Sunday, December 8, 2019

Femdom Fetish Goddess Natasha

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! It has been gorgeous here in south Florida so I have been to the beach yesterday afternoon and early this morning for a walk.

For the rest of the evening I will be online taking calls, available for chat and will be engaging in exposure!

 I also made available My extreme Future of My cuckold four part series which featuring complete emasculation and becoming a eunuch the ultimate servant! This is an extreme set of videos! If you missed it you CAN PREVIEW THEM HERE!

 Appearing on the marque this week was one of My favorite Femdom videos called Collared Marked and Branded. My most popular video this week was a fetish panty peek recording that is very revealing! This weeks most popular audio was a tie between Recipe for a Bimbo Slut and Reinforcing your Sissy Addictions.

  Appearing on Marque

  Collared Marked and Branded


 As My slave I have explained many things that your position will entail. Chastity, servitude, complete obedience and of course you know that you will be permanently collared. BUT not only will you be collared but you will also be marked. Marked with My red and black personalized logo. To further reinforce My ownership, you will be branded. Oh, a tattoo might be able to be removed...but a brand? Well, bearing My brand will show the world that you belong to Me....forever.

  Most Popular Video

  REVEALING Panty Peek 

 I know that you are always trying to look up My skirt! Trying to see what panties I have on! So forbidden and so erotic! In this video I have on the sheerest of sheer panties which are soooo revealing! Nothing is left to the imagination as I let you gaze at My panties and EVERYTHING is revealed! The camera zooms in for an even more intimate view! There are also back views of Me standing and kneeling so you can see My gorgeous ass! PS I don’t do these type of revealing and intimate videos often!

  Most Popular Audio

Recipe for a Bimbo Slut 

 Oh I know all about you..the desire to be a bimbo. you look at the photos and watch the videos thinking "I want to be her!" Big tits, full plump lips sucking on those cocks! I know just the recipe for a bimbo slut!

  Reinforcing ALL your Sissy Addictions 

 This recording is designed to further reinforce those sissy wants and needs to panties, stockings and yes, exposure! All you have to do is listen to My voice as you begin feeling so relaxed and so feminine. It is so exciting to to think about being dressed. All day. Every day. Deep inside you ARE a sissy crossdresser. No more fighting it. It is time to embrace it. Those panties feel so good and you want this. Need this. Time to be exposed. Permanently. For the world to know that you wear panties and stockings! That you get so excited and so aroused when the panties touch you! Such an attention whore! All that attention just reinforces what a sissy you are! It is not only what you want, crave and need but what I want! I want you in panties and stockings! I want to know that you are wearing them every day! I want to know that every morning you are slipping into panties. It is how a sissy starts her day! I want you to revel in those feelings of femininity as I imagine you all day long in panties and stockings! Photos everywhere on the internet as more and more people see them! Download them! Featuring sissy reinforcement, panty reinforcement, sissy exposure, Permanent Feminization Sissification

  Recent Releases

  ~NEW~ Feminized Craving Exposure 

 It is so exciting! I know that you are aroused every time you put on your panties and slip into your stockings. Each piece of feminine clothing that you put on increases your arousal. Each step increases the excitement of being feminine. It is such a relief to put on the clothing that reflects who you truly are! Even the anticipation and planning of what you are going to put on excites you! When you are going to be able to be feminine once again! I want you to savor and experience every moment starting with taking a bath, shaving, lotioning and completely feminized! It is a natural progression to WANT everyone to see you! Naturally and eventually you will want for everyone to see you feminized and dressed up! This desire to be exposed keeps growing and growing! It is so exciting to think about…so terrifying knowing that your photos and information could be seen by so many people that know you! I WANT this desire to grow and grow! So that it becomes a deep craving that you cannot stop thinking about! One day you will give in to this craving and you WILL be exposed! Featuring Femdom, feminization, Permanent Feminization Sissification

  ~NEW~ Everlasting Feminization 

 My plan for you is not only sissification but permanent and everlasting feminization! This is one of the reasons that I emphasize hormone therapy AND testosterone blockers! The other things I plan such as corset training, hair removal and permanent make up are just more steps in making sure your feminization is undeniable and noticeable! Monthly manicures and pedicures as well as arched feminine eyebrows will make it apparent of your femininity! When someone looks at you I want it to be apparent that you are NOT a male! The transformation that I have planned for you to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind of exactly what you are! This transformation and emasculation will not only be physical but also psychological and emotional. Featuring Femdom, feminization, sissification, permanent feminization, emasculation,

Permanent Feminization Sissification

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Goddess Natasha So you want to be a girl

So you want to be a Girl Part I and II are now available today for My 2forTuesday! As a matter of fact today it is ALL about being a girl and forced feminization!

