Sunday, November 27, 2016

Chastity Training

Over the years I have become even more sure that all males should undergo chastity training. I have written many articles and posts about the importance of chastity. In addition I have recorded My thoughts in many audio files and videos. This week I  created a chastity training questionnaire to help determine whether a male is a candidate for chastity training.
 Also this week was unbelievably busy with a lot of files being downloaded. I have received some great responses to both My Chastity Questionnaire as well as My Castration Application and Questionnaire. I am really enjoying reading all the answers to My many personal questions!
My most popular video this week was Blackmailed by your Therapist and My most popular audio file has been When Women Rule.
 Today I will be available to take phone calls and also to create custom audio recordings. So if you have an idea or suggestion I would love to hear about it. Or if you would like to request your own custom audio recording certainly contact Me. I will be online and available to answer your questions and requests!
  Most Popular Video

  Blackmailed by your Therapist  chastity training

 Well, this is your first session with Myself, Natasha as your therapist. This issue is your chronic masturbating and the fact that it is ruining your life! As a matter of fact, you got caught at work and you have to attend therapy. What you find out is that I have VERY unorthodox treatments!
  Most Popular Audio
  When Women Rule 
chastity training
 Have you ever REALLY thought about what it will be like when Women rule? What will society and yes, the world be like when Women have complete control? I do understand and know what it will be like because for Me I already live it! You see, I do have complete and total control over My male submissives and slaves. The Women that I associate with and engage with are ALL in Female Led Relationships. So what will it be like and what is it like? I can actually tell you!
  This Week’s New Releases
  ~NEW~ Castration Questionnaire (Part II)
  chastity training
 This second part of My questionnaire goes even more in depth with questions of your sexuality, sexual activities as well as expectations and goals once you are castrated. In addition what other procedures such as a penectomy you may have heard of or thought about.
  ~NEW~ Oblivion
  chastity training
 That state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. That is where I want to take you. To the point of complete surrender where all that matters is Goddess. Where the outside world no longer exists and slowly but surely you are no longer conscious of your surroundings, people or the world around you. All that matters is Goddess. The only thing that matters is serving Goddess. All that matters is being owned completely and totally. The world goes white. My words make your mind go blank. Oblivion. You can no longer deny the craving and desire to submit, to be owned, to belong to Me.

Chastity Training

~NEW~ Chastity Training Questionnaire
  Are you a candidate for chastity? This questionnaire is designed to gauge your capacity for chastity including how long you should be locked, why you should be locked up and what type of device should be used. Questions on masturbation habits, size, milking and other personal questions must ALL be answered!
  ~NEW~ Blue Balls for Christmas
 Thanksgiving is over and I am thinking about Christmas! I have decided on the perfect present! Blue balls for Christmas. After all, it is only 30 days until Christmas and I know that you want to please Me! Please AND amuse Me and believe Me I will be amused thinking of your balls getting fuller and fuller and turning a lovely shade of blue! So go ahead. I am giving you permission to edge ALL you want for the next 30 days! But remember no orgasms! This year I am doing My Blue Balls for Christmas a little different! After you have downloaded this audio file, I will be bombarding you with photos, gfs and other erotic material! After all, I want to enjoy, participate and add to your edging and frustration!  I can already tell it is going to be a GREAT Holiday Season…for ME!

 I have put together four of My Femdom tasks as a special to keep Me amused and keep you busy!

