Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Corporal Discipline

Corporal Discipline

So as you know,  I do have a bit of a sadistic streak….
Sunday I met with one of My submissives who can endure a heavy caning and a pretty severe whipping which fed My sadistic streak …..for now anyway! (See pictures below although unfortunately I did not take photos at the end. These were taken fairly early in the session.)

I truly enjoy corporal discipline and I am fortunate enough to know a number of people who also enjoy it.  Canes, paddles, brushes, whips….I enjoy them all!

Eroticism of Corporal Discipline for Me

It is such a release and also I find it erotic to push someone past what they THINK they can take. I also find it particularly hot to have a submissive stand completely still in whatever position I place them while the discipline is administered.
There is just something so seductive to Me to have someone stand and endure whatever level of discipline I feel like administering. Watching a submissive or slave trembling and shaking with the effort of holding the position....HOT!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Now its time to tell what I have been up to...

After three days in the sun, its back to answering the phone!

Who can blame Me for taking advantage? For the past three days it has been HOT (at least 80 degrees) and sunny unlike the previous  weeks here in Florida where I had to have the heat on! (Believe Me, I am aware that I will not gain much sympathy from those of you who have been so cold all winter long.)

It has been absolutely gorgeous and a very relaxing few days but the weather is about to change again so time to turn on the phone lines. 

The pictures below are from the rooftop of a local resort overlooking Hollywood beach where I have been hanging out. Secret location but any of you locals will know where I was. Rooftop??? Hint Hint When you call Me, I might tell you what I was doing ~wink~

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