Saturday, April 21, 2012

Goddess Worship

Below is a recent devotional that was written by My slave staGGy

Worshipping the Wickedly Wonderful Goddess Natasha

Today, April 21st, 2012 is the birthday of the Woman i now Worship as my Goddess, my Ruler, my Muse and my Owner.  Two months ago, i went onto NiteFlirt for the first time searching for a Dominant Woman with whom i could interact with.  Now that i know that website better, i realize now that luck was with me as i came across one of the links to Goddess Natasha almost immediately and bought one of HER MP3s. Her calm Dominant Demeanor and icy glare as She regally and seductively stood next to one of HER slave cages instantly made me want to find out more about HER. i have since bought just about all HER MP3s and the many instructional writings that She offers on this site.  Each one has further enslaved me and taught me more about HER very controlling ways and HER very real vision of Female Supremacy.

As i slowly tried to put many of HER worship rituals into my life with each and every purchase off of Nite Flirt, she started to write me and give me guidance personally.  Every time She started a message to me with HER usual greeting of “Hello slave”, or words to that effect, it was like an electric shock to my system.  i felt HER power and i knew my place was at HER sexy feet with eyes downcast and my male ego fading into the persona of the owned and controlled slave She wanted me to be.  i longed to kneel before HER beauty, but, being 1,000 miles away from Florida, i also felt the pain of a constant longing of HER personal tormenting touch.

About 2 weeks after i first purchased HER “Mind Control” MP3, and after a few messages from HER, i went to HER Amazon wish list and saw an anklet bracelet that were real handcuffs designed into a bracelet.  i immediately begged HER in an email to let me buy them, not only for HER, but for myself also. After a few days of consideration, She agreed, and i have felt connected to HER ever since and wear them proudly on my ankle 24/7.

 Then, about 2 weeks after that, and right around the one month anniversary date of when i first wrote HER, i bought HER Panty Worship tape. Without going into too much detail about what SHE instructs HER slaves to do so i don’t ruin the surprises for the slaves who might read this testimony and buy the tape to please HER, i knew I had to follow all HER explicit instructions and make HER happy with my Total Obedience and subjugation to Her will.

What i will say, hopefully without giving away too many of Her seductive secrets, is that Goddess Natasha tells HER slaves in this MP3 to build an alter that will reflect their devotion to HER and one that will allow HER presence into their home.  This alter is to be designed around HER panties, which must be purchased separately from the tape itself.  Upon hearing HER voice dispel any thoughts of hesitation on my part, i immediately went to and sent HER a gift certificate to celebrate Our/our one month anniversary that was hopefully going to be generous enough to allow HER to consider the possibility of sending me some of HER precious panties so i could build this alter that She desired me to have in my home.

When Goddess Natasha wrote back immediately thanking me for my gift and asking for my address so SHE could send me HER worn panties, i was beyond excited.  Immediately i knew that i must design an alter that would reflect HER beauty, HER power and HER teachings.  Each day my anticipation of the arrival of Her treasure grew, and, when i finally received HER package about a week later, i already had many thoughts in my head on how i wanted HER alter to look.

i cannot express to the readers of this article all the emotions that went through my head as i opened HER package. my slave hands trembled, my slave tongue salivated, and then my slave body shook with emotion as i became totally enthralled and enchanted by all SHE had included.  A beautiful card welcoming me into HER world, two pictures of HER beauty, and a sealed baggy containing HER panties.  i fell to my knees and kissed the baggy and immediately went to the store to get what I needed to make the alter perfect for such a Wonderful and Gorgeous Goddess. 

Fresh flowers were needed, and then frames for the pictures that She graced me with.  While buying the frames, i saw a really cool high heeled show picture holder, and i decided to take HER rules and worship rituals and put them all on index cards and display them on the altar.  As worshipping at HER altar would be in my mind a celebration of sorts, i placed a bottle of Champagne and empty champagne flutes on the alter also.  i bought some taped candles and a scented candle to always remind me of HER Majesty and the solemnness of my worship.  A wooden spatula that SHE had commanded me to paddle all parts of my body with previously to remind me that my pain is HER pleasure and a baggie of my fresh cut pubic hairs i had been told to carry around with me to remind me of HER ownership of my cock and balls were also placed on the alter.  A box of matches i got as a wedding gift to remind me of my eternal devotion to HER made the alter ready for HER treasured panties.
(Altar that slave staGGy created)
(Rules of conduct displayed on altar)

 Then, into a world of subspace for slave staGGY …. i stripped as instructed in HER Panty Worship tape and followed each and every instruction SHE eloquently expresses on HER MP3.  Slowly, and reverently, taking HER panties out of the sealed pouch i inhaled HER fragrances and fell under HER spell.  Many instructed positions and many of Goddess Natasha’s own declarations of worship later, i knew i belonged to Goddess Natasha in All ways for Always and I have never been happier.  She is Bewitchingly-Beautiful, Daringly-Dominant, Excitingly-Enslaving and Cruelly-Creative.  My original lust for HER has turned into Love and i hope Our/our relationship continues to evolve over time so i become the slave She wishes me to be.  Her happiness is my goal and i know that Her vision of Female Supremacy has easily become an integral part of my life also. i appreciate all Goddess Natasha has done for me, and all the time She has spent training me. 