Femdom Tasks

~NEW~ Femdom Tasks
 One of the things I really enjoy doing is giving tasks to you to do. Even better I enjoy hearing from you after you have completed a task. (This contains One Video and Three Audio files ~ Four separate tasks for you to do)
 FEMDOM TASK ONE: I have decided that occasionally I should give you tasks to do. By giving you tasks and assignments, you will feel My control even if we are not in constant contact. In addition, performing these tasks will give you some indication of what it is like to serve. Even better some of these tasks are embarrassing, humiliating and amusing! This is the first and will create a bit of a dilemma! (Video File)
 FEMDOM TASK: This is another one of the tasks that will not only amuse Me but also give Me a semblance of control over you! Especially control over your orgasms which I KNOW you desperately need! This is one that is emasculating as well as a bit cruel! My favorite combination! This audio features elements of orgasm control, tease and denial, ruined orgasms (Audio File) FEMDOM HUMILIATION TASK: While this is not a public humiliation task it is humiliating! I will know exactly what you are doing after each time you cum! Oh and you are commanded to do this EVERY time you cum until I give you permission to stop! you won't be eating your cum...exactly but your own cum does feature into this task! (Audio File)
 FEMDOM TASK MASTURBATION FRUSTRATION: It is the weekend and time for Me to exert My control over you! I am calling this weekend task masturbation frustration! Any time you masturbate this weekend and I know you will be, this is the procedure you are required to follow! I expect you to follow My detailed instructions explicitly and I am looking forward to your weekend of frustration and suffering! (Audio File)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Goddess Natasha Mature Femdom

Mature Femdom is by no means a negative term and I certainly fall into that category. To Me it means I am experienced in both Life and the Lifestyle! Being a mature Femdom means that I know exactly what I want! Even more importantly mature Femdom means that I know how to get exactly what I want! Furthermore when someone contacts Me they know that I have the knowledge and experience to understand their submission. Hopefully the phrase mature Femdom implies the same to others.
 This week was extremely busy with editing videos while taking some great phone calls and recording new audio files. My social media accounts such as Instagram, Tumblr also have been very interactive. My blogs are updated regularly and I have guest bloggers like Diane Callaway writing Fetish articles.
 I also created a Castration Questionnaire which I am getting a great response to! The second part of the questionnaire which I am working on will delve even deeper into sexual activities and other procedures .
 Today I will be available for phone calls while I work on some new material and watch the Detroit Lions game.
  Most Popular Video
  Black Stockings and Stilettos  mature femdom This video is quite enticing as I sit on the couch and talk about how silky and soft My stockings are. Most of all the 6 inch stilettos just add to the vision as I stroke My stocking clad legs. I speak about how easy it is to entice and enthrall men like you who have these affinity for black stockings and high heels. What would you do if you saw Me in public? Believe Me when I say that Women like Me are perfectly aware of the effect that we have on males It is so simple! It begins with the click of high heels! . I do slip out of My dress so that you can see just what I am wearing underneath.
  Most Popular Audio
  Why BBC is Better 
mature femdom
 I know that you are completely fascinated by BBC. The videos and posts that depict inter racial sex and the white Women who enjoy just can't get enough can you? Just watch the faces of these Women and how much pleasure the get. I can tell you exactly WHY BBC is better and why those Women have this look on their face!
NEW Releases for the Week!

~NEW~ Stockings High Heels My Sexy Feet  mature femdom
 Entering the condo you get a full glimpse of Me head to toe dressed in a tight black lace dress, black stockings and black leather pumps. As I sit on the couch you are treated to a view of My stocking clad legs as I run My beautifully manicured hand up and down My legs. Placing My feet on the coffee table I engage in some shoe dangling, then slip first one high heel pump off and then the other. Lots of close ups of My stocking clad legs and feet!
  ~NEW~ Jizz Junkie
  mature femdom
I am sure you have heard the phrase jizz junkie and know what it means! Someone who swallows large amounts of cum. If you don’t think this is you, well not yet maybe but when serving Me you WILL become a jizz junkie! It will become imprinted in your mind how it felt and how it pleased Me with every load that you took! Since you want to please Me so badly you will do it again and again. Guess what happens? Slowly but surely you are becoming addicted and want more and more! I know just how to turn you into a jizz junkie! I know how to manipulate both your mind and body so that not only will you look forward to it but it will become so erotic to you!
  ~NEW~ you WILL obey
  mature femdom
 This recording is a reinforcement of your servitude and submission. It happens automatically now. I have trained your mind and body to automatically relax at the sound of My voice. With no effort you begin to relax and your subconscious mind takes over. I begin by telling you how pleasurable it is to obey Me. How good it feels! The truth is you WANT to obey…you NEED to obey….you WILL obey!
  ~NEW~ Castration Questionnaire and Application  mature femdom
 There are many questions that you must answer before I will consider and begin your complete emasculation and castration! All  of these questions are important and must be answered completely and truthfully.
  ~NEW~ Sexy Strappy High Heels 
mature femdom
 I love these sexy strappy stiletto heels! They look fabulous on My size 6 feet! In this photo set I have sheer black stockings on and then a pair of sheer nude stockings so you can see My toes, soles and feet perfectly! Plenty of close up shots show My perfectly pedicured red toes!

