Monday, August 24, 2015

Men Crave Control by Diane Callaway

Men Crave Control

 You always hear men say they want a woman to be underneath them at least that is what they will always tell their friends. When we get to the core of a man's fantasy he wants a woman to take control. He wants to be under her subordinate and have her take full control of his world. There are some men that want a woman to nag them about every little thing as strange as that may seem to a lot of people for some men that constant belittlement is a means of knowing they are in a loving relationship.

We have all met "that" woman the one that tells her husband about all his faults no matter what they are. Being from the South this type of woman is very easy to find. It took me a lot of years even with being a dominant woman to understand they are there because that is the situation they want.

They enjoy what is said to them. I really did not fully understand until I started taking calls on niteflirt and these men started talking to me about what they craved and how they could not find women like those they knew when they were young.

 I strongly believe that all men crave a woman who takes control. A woman who will tell them exactly what she wants and how she wants it to be. Dominant comes in many layers and to different degrees. The vast majority of men probably do not crave the woman who belittles them on all levels that is taking the pendulum to the extreme.

Men are also not happy with the woman who is passive aggressive and refuses to express her wants and desires. The happy zone is where it normally resides right in the middle. A woman who is confident in who she is and what she expects of her man. She sets up boundaries and demands those boundaries be respected. A man will push a woman to see how much he can get away with and when he does that he needs to be brought back to those rules.

A lot of women compare men to raising children and that is not a fair representation of a partner. There are couples out there where a man is allowed to go to that degree of disrespect he will do what ever he wants. He has been allowed to push those limits over and over to the degree that he no longer expects any consequence to his action. These are the women that find themselves in situations they find unacceptable over and over again. Most of these women never see that the control was always there but they refused to take it when it was easy to get.

By the time they are wanting to have a handle on the unacceptable situations it is so far gone that they will never be able regain it with that man. Men crave a woman who will control them through consistent expectations that are maintained while be clearly laid out. Letting a man forget things for years getting more and more angry but staying silent will never end well. A man who is told you will remember important dates you are expected to get a thoughtful gift or do something thoughtful and then having him set up so he will remember it will get far better results than passive aggressive anger. Men do not understand passive aggressive behavior they as a rule do not behave through those types of self-expression so it is confusing for them. Men are biologically programmed to understand cause and effect. Women are biologically programmed to pay attention to subtleties in human nature body language, changes in tones of voice, shifting in how things are done.

Women have the ability to change a few minor ways of how they deal with men and men respond completely different. Dominant women generally have very stable loving relationships with men that crave to give them whatever they desire. There are reasons for this. Men know what is expected of them and they know if they do not fulfill these expectations there will be well laid out consequences. There is none of the sighing because she is irritated and refuses to tell him exactly what she is upset about.

A dominant woman says exactly what she is thinking and why. She is not afraid to tell someone how they can fix a problem. While dominant women may get angrier faster than other women she will generally get over it faster. She has expressed herself she is no longer fretting about something that has been done to her and she is ready to move forward. While a dominant woman may fight with her significant other more often she is also more likely to not hold a grudge she has no reason to do so. This is actually a good situation for men it is feels more natural to their biological set up.

Think of how men are with each other they may get into a fist fight with a guy but then that man becomes his best friend one of his most trusted companions. This is due to the building of trust through cause and effect. Non dominant women have been trained by society to think that in order to get the guy they want they have to play games of deception. A dominant woman would never do this she may play games of tease and denial but the man will always know she is interested she just wants him to work for something.

Non dominant women think they need present themselves in ways that are not accurate to their personality while a dominant woman is never anything but who she truly is. A dominant woman does not need a man she wants one while a non dominant woman have often been conditioned to think they need someone to care for them. Men crave a woman who can ultimately stand on her own two feet. She does not have to have someone to take care of her in the most fundamental way. Men will always crave a woman that is in control even if she maintains that control through seduction.

Diane Callaway

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Castration Fetish by Goddess Natasha

Who knew that there were so many people fascinated by castration like Myself?? As for Myself, it is the idea of complete emasculation of the male that is so erotic to Me! The idea of the sacrificing of one's manhood as well as the psychological and emotional effects are particularly exciting. Castration emasculation and the very extreme end of emasculating a male is so very fascinating as well as empowering!

Castration Emasculation Extreme Femdom

I am thoroughly enjoying speaking about all of the different aspects of castration emasculation from the physical to the emotional and psychological effects. Simply click on a link below for a full description and preview!

 ritualistic castration

castration emasculation
cruel castration
sadistic castration

Friday, January 9, 2015

Femdom Hypnosis and Chastity Two of My favorite topics!

I have just recorded My first two new videos of the year! These two are brand new and cover two of My favorite subjects…Mind Control and Chastity! I so enjoy Femdom Hypnosis and have found it to be very effective whether on the phone or in person.

Femdom Hypnosis

Mind Control: Craving My Gift of Pain $19.99

Wearing only an eye catching spiked bra that shows off My breasts and deep eye shadow that enhances My beautiful blue eyes, My voice slips seductively through your mind as I relax you completely putting you down into a deep state of trance. But today that is not enough. Today I put you into a dream state where in your minds eye you will see yourself serving Me. Kneeling in front of Me...feeling the leather of My shoes as you kiss them. Feeling the restraints as I place them on your wrists and ankles. You will feel each stroke, you will feel My nails as I run them across your back. It feels so good to please Me, to suffer for Me. Soon your nightly dreams will be filled pain filled and you will begin to crave My gift of pain
femdom hypnosis


Chastity: Surrendering Control $7.99
 Dressed in a soft leather top that shows off My beautiful breasts, I speak to you about surrendering control of your sexual activities! After all, you know that I believe all men should be kept in chastity with a Woman holding the key. The psychological aspects of chastity cannot be obtained unless you have no access to the keys!
femdom hypnosis

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