Saturday, July 16, 2016

Top Ten Femdom Videos by Goddess Natasha

I have really neglected this blog for quite some time! Since I do have a blog section at My personal web site Worship Natasha that it where I have been concentrating My efforts!

Since My last post here there have been so many things happening!

I have taken 100's of phone calls on Niteflirt, recorded many videos for Clips4Sale as well as dozens of MP3 Files! Don't forget the many photos and photo sets that I have made available!

If you add to that the literally dozens of custom recordings that I have done I have been kept very busy!

In addition I have traveled numerous times to and from Michigan in the past year. Unfortunately most of the trips were in the winter!

Recently I was looking at My studio and decided to see what My Top Ten recordings have been since day one on Clips4Sale! I was a bit surprised! Are you? Do you have them all? If not, I hope you will take the time to click on the link and preview these recordings!  


Oral slave (Full Movie) 
 CLASSIC GODDESS NATASHA: From beginning to end, this video is full of ass worship, face sitting and smothering! Dressed in black bra, G-string, garter belt & stockings with knee high leather boots a new slave needs training! Kiss the collar, kiss My boots to greet Me and then the questions begin! What is a slave's purpose....why are Females superior to males? Wrong answers and out comes the riding crop! Next I lean over the table so slave can begin worshipping My ass I instruct My slave further, Bury your face in My ass slave, I instruct him next. I am not really pleased with his performance or his answers to My questions so I instruct him to rest his head on the floor between My legs-ass up! I hold his head tightly with My boots and the riding crop is applied to his ass-liberally. Then I sit down to torment his nipples and slap his face repeatedly when he doesn't please Me! Holding slave's shoulders he is commanded to remove My leather G-string. As I sit I pull his head between My legs for some oral commands. He will pay for that privilege as I smack his ass with a riding crop! I lock My legs around his neck and he is trapped! I am enjoying Myself as slave's head is between My legs-then time for some ass worship. slave kisses and licks My ass as I lean over and smoke a cigarette. After some instructions on ass worship, I turn around and his head is back between My legs as I place one leg over his shoulder.I grab his head by his hair and scold slave then instruct him to lay on his back as I restrain his arms. he speaks out of turn and I slap his face, torment his nipples and sit on his chest. I straddle his face so he can really bring Me pleasure!Straddling slave's face, he is given commands as I ride his face. I turn around face forward to smother him and asks if he can breathe with My ass on his face. My best selling video EVER this shows exactly how I expect an oral slave to perform! Classic Goddess Natasha!

Breaking of a slave..revealed 
 Over the years I am sure you have heard of My breaking of a slave program. In this POV video, I explain how you will be completely controlled for 30 days. Your free will is taken away, shackled, collared and put in a chastity device you will be isolated from everyone and everything you know! You will be broken and reprogrammed to serve Me and your old ways of male thinking and behavior will be obliterated

  Face Sitting & Ass Worship 
 It has been a long time since I did a face sitting video with a slave and he was just lucky enough to be able to serve Me! First you get a view of the back as I am Dressed in a see through dress, tiny g-string and thigh high leather boots, first he is granted the privilege of worshiping My beautiful ass as I smother him and sit on his face. Nice view of My gorgeous ass as I use his face.Then I turn so you have a front view of My breasts through My dress as I continue using his face and allowing him to worship Me. After face sitting and ass worship, I sit on the couch and use him as a rest for My thigh high leather boots, digging the heels into his body. Then it is time for heel sucking and worshiping My boots.Featuring femdom, female domination, face sitting, ass worship, thigh high boots, boot worship

slave for Life 
 My slave is in My presence to sign a contract that I have drawn up and to have the temporary locks on his iron collar and his belly iron replaced with permanent locks! The belly iron will now have a ball and chain attached that total 11 pounds (ball is 8 pounds and chain is 3 pounds) that is becoming permanent. He will now have to carry this with him EVERYWHERE! The iron collar is also becoming permanent! Some details of My requirements in this contract include sleeping in My cage once a week and 30 minutes of Worship every day.After he reads the contract and initials each requirement, the locks are put on! The locks that are attached are cut proof, waterproof and CANNOT be rekeyed! Photos are taken of this momentous occasion! After I put wrist restraints on him, he stands against the cross facing the wall. Ankle restraints are added and then I apply 30 strokes of the cane for a past infraction involving the ball and chain!Note: Notice the date as he reads the contract!