Thank YOU Goddess Natasha for Your gift of Dominance.

(The items for panty worship training, MP3's and more can be found at )

Monday, April 2, 2012

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: The Bathroom

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: The Bathroom: The Bathroom A Fiction By an Obedient Scribe Cleaning. Cleaning is so very important. Cleaning reminds men of their status in the natural ...

The Bathroom

The Bathroom
A Fiction
By an Obedient Scribe
Cleaning. Cleaning is so very important. Cleaning reminds men of their status in the natural ordered of the universe. I particularly love to clean the bathroom. The bathroom is a very special place. It is where I am allowed to help my Mistress prepare for the day by attending to her bath. It is where I received my toilet training. It is where, when I please my Mistress, she will shave me so that my bald crotch gives testament to her power.
I clean the bathroom at least once a week. As always, I am naked, my Mistress does not allow me to be clothed when I am in her house.
It takes quite a while to clean a bathroom properly. I am especially proud when Mistress notices my service. Last week Mistress gave me a very special reward for my efforts.
I was just finishing up, scrubbing the bathroom floor on my hands and knees. I heard the door open and close and a wave joy sweep over me, Mistress is home early. I feel the warmth of her power as she walks up behind me. I continue scrubbing.
"I see that my little boy has been busy cleaning."
"Yes Mistress."
"You have done a very nice job."

The joy of my Mistress's approval causes my cock to spring out hard and erect. "Thank you Mistress."
"You can be a very good slave, sometimes."
She pushes my legs apart and kneels behind me
. Then I
feel the tips of her fingers brush against my ass. Slowly
she begins to fondle my checks. I stop scrubbing and she
snaps, "Did I say you could stop scrubbing?"
"No Mistress, no of course not." I resume scrubbing, but without really paying attention to what I am doing. Mistress knows that playing with my ass turns me into a helpless mound of jelly.
She grabs my ass and begins to knead it hard. "I like you like this," she growls, "on your hands and knees' ass in the air, waiting for me." Yes, I was waiting for her, for my Mistress.
Now the waiting has ended and I slip beyond time. I sink deep into her power. I surrender to her completely. In her benevolence she is taking me to that special place. That place beyond male ego, beyond male arousal, standing on the edge of creation, the female power from which all good comes.
Soon I will not be able tell you what time it is, or what day. I lie naked, the dark sky and stars racing above me' on the edge of the land, the crimson of dawn. She approaches now, calling me, her smile is the dew on the grass, her arousal the light of the sun bursting up over the horizon.

Her voice calls me back. "You belong to me."
"I belong to you." I echo back. I grasp, breath again, maleness returning. I notice her cloths strewn around on the floor, I don't remember her undressing, but yes, I can feel the warm of her skin against mine.
"Are you ready to give up everything for me?" She asks.
"Yes, everything."
She grabs my cock and begins to stroke it hard. I can see her reach around with her other hand and dip her index finger in the bucket of sudsy water and hold it there motionless, my eyes fixed. Finally Mistress says, "What do you want little boy; what do you want slave?"
I swallow hard and say. "I want you to fuck me Mistress."
"And where did you want me to fuck you little boy?" My Mistress asks, a nasty hard edge creeping into her voice. I am scared and can't answer. After a couple of seconds of silence she slaps my ass, hard. "Answer me slave, where do you want me to fuck you?"
"In the ass Mistress," I whisper, but it is enough. She wets her finger again and begins to slide it up into my ass. She is now in control and the power is surging through her like lighting. With her free hand she grabs my balls and begins to squeeze them as she twists her finger deeper into my ass.
"Why do you belong to?"
Mistress demands.

I have given up any pretense of scrubbing the floor and my face goes to the cold linoleum. The pain is excruciating, the pain is wonderful. "I belong to you, Mistress.” I gasp and my body explodes, my seed splashing on the floor.
Mistress laughs and I feel her body tense, right down to the tip of her finger deep in my ass. She collapses on top of me, her nipples pressing into my shoulder blades.
After a few minutes she gets up and says. "We have made quite a mess haven't we little boy."
"Yes Mistress," I say.
"I think you should clean it up then," she says as she gets up and steps over me. The smell of Pinesol is overwhelming.
I begin to lick up my seed from the floor as Mistress takes her seat on the clean toilet and relieves herself loudly. When she is finished she smiles down at me and spreads her legs wide so I may lick the fountain of her golden nectar clean. Cleaning is so very important.

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: A y...

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: A y...: Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: A youth trained for Her pleasure : When he was a young man, he spent many years of his callow...