sex on

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

No Beach Today! FemDom Day instead!

It's Thursday and it is a cool, windy cloudy day in South Florida. There are rip current warnings and I can see the waves are quite large beach today!

I will be taking phone calls while I edit some NEW Femdom videos that I recorded yesterday. Three of them as a matter of fact. Two of them are what you can expect when you become My slave and one is called pain slut.

So....Call Me on NiteFlirt 1-800-863-5478 Ext 9547319
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If you are feeling shy Visit My page first Lifestyle Female Supremacist

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Exploring CBT with Goddess Natasha

It is always amazing to Me just how much pain a male can take on his cock and balls...amusing and amazing!

As a Lifestyle Female Supremacist and as a Mistress it is a great feeling of power and control to engage with a slave this way!

I have a variety of ways to torment and tease someone who is serving Me! Below are some pictures from recent to older that were taken before during and after some sessions of CBT.

The bruises shown below were from wooden chopsticks...yes, chopsticks! slave claimed it was excruciating! 
I can only take his word for it!

The pictures below are from an intense electro play CBT session. slave was quite wiped out when I was finished with him!

The bruising was quite severe after this CBT session!

Want to explore the many ways I can torment you? Call Me on NiteFlirt for an erotic conversation about CBT! 
1-800-863-5478 Ext 9547319 
Call GoddessNatasha for phone sex on

Or we can play on cam! That is certainly always fun...for Me! Get your chopsticks out!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A bit more....

A bit more about Me...

I am a mature, college educated Woman who is a dedicated Female Supremacist first and foremost.  The Lifestyle is practiced in My every day life and with those I grant the privilege of interaction with Me.

While I enjoy submissives who can serve real time there are many who simply cannot do so! This is one of the reasons that I have many POV videos on such subjects as Female Supremacy, cuckolding, creampie, anal slut training, Breaking of a slave, sissy training, chastity and many, many more subjects (The latest of My videos can be found Here Lifestyle Female Supremacist and Here Goddess Natasha's Bondage Emporium).

Also, anyone who inquires about being My slave is directed to Goddess Natasha's Complete slave Training Program. YES, this is mandatory! This quickly weeds out those who are not serious and those who are just looking for instant gratification!

Approximately, two years ago I began practicing phone domination and have found it a wonderful way to answer questions, train and interact with other Lifestyle people! 

There are many interesting and sexy Women who practice phone sex and phone domination. Interested in a lesbian cuckold? Ms Reaghan is an intelligent sexy Woman that I have come to know! 

Kneel down and serve a Timeless Goddess as She decides what to do with and to you!

I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday....and if you are up for conversation call Me on 

NiteFlirt at 1-800-863-5478 Ext 9531839 

Who Knows? My cam line may be on this evening also! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exerting My Dominance: Strap-On

Strap On

I am a firm believer and advocate in the benefits of using a strap on on My slaves as well as those submissives that I am training. What are those benefits? What are the psychological effects?

This total role reversal, an extension of Myself being inside of you, is a very powerful way of deepening your submission. There is so much that maybe you never thought of..for instance..The vulnerability of the position that I put you in. Perhaps it will be on your hands and knees unable to see and only feel what is happening to you. Imagine those feelings...the heat of My body...My thighs pressed against you. Or on your back, knees to chest as I look into your eyes as I push slowly inside you.

Have I given you enough to think about? Listen to My PTV'S Strap on Violation  or Watch one of My many videos including The Power of My Strap-on 

Phone Domination  

Or Call Me Lifestyle Female Supremacist Goddess Natasha on NiteFlirt  1-800-863-5478 Ext 9547319


Friday, March 15, 2013 a a Lifestyle

There are so many different ways to play out a fantasy of cuckolding and as a really depends on the individuals involved!

Of course, what you have to realize with Me, as a Lifestyle Female Supremacist, is that it depends on My wants, needs and desires!

Maybe you have fantasized about a Lesbian Cuckold relationship?

Or maybe it involves being a "fluffer" or "cream pie" or "clean up cuck"?

A chastity device? Tease and denial?

Any or all of these can be discussed when you call Me on NiteFlirt 1-800-863-5478 Ext 9547319

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Garter Belt, Stockings and Ass Worship

As  Lifestyle Female Supremacist, I believe Women should be respected, worshipped and adored!