  ~NEW~ Goddess Destroys your masculinity your balls mature femdom 

 Destruction. Destroy. I speak a lot about the destruction of your ego and your male psyche because of the pleasure it gives Me. It does give Me a lot of erotic satisfaction as this process begins. In this video I describe how I enjoy crushing all of these things including your balls. Dressed in a sexy red fetish dress and matching red high heels pumps I describe how I enjoy these destruction. Then demonstrating with a juicy orange which I destroy with My elegant hands. Just like your balls! But that is an exaggeration! Most balls are like these small grapes which I then crush beneath My red leather pumps!

Engage in Mature Femdom Conversation!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Goddess Natasha's Weekly Update

What a busy week! Filming videos and taking new photos took up a majority of My time but I did find time for some new recordings as well as some custom requests!

This past week My most popular video has been Black Stockings Well Worn Pumps and My most popular audio recording was Witnessing a Castration although My new Breeding Stall was a very close second! In fact Breeding Stall is currently on the most popular marque and has been all week! 

This upcoming week I will be back to My regular schedule of phone calls and recordings as I begin editing and releasing My new videos!


Black Pantyhose ~ Black Leather Pumps
Dressed in a tight fitting red dress, black stockings and black leather pumps I enter the room showing off My latest pair of sheer black patterned stockings. They are so soft and so sheer and the pattern high lights My legs and ass as the camera roams. Stroking the stockings I engage in some high heels dangling and then slip out of My dress. The cleavage enhancing push up bra and stockings with high heels are perfect for admiring. I stand and turn showing off every angle. Then I stand and walk over to an easy chair. I am so enjoying these black patterned pantyhose! They are so soft and smooth AND sheer! Look at My beautiful black leather pumps! Do you see how well worn they are? I show you the inside where you can clearly see the outline of My beautiful size 6 foot! As a matter of fact BOTH of these high heels are deliciously well worn! Hmmm.maybe it is time for a new pair! These well worn leather pumps will go to one very lucky male!


Witnessing a Castration 
castration emasculation              
 Witness to a Castration: My fascination and fetish for emasculation especially castration began 9 years ago when I was actually invited to witness a boi’s castration at the hands of his master. This particular event is burned in My memory and is not one I will EVER forget. Witnessing the boi’s humiliation, the physical helplessness and vulnerability as well as the actual event and the after effects were thrilling and erotic! This recording is My sharing of the event ,what it entailed and how it was performed

Breeding Stall 

bbc big black cock
 Finally , I have allowed you to serve Me in person! It has been a long road with many twists and turns.Many tasks have been performed and assignments completed. I have decided that you are ready. Ready for complete surrender. No more free will. No compromises. The word no is no longer in your vocabulary. Blind obedience without hesitation. As you kneel in front of Me I reiterate once again that I am in control. That you no longer have free will to do as you please and you will follow My commands exactly as they are given. The only things that matter at this point are Goddesses wants, needs and desires. Once you have agreed there is no going back. No safe word. No escape. I have something special planned. Something that will emasculate you and bring you to the point of being completely broken. Forcibly restrained, vulnerable and helpless you will be taken again and again. After a session or two in My breeding stall you will be completely changed mentally and emotionally! Oh, not quite what you expected, was it? I did tell you to leave your expectations and own desires at the door.

  BBC Bitch

bbc big black cock
 This erotic BBC big black cock file is HOT! I know that you dream of all BBC big black cock! Watching video after video imagining yourself in those vulnerable helpless positions! The bulls that I know would love to put you in your place and show you their cock superiority! They like nothing better than to use a white boi like you! Aggressive, hard fucking beginning with a deep throat fucking is sure to put you in your place! What I want is more than just a fantasy! Repeat after Me “I am a BBC bitch”. "I love BBC big black cock."