 If you aren’t familiar with them, I have a variety of 2forTuesday recordings. VIEW THEM ALL HERE!

  So you want to be a girl! 

  his combination contains part one and two of an erotic fantasy of feminization and transformation!

  So you want to be a girl! I know your mind by now. This deep secret desire that you have had for a very long time. To be a girl...we both know it! We have watched videos, looked at websites and talked about this fantasy of yours for a long time. The videos of those pretty girls being teabagged, being controlled and restrained and those cum filled condoms! After talking to My girlfriend Shelby, we have decided that it’s time for you to take a trip to see us where you will be completely feminized. (body wax, nails, complete make-up, everything from head to toe). Then oh, those lovely condoms…filled with cum. The ultimate goal is to have you swallow cum. The ultimate goal is to make you a cum swallower! This is all just working up to it! Shelby and I will guide you down this path.

  So you want to be a girl! Pt 2 Here you are completely feminized. All that malesness tucked away. You are looking so pretty, so feminine as you look over and see the blindfold, the sleep mask and the arm binders. Oh, I see you are a little nervous….that is perfectly natural. After all, it’s your first time swallowing cum, isn’t it? You do see the filled condoms, don’t you??

  It's all about being girly AND being a good girl for Goddess!

  ASMR Good Girl!


 I know how much you want to be a good girl! To please Me and to follow all My commands. Becoming more feminine. Feeling more feminine. Listen closely as I whisper how you can be a good girl. How you WILL be a good girl! Whispering seductively My voice flows through your mind as My words resonate. Good girl!  Best listened to with headphones.

  Better off being a girl!

 There are so many things that excite you! It isn’t the things that excite most men! No, for you it is panties and lingerie. Stockings and pantyhose feel so good to you and slipping into a pair is sure to arouse you! If you aren’t wearing panties you are craving panties! That is not even the whole truth! The truth is ALL of those feminine girly things feel more natural. The truth is this is what arouses and excites you! When you look at an attractive Woman it is not with excitement. No you want to BE HER ! It is time for you to face the truth.

  Good Girl Brainwashing 

be a girl

 My voice flowing thru your mind Nothing else matters but Goddesses voice. Goddess voices slipping deep into your subconscious….you want what Goddess wants Goddess knows best. Goddess knows what you need. Chastity, panties, feeling feminine, looking feminine. Surrendering and giving up control to Goddess . I know you want to be obedient. I know you want to be a good girl…you want to be Goddesses good girl… you are a good girl, aren’t you? Now you trust Goddess because Goddess knows what is best. Goddess knows exactly what you need! Knowing you need and want chastity…you need to be in chastity for Goddess…to be so feminine for Goddess. Being a good girl and obeying Goddess. Pleasing Goddess because that’s what good girls do! Featuring Femdom, feminization, forced femme, brainwashing, sissy hypno, chastity, good girl

  Good Girls Suck! 

be a girl

 Listen to My seductive voice whisper in your ear. Good girls suck. I know you want to be a good girl. So suck. Suck like a good girl. Be a good girl for Goddess. Good girls swallow. Be a good girl and swallow. Good girls suck and swallow. Be a good girl. Playing over and over in your mind you WILL be a girl, you will be a good girl. You WILL suck. You WILL swallow. As with all My ASMR whisper recordings it is best listened to with headphones.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Goddess Natasha Sexy Legs

Goddess Natasha: Lifestyle Female Supremacist: Goddess Natasha Sexy Legs: Even with the holiday it was another busy week and I had a large number of exclusive personalized audio requests on some intriguing topics!...

Goddess Natasha Sexy Legs

Even with the holiday it was another busy week and I had a large number of exclusive personalized audio requests on some intriguing topics!

 My most popular video this week was again a tie between two worship videos! The first was a stocking no panties video and the second was an outdoor high heels and short shorts recording. This weeks most popular audio was one of My sissy files called Sissy Punishments.

In addition one of My more recent recordings Advanced Feminization appeared on the most popular list for Niteflirt. All of them are listed below if you have not downloaded them!

 Today and tomorrow I will be available by phone and chat. I have a lot of things to catch up on including correspondence and new recordings.

