Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exerting My Dominance: Strap-On

Strap On

I am a firm believer and advocate in the benefits of using a strap on on My slaves as well as those submissives that I am training. What are those benefits? What are the psychological effects?

This total role reversal, an extension of Myself being inside of you, is a very powerful way of deepening your submission. There is so much that maybe you never thought of..for instance..The vulnerability of the position that I put you in. Perhaps it will be on your hands and knees unable to see and only feel what is happening to you. Imagine those feelings...the heat of My body...My thighs pressed against you. Or on your back, knees to chest as I look into your eyes as I push slowly inside you.

Have I given you enough to think about? Listen to My PTV'S Strap on Violation  or Watch one of My many videos including The Power of My Strap-on 

Phone Domination  

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Cuckolding...as a fantasy...as a Lifestyle

There are so many different ways to play out a fantasy of cuckolding and as a Lifestyle...it really depends on the individuals involved!

Of course, what you have to realize with Me, as a Lifestyle Female Supremacist, is that it depends on My wants, needs and desires!

Maybe you have fantasized about a Lesbian Cuckold relationship?

Or maybe it involves being a "fluffer" or "cream pie" or "clean up cuck"?

A chastity device? Tease and denial?

Any or all of these can be discussed when you call Me on NiteFlirt 1-800-863-5478 Ext 9547319