I have added two new videos and a SPH assignment to NiteFlirt

Garter Belt & Stockings
I love wearing a garter belt and stockings! Nothing makes Me feel as sexy as when I have a garter belt, stockings and high heels on! In this video I am wearing all three…and a little black dress! After I remove the dress, I sit on a chair, dangle My six inch stilettos and tell you how you would worship Me! Standing so you can admire My gorgeous legs in the stockings and heels…running My hand with long nails along the silky smooth stockings!
(Leg Worship, Stockings, Garter Belt, High Heels, Shoe Dangling)

Ass Worship
I know by now that you have learned that Mistress loves a good ass worship slave! BUT I had never recorded an ass worship video…until now!  Dressed in black cleavage showing bra, waist cincher and thong as well as My favorite black heels,  I show you and instruct you. Do you have a strong tongue? Obedience and devotion..that is what is required! Maybe you will be allowed to sleep with your face between My ass cheeks..wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to sleep?? Lick, dart, swirl…just some of the commands for ass worship. Nice close ups of Mistresses ass and beautiful body!
(Ass worship, instructions, body worship)

How small is it?
you've told Me but I don't believe you! NO ONE'S dick can be that small! After this PTV assignment I will know just how small it is!
You will need: lube, ruler, piece of paper, pen, camera

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Female Superiority

I am called GODDESS because I have always lived a lifestyle of FEMALE SUPERIORITY. I have observed that in truth men are lowly, inferior creatures who are interested only in whatever means they can find to satisfy their need to unload the jizz from their balls. 

Even when they pursue a business or professional career to earn a great deal of money and gain high social status they are doing it as a means to have some Woman help them to get an erection and cum. I believe this masculine sexual need should be exploited by Women. It is their single minded, insatiable need to satisfy their cocks that makes men inferior and vulnerable to Domination by a Superior Woman. 

mans rightful place is under My feet as a lowly slave or in My cage as a helpless creature. Superior Women have the right to exploit men either by making them slaves or using them for their Own sexual pleasure. And that is what I intend for you.

Does this make you curious about Female Supremacy? About the Life that a Female Supremacist leads? Call Me on Niteflirt to talk about your dreams and fantasies.  1-800-863-5478  Ext 9547319

Have you fantasized about becoming a cuckold? Perhaps in service to a Lesbian Cuckold

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's not just phone sex!'s not just phone sex!

It was quite a few years ago when a fellow Lifestyle Female Supremacist told Me about NiteFlirt (it wasn't called that back then) and I was not enthused to say the least!

However, since then I have been pleasantly surprised! Not only are there many Mistress’s there are also many fetishes with offerings of videos, MP3's and imaginative games! 

From Lesbian cuckold to key holders to every fetish you can think of…it’s on NiteFlirt!

Over the course of time, I will be discussing different fetishes, some fantastic tasks and assignments as well as the Women on Niteflirt!

Have a great weekend!


Goddess Natasha

Sunday, February 10, 2013

you want Me to stick what??? Where???

There are a lot of males contacting Me for skype and yahoo cam interaction!
While the interest is great....I will make a few things clear!!

Intelligent and well versed in Female Domination and Female Supremacy, with a creative mind

I never get naked – this means no nudity, no naked breasts and no masturbation.

I accept cam sessions via Skype or Yahoo.

Fetish and Domination sessions… some of My favorite fetishes include:

*Leather Worship

*High Heel and Boot Worship

*Panty Sniffers


*Giantess/tiny man



*Cleavage/Bra Worship (I have beautiful breasts-REAL)

*Ass Worship

*Foot Worship

*Sissification & Feminization

*Masturbation instructions

*Tease and Denial


These shows can be via NiteFlirt which uses cam with phone
Now....are you clear on this???

Sunday, January 27, 2013

FemDom: Worship Videos


You asked for more Worship videos…here are three more! 

Worship!Adore My Breasts! 
Worship!“Spiked” 6 Inch Heels 

Worship! Bare Feet 

Never had a Niteflirt account? Click Here!

I am also on phone with cam quite often for training, foot worship, dressing and other fetishes…including CBT and other forms of punishment. 

Ideas for My next worship video? Let Me know!

Enjoy and Have a wonderful weekend!

Goddess Natasha

Friday, January 25, 2013

Worship Series Videos

I have started a new series for videos strictly for worship...breast,boot, leg, stocking, high heels..the list goes on! Of course, My usual training materials, videos and MP3's continues to grow!

As always, they feature female domination, cuckolding, goddess worship and Female Supremacy!

I just released the first two on NiteFlirt

If you don't have a NiteFlirt Account Sign up here first Its Free to join 

WS: Intro-Breast Worship 

WS: Bodystocking and Thigh High Boots

Goddess Natasha

Monday, January 21, 2013

FemDom all weekend!

Well, it was a very busy and fun weekend!

Friday night started out having dinner at “The Manor” in Wilton Manors with a slave. Of course, I was dressed to kill (or at least hurt someone badly) in a little black dress and My new “spiked” heels.
What a great place to people watch! We sat outside on a comfortable couch, had a few cocktails and watched the world go by!

Then it was off to “The Boardwalk” the male strip club also near Wilton Manors!  My slave did a good job of entertaining Me and….well, THAT is a whole other story!

Then it was time to play….all I really needed for the night were My long nails (nipple torture), a cane and My shoes!

Sunday I added a couple of more videos and did quite a few Skype shows…and here it is Monday!
I hope you all had as great a weekend as I did!
Some photos below of My weekend….or parts of it anyway ~smile~

Luscious Lips and Long Fingernails on
or NiteFlirt

Or NiteFlirt

Today I will be filming some hot worship videos with thigh high boots, high  heels, body stocking….stay in touch!