I hope that you are having a great holiday weekend! As I mentioned previously I stayed pretty close to home and had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day with family and friends! I also had company over the week with an out of town personal slave serving Me!

  Appearing on Marque

  Advanced Feminization 

 There are so many aspects of your feminization that I am enjoying! Each step thrills and empowers Me as more and more of your masculinity is erased! However I want more and permanent changes! The things that I have planned will be permanent and the effects noticeable! The changes I want and plan will force you into femininity and leave you unable to deny the truth! Featuring Femdom, Feminization, forced femme, emasculation, psychological, emotional, hormone therapy, testosterone blockers

  Most Popular Video

  Stockings High Heels No Panties! 

 There are just so many elements to worship in this video! From the cleavage showing red lace dress, the silky sheer stockings, red leather pumps, red lipstick and My long red natural nails! Hear the whisper of My stocking clad legs as I stroke with My lovely hands. Then informing you that I am NOT wearing panties I slip out of My dress and you are further able to worship My beautiful breasts and My soft stockings!

  Tight White Shorts High Heels 

 Summer was hot and it was the perfect time for shorts and high heels! These white shorts look so sexy and show off My gorgeous legs. The sandals I am wearing are perfect showing off My feet and accent My legs nicely as I stroll through the park. Bending over the camera focuses on My ass in the tight white shorts!

  Most Popular Audio

  Sissy Punishments 

 No one is perfect! But with My sissy training you will come close! What happens when you aren’t perfect? When I am not pleased? Oh, I have a number of punishments that will fluctuate between titillation and punishment! Each one is designed to enhance your submissiveness and assure that you do not make the same mistake twice! The punishments fit the crimes so to speak! I never run out of new and creative ways to punish My sissies!

  Recent Releases

  ~NEW~ BBC ~ Blacked! 

 Servicing cock is so hot, isn’t it? But serving big black is so taboo! It is one of the reasons you find it so exciting! So erotic and it is all you can fantasize about! No matter how hard you try to focus on something else, your mind turns again and again to big black cock! The fact is you cannot resist those monster black cocks imagining yourself getting throat trained and face fucked! Being made to take every inch as you choke and gag! It is no accident but by design that porn continues to be all about BBC! Every Woman is desiring it, all the Dommes are comparing you to them and encouraging white males fascination with black cock! Without realizing it you have been blacked! Featuring Femdom, BBC encouragement, BBC brainwashing, forced bi, make me bi

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Goddess Natasha BOGO Femdom Fetish

It's Tuesday and that means its 2forTuesday! I hope you enjoy these combinations of BOGO Femdom Fetish recordings!

  My phone and chat lines will be on throughout the day into the evening hours today.

As always if you follow Me on Twitter you will know exactly when I am available. TWITTER

  My most popular 2forTuesday Combination!

  EXTREME Humiliation 

 I have combined three of My Extreme Verbal Humiliation recordings with three of My EXTREME Humiliation Tasks for a total of SIX erotic humiliation files in this BOGO Femdom Fetish combination!

  EXTREME Humiliation Tasks

 Contains the following titles: Extreme Humiliation Cock Sucking Task, Extreme Public Humiliation Task, Extreme Humiliation Cum slut task

  EXTREME Verbal Humiliation

 Contains the following titles: Becoming My cunt Whore, Cum Eating Faggot and Football Player to Faggot!

  Forced Bi


  This contains over 47 minutes of erotic forced bi including three videos and four audio recordings.

  The Bi Files

  These recordings are 30 minutes of one of My favorite activities ~ erotic bisexual action (Two videos and two audio recordings) Contains the following titles Addressing your cock Addiction, Hot for cock, Gay Leather Bar, Cocksucking Forced Bi

  Glory Hole Forced Bi

  Contains over 17 minutes of the erotic and humiliating aspects of forced bi and a gloryhole visit! Two audio files and one video. Contains the titles Glory Hole Submission, Gloryhole Humiliation, Glory Hole Cocksucker 

Forced Feminization 

 Two Forced Femme Files! I am making these available as a Buy One Get One. Two videos totaling 34 minutes of forced feminization, sissification, humiliation, chastity and more!

  Forced Sissy your New Uncomfortable Life

  Locked in Chastity for another Long Month

  Two for Tuesday ~ Worship Goddess 

 This Buy One Get One features Goddess dressed in full leather in the first video and a second worship video where I am dressed in a corset, thong and stockings!