Absolute Control (Mind Fuck)

Continuing in My Control Series, with each wave of My hand, you relax more and more. I take you down deep with a countdown and snap of My fingers. It’s time for your conscious mind to take a rest and your subconscious mind to take over. Now it is time for giving up control and giving Me absolute control. Absolute control over your mind, your body, your actions. Featuring daze, mesmerize, mental domination, breasts, mind fuck, smoking, smoking fetish, hand fetish, long nails, finger nail fetish, fingernail fetish, hand gestures

Chastity A Lifetime of Frustration (MP3)
 This is what you have been craving and needing. Furthermore,  strong Dominant Woman controlling your cock, controlling your orgasms. In this latest Mental Domination recording, I use hypnosis and begin to plant ideas in your subconscious. You crave this permanent chastity. You want this chaste life. A permanent life of chastity. As a matter of fact, if you THINK about removing the chastity device there will be consequences! Deep in your subconscious I have implanted what will happen to you physically and mentally if you contemplate removing it! Oh, you will be aroused and excited but unable to release! Welcome to a lifetime of frustration!Featuring elements of chastity,mind fuck, orgasm control, femdom, female domination, mental domination, mesermize, mesmerization

Ass Worship 
 I know by now that you have learned that Mistress loves a good ass worship slave! BUT I had never recorded an ass worship video…until now! Dressed in black cleavage showing bra, waist cincher and thong as well as My favorite black heels, I show you and instruct you. Do you have a strong tongue? Obedience and devotion..that is what is required! Maybe you will be allowed to sleep with your face between My ass cheeks..wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to sleep?? Lick, dart, swirl…just some of the commands for ass worship. Nice close ups of Mistresses ass and beautiful body! Featuring Ass worship, instructions, body worship

  Violated by My strap on! 

My slave kneels, waiting for Me holding a condom and lube in his hands. First, I have him roll the condom on the strap on and then lube it. Then he has the humiliating task of lubricating his own ass to be taken! I stand behind him as he leans over a bench pushing the strap on between his legs. Playing with his nipples, slapping his ass and running My long red fingernails across his back, he braces himself for the entry. After instructing him to stroke himself, I hold the strap on and push! I use him over and over making him ride and holding tight to his hips!

Forced Smoke Inhalation 
 First restraining My slave’s arms behind him as he sits in the chair, I tease him by blowing smoke in his face after I light a cigarette. Then straddling him on the chair I play with his nipples before I begin forcing smoke into his mouth holding his face tightly. Using My nails I tease and play with him alternating between painfully using My nails on his tender nipples and using them gently. Listening to him moan in pain but he is still so very aroused…dripping in fact. Of course, I make him lick his precum off My finger. I stand up and again use My nails to tease him but this time using My long natural nails on his cock and balls. More precum? Lick it off My finger! Featuring bondage, smoking, forced smoking, nipple play, CEI, nail fetish, scratching

 HOT for your Teacher  
 Last but not least! Well, class is dismissed for the day except for YOU! That’s right…you will be staying after class to explain yourself! Did you think I didn't notice your hand down the front of your pants for the past 45 minutes? So explain yourself! It’s either an embarrassing and humiliating trip to the principal’s (who is also a Woman of course!) office or the embarrassment of standing in front of me and masturbating! Featuring teacher fetish, authority figure, pantyhose, short skirt, masturbation, humiliation, school teacher, masturbation, masturbation humiliation (This last one of My top ten femdom videos is an erotic roleplay)