Friday, April 19, 2013

My Goddess Worship Group and How it Began

Many years ago, I founded a Goddess Worship group because I felt one was genuinely needed in the south Florida area. While I did find some groups and remnants of groups they seemed to focus on the religious aspects. 

WHY I started My own Goddess Worship Group

These groups also didn't emphasize the philosophy of Female Supremacy which I wanted to be embrace. As a firm believer in Female Supremacy and the Dominant Female, I wanted to incorporate the BDSM lifestyle into a Goddess Worship group. So on that basis My Group began.

A few facts about the Goddess Worship Group

There are rules and initiations. Prospective devotees (male members) are interviewed by all of the Dominant Female members of the group. The meetings are held every four to six weeks . My Goddess Worship group has members from all over the world who fly to south Florida at least twice a year for Our meetings. Actually, attending meetings at least twice a year is a requirement. The Goddess's in the group and all Dominant Females and also firm believers in Female Supremacy. There is so much more to belonging to Our group and learning about Goddess Worship and Female Supremacy! 

The articles below can enlighten you and you may also call Me at on NiteFlirt to discuss our initiation  rituals and more

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Goddess Worship: Introduction into Our Group  
Goddess Worship: Rules and Rituals 
My View on Female Supremacy 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chastity, Orgasm Control and Orgasm Denial

The list of projects goes on and on!

I have been traveling a lot this winter to see some special people (you know who you are!) so a number of things have been neglected! Like My blog....

I cover many subjects like chastity, slave training, worship and more! I actually might open a third just for videos featuring My gorgeous feet! Every time I have an idea, out comes the camera for a video! 
The past couple of months I have been doing a lot of webcam on NiteFlirt.

For your information I am no longer doing "free" cam....there were not enough serious Lifestyle people and well, I can SEE what was going keep in mind any camming with Me is a paid service! NO!! I do NOT take paypal! Don't even ask

Of course, that doesn't even begin to touch the thrilling live sessions! Well, that will have to be the next update!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

No Beach Today! FemDom Day instead!

It's Thursday and it is a cool, windy cloudy day in South Florida. There are rip current warnings and I can see the waves are quite large beach today!

I will be taking phone calls while I edit some NEW Femdom videos that I recorded yesterday. Three of them as a matter of fact. Two of them are what you can expect when you become My slave and one is called pain slut.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Exploring CBT with Goddess Natasha

It is always amazing to Me just how much pain a male can take on his cock and balls...amusing and amazing!

As a Lifestyle Female Supremacist and as a Mistress it is a great feeling of power and control to engage with a slave this way!

I have a variety of ways to torment and tease someone who is serving Me! Below are some pictures from recent to older that were taken before during and after some sessions of CBT.

The bruises shown below were from wooden chopsticks...yes, chopsticks! slave claimed it was excruciating! 
I can only take his word for it!

The pictures below are from an intense electro play CBT session. slave was quite wiped out when I was finished with him!

The bruising was quite severe after this CBT session!

Want to explore the many ways I can torment you? Call Me on NiteFlirt for an erotic conversation about CBT! 
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Or we can play on cam! That is certainly always fun...for Me! Get your chopsticks out!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A bit more....

A bit more about Me...

I am a mature, college educated Woman who is a dedicated Female Supremacist first and foremost.  The Lifestyle is practiced in My every day life and with those I grant the privilege of interaction with Me.

While I enjoy submissives who can serve real time there are many who simply cannot do so! This is one of the reasons that I have many POV videos on such subjects as Female Supremacy, cuckolding, creampie, anal slut training, Breaking of a slave, sissy training, chastity and many, many more subjects (The latest of My videos can be found Here Lifestyle Female Supremacist and Here Goddess Natasha's Bondage Emporium).

Also, anyone who inquires about being My slave is directed to Goddess Natasha's Complete slave Training Program. YES, this is mandatory! This quickly weeds out those who are not serious and those who are just looking for instant gratification!

Approximately, two years ago I began practicing phone domination and have found it a wonderful way to answer questions, train and interact with other Lifestyle people! 

There are many interesting and sexy Women who practice phone sex and phone domination. Interested in a lesbian cuckold? Ms Reaghan is an intelligent sexy Woman that I have come to know! 

Kneel down and serve a Timeless Goddess as She decides what to do with and to you!

I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday....and if you are up for conversation call Me on 

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Who Knows? My cam line may be on this evening also!