  Worship Goddess In Her Leather

  Mirror View of Goddess in Corset Stockings Lipstick Video

  Panty Worship Fetish 

 This video and audio file will excite and arouse you as you become scent trained as I reinforce your panty fetish! When you download My Panty Worship audio file I have included My erotic Scent of Goddess Panties Video!

  Scent of Goddess Panties

  Panty Worship

  Foot Worship ~ Foot Fetish 

  This two for Tuesday BOGO Femdom Fetish contains a video, audio file and photos all featuring My perfect size 6 feet!

  Foot Fetish

  Sissy dana Foot Worship


  Click here for MORE of My 2forTuesday Combinations!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Goddess Natasha Femdom Recording

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! If you are like Me, then you are looking forward to Thanksgiving Day!

Up until then I will be taking calls, available for chat and also taking custom audio requests.

 It was a busy week as usual! My most popular video was a Femdom recording called Prove yourself to Me. This weeks most popular audio was a Femdom hypnosis file in which I encourage your submission and surrender.

 I know it can be overwhelming since I have more than 1200 recordings available. However I am always happy to make personal recommendations.

Also I have sorted some categories which contain some of My favorite files.

Forced Femme

Most Popular Video

  Being My slave ~ Prove yourself to Me! 

Femdom Recording

 Dressed in a gorgeous black corset that shows off My breasts, I am once again I am addressing the issue of being My slave and what it entails in this video Femdom recording. Let Me be perfectly clear…there are no compromises and your complete surrender is not only required but demanded. Your sole focus is now ME. There is something you need to know…I am not a jealous Mistress but I AM a possessive Mistress. Do you know what that means? If you are My slave you belong to Me and only Me. Oh, and one day? You will be tested. When I give you this command and you do what I tell you without hesitation, then I will know how much you really want to be My slave. Featuring Female domination, Femdom Recording, slave training, submission

  Most Popular Audio

  Becoming Goddesses slave 

Femdom Recording

 As you listen to My voice you relax. It feels so good to be Goddesses slave, doesn’t it? That word sends a shiver down your spine. A slave to Goddesses voice, a slave to Goddesses dominance, power and control, a slave to Goddesses every whim and desire. It feels so good to let go and let Goddess guide you. Just close your eyes and relax as you listen to My voice. Picture yourself in front of Me, kneeling at My feet. As you kneel you are filled with worship and adoration. Eager to please, eager to serve Me. Wanting to be of service and making Goddess happy. I know that you want to be a slave. By now you realize that you were meant to be My slave. That it is your destiny! Realizing that you were meant to be owned. That you need you submit. That you need to surrender. Featuring Femdom, trancing, voice seduction, mind manipulation

  Recent Releases

  ~NEW~ Sissification ~ Sissy Up! 

 It is time to sissy up! Past time that you stop pretending and purging! I know that it happens when you get an idea that you can bury these feelings and be a real man! It never works! Because the truth is you ARE a sissy! When you try to be something you are not you are so unhappy because you ARE a sissy! Wearing panties, stockings and dressing is part of you! Just like feminization, being of service, serving Females and alpha males is your path! It is time to Sissy Up! Featuring Femdom, sissification, sissy reinforcement, panty reinforcement, emasculation, sissy training

  ~NEW~ Forced Exposure 

 It is so difficult, isn’t it? I know that you crave the exposure and revealing your true self! One of the main reasons I so enjoy exposing sissys, faggots and small penises is that I believe the world deserves to know the truth! Especially Women so that they are aware of exactly what you are! Frankly Women need to know the truth so they can make the appropriate decision about you! It is so exciting, frightening and addicting to see your photos and information appearing all over social media and the internet! Featuring Femdom, exposure, exposure addiction, exposed, forced exposure

  ~NEW~ BBC Conversion 

 Everywhere you look, every photo every video features big black cock! When you started watching BBC porn you couldn’t help but be excited by these monster cocks! First you watched the Women and their faces as they enjoyed big black cock. Realizing you have never pleasured a Woman that way. THEN realizing you never would be able to give a Woman that type of pleasure and intense eye rolling orgasms! Then you stopped looking at the Woman and began focusing on that big black cock! Now that is all you look at! As you fantasize and stroke it is YOU that is getting throat fucked! It is YOU that is being throat trained! It is YOU that is being used by BBC!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Goddess Natasha Exclusive Femdom fetish videos

Good morning!

 I hope you are having a good week! It is slowly warming up here so I spent a bit longer walking the beach this morning.

Today I will be