Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Recap October 22nd

Unprotected or bareback sex is erotic to many people for a variety of reasons. For instance bareback sex leaves the possibility of being "bred" for a sissy. That being said one of My top recordings was focused on bareback breeding in particular.

 Three of My recordings have been on the top seller this week! Sissy Bareback Breeding, you are MY pantysniffer and Submit to Goddesses cock are all appearing as top sellers for the week .
  My Chronic Masturbation Evaluation also appeared on the marque for the better part of the week. 

My most popular video this week was Punishment Fucking which is an erotic recording which details what happens when I am not pleased with your behavior! The most downloaded audio file was Shemale Bukkake in which I walk you through a hot encounter with shemales.

 In other news is My newly posted Fall Specials which include favorites and most popular recordings. These are only available for My admirers and followers on Niteflirt! Don’t miss GODDESS NATASHA’S FALL SPECIALS HERE.

Most Popular Video

Strapon Punishment Fucking


 As I sit in My cleavage showing tight dress I describe the punishment fucking that you will get! Mistress has a special treat for you today. My strap-on and I will be using it to exert My dominance over you. I sit and light up a cigarette while I tell you all about it. While you are in a vulnerable position, waiting for Me I will make sure you can see Me as I stroke My strap on. I just have to decide…am I going to give you a punishment fucking? Or a slow sensual fucking? I think we both know the answer! (WATCH NOW)

Most Popular Audio

Shemale Bukkake Covered in Shemale Cum


 An erotic shemale fantasy! Your fantasy is about to come true! More sexy shemales than you know what to do with. It is going to be one HOT night! I will be in charge! Come with Me. Look at all those naked, writhing bodies. All those hard shemale cocks just waiting for you and all that hot shemale cum ready to soak you! I will be rubbing your cocks together. Doesn’t that velvety hard cock feel sooo good rubbing against yours? No condoms here! It's all bareback! All these chicks with dicks with hot cum just waiting for you! (LISTEN NOW)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Lifetime slave Contract  

By now you have noticed that I am far to the extreme side when it comes to the lifestyle. This is especially true when it comes to control and personal slavery. This Lifetime lifestyle slave contract is the perfect example of just how much control I crave and desire! It is three pages with 7 sections detailing every aspect of a new life from sexual service to the complete surrender of your mind and body. (DOWNLOAD NOW!)

~NEW~ Goddess In Leather Giantess 

 What could be better than Goddess dressed completely in leather? In this video I make you feel so vulnerable and helpless just like I want you! This video reinforces how powerful I am and just how powerless you are as I tower in My thigh high boots!  (WATCH NOW)
NEW~ you are MY Panty Sniffer

 you have a panty fetish! In fact, it is totally out of control! you get dirty panties from Women from all over the world and keep collecting! As soon as the scent is gone-you HAVE to have another pair! Guess what? Those days are over! If you want to have MY panties, you will ONLY HAVE MINE! No one else' s! Now, I will instruct you exactly how you are to worship them! Featuring panty worship, panty sniffing, femdom, humiliation, panty worship instructions (WATCH NOW)

  ~NEW~ Poppers and Panties 

 Continuing in My Future of My cuckold I have let you out of chastity for a stroking session. Oh but it MUST BE a controlled and painful masturbation with kali’s teeth and no touching! As I guide your inhalation of the poppers I also guide your strokes! That’s a good cuckold slave! Featuring poppers, panties, worship, ass worship, popperbating, cuckold, guided masturbation (WATCH NOW)
~NEW~ Poppers Double Sniff 

 Combining poppers and the humiliation of worshiping My underarms you lose all inhibitions. I keep you in chastity and then the only way you are allowed to masturbate is with kali’s teeth, poppers and smelling My scent. How fortunate you are! A cuckold let out of chastity only to be told you must painfully masturbate. I guide both your painful stroking and inhaling poppers. (WATCH NOW)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Goddess Natasha Strapon Training Worship

Femdom strapon training and worship is an erotic activity that can be quite effective in a number of ways. Number one it is a role reversal that reflects the sexual dominance of the Woman. Two it can be quite emasculating for a male to submit to a "cock". It can become even more emasculating as a male begins to enjoy the feel and submission to a strapon.

 Although the phone connections were not perfect this past week it was still quite busy. I also recorded a number of custom video and audio files as well as some new releases which are listed below.

Two of My recent releases have been very popular this week and have appeared on the marque. My Chronic Masturbation Evaluation and Making you My wife Questionnaire have been top downloads. 

This week My most popular video was Humiliating a Foot Pervert which of course features My beautiful feet. My most popular audio file was Reprogramming your Mind which is a mind control recording featuring trancing.

 Today I am taking calls, available for chat and for personal tasks and training. Feel free to send Me a chat message or email. BEFORE you inquire about a cam session be sure to visit My page (HERE) which lists My interests and requirements!

Most Popular Video

Humiliating a Foot Pervert

femdom strapon training

 Dressed in attire fitting for a teacher complete with glasses, I am sitting at My desk and call you to the front. It has come to My attention that you have spent soooo much time staring at My feet and I know your secret! I know that you jerk off to My feet and want to smell them! You are a filthy foot pervert! I command you to come stand then kneel in front of Me and worship and especially smell My sweaty feet! Then you have to jerk off in front of the whole class as I rub My smelly, sweaty feet on your face and force you to sniff! (WATCH NOW)

Most Popular Audio

Reprogramming your Mind

femdom strapon training

 This erotic Hypnosis recording takes you deep into trance and leaves you completely relaxed. Then I command you to empty your mind as I then begin your reprogramming. Your mind is so open to everything I tell you and will become your new reality. It has begun….the beginning of your reprogramming. (LISTEN NOW)

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Chronic Masturbation Questionnaire

 femdom strapon training

 The fact is you have most likely asked yourself whether you are a chronic masturbator and whether it is in fact an addiction. I have written an enlightening and in depth 12 questions that will delve into your psyche and habits. First I start with the basics and then I move on to probing personal questions. Be warned some will be embarrassing and humiliating to answer and to admit to! After I receive your answers I will send you a written evaluation and recommendations. (DOWNLOAD NOW)

  Cam Greeting October 12th

  femdom strapon training

 As you can see My gorgeous all natural breasts and cleavage are shown off to perfection in this curve hugging dress and g-string. With a crystal pendant nestled deep in My cleavage I talk about dominating you on cam and making you My bitch as I seductively stroke My strapon. Featuring smoking, strapon, humiliaton (WATCH NOW)

  ~NEW~ Submit to Goddesses Cock 

femdom strapon training In this video I talk to you about all the ways to train you to submit to My strapon. Seductively stroking I describe the ways I will sexually dominate you. Maybe you will be on your hands and knees naked and vulnerable. Or restrained on your back as I look into your eyes as I make you My bitch. Maybe you have earned a punishment fucking and I will use you until you are broken and sobbing. There are just so many ways to make you submit and turn you into My bitch! (WATCH NOW)

~NEW~ Sissy Bareback Breeding

 femdom strapon training

Every sissy dreams of being bred! It is another step in being emasculated and being put in your place. Obviously breeding must be bareback! A receptacle for loads of cum until you are properly bred. The most virile are those big black cocks and I am going to make sure there are plenty of them available for your breeding session! (LISTEN NOW)