Preview Worship Photos 

bbc big black cock
 These five high definition photos are from this week’s photo shoot! Includes two panty peek photos, sexy photos of strappy sandals and more!

Punished, Humiliated and Anally Used

  bbc big black cock
Dressed in full tight black latex I lead you to the stage by leash in only panties, stockings and garter belt. The first thing I do is rip your panties off. I have invited a crowd to witness both your humiliation and your punishment! They are quite blood thirsty and clamor for more as I use a flogger, paddle, cane and then bull whip. But I don’t want them to just witness a punishment but your degradation and humiliation! My assistants bring a huge black strapon with harness which you hold as I step into. Holding it in front of your face you TRY but cannot get the whole thing in your mouth. Then restraining you on your hands and knees I use a lube filled syringe to fill your upturned ass. Suddenly two black bulls with their bbc big black cock throbbing erections enter the stage and you realize your humiliation is only beginning! Features BBC, double penetration, strapon, Femdom, humiliation, anal abuse, gaping, humiliation

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Lifestyle Female Supremacist

Since I was gone for the majority of the week obviously I was not taking phone calls. My time was limited although I did record two new audios and I did make some of My CLASSIC Goddess Natasha videos available such as Oral slave and slave Training I .

 If you are not familiar with My Classic Goddess Natasha videos these are My very first videos! Most of these were filmed in one or another of My private dungeons and featuring Female Domination at its finest!

 I am looking for a very productive week as I a number of days I will be filming some new videos and taking new photos. Still I know that I will have time for calls and custom audio recordings!

 This past week My most popular video has been Being My slave and My most popular audio recording was Women are Biologically Superior although My new Psychological Breakdown was a very close second! However My Classic Goddess Natasha videos were also very popular.

 Remember that this upcoming week I will be filming videos and taking photos with an out of town photographer! If you have an idea or suggestion or custom  video request, feel free to email Me! MOST POPULAR VIDEO
  Being My slave
  classic goddess natasha videos
 Dressed in a gorgeous black corset that shows off My breasts, I am once again I am addressing the issue of being My slave and what it entails. Let Me be perfectly clear…there are no compromises and your complete surrender is not only required but demanded. Your sole focus is now ME. There is something you need to know…I am not a jealous Mistress but I AM a possessive Mistress. Do you know what that means? If you are My slave you belong to Me and only Me. Oh, and one day? You will be tested. When I give you this command and you do what I tell you without hesitation, then I will know how much you really want to be My slave.
  Women are Biologically Superior
classic goddess natasha videos
I have been a proponent and believer in Female Supremacy for many years. It is easy to find the evidence and proof of this superiority as you surf the internet and watch the nightly news! This superiority is evidenced in so many ways and yes, even biologically! This is an enlightening, intelligent recording on what else? Women's Superiority!

~NEW~ Psychological Breakdown 
classic goddess natasha videos
I speak so often of your compete surrender as well as My breaking of a slave. It is your psychological breakdown that I am most interested in. Completely taking over your mind and leaving you helpless to My wants, needs and desires. My desire to take over not only your life but your mental capacity. THIS is what true control and domination is. It doesn’t take any finesse or brains to beat someone into submission. But taking over your very thought processes is what My goal has always been! The techniques and methods that I use are sometimes subtle and often cruel! As a matter of fact you have been subjected to a number of them without even knowing it! Hypnosis, trances, desensitization are just a few! This mental domination is what is satisfying to Me and the most erotic part of dominating and controlling you!
  ~NEW~ Femme Bitch to be Bred
  classic goddess natasha videos
 It is just a fact that you were made to be a sissy bitch! Not only a sissy bitch but a sissy bitch that MUST be bred! Frankly you have always been quite feminine! Oh your face has never been handsome but rather quite pretty! Those long eye lashes and you have never had a manly body but rather a feminine figure. Of course as My sissy bitch I will be enhancing that pretty face and with female hormones you will have an even more feminine figure! That is only the beginning! I have such plans for you such as body waxing, piercings and a very feminine tattoo! In addition your small clitty will be locked in a tiny chastity cage, smooth body oiled up and ready to be bred like the sissy bitch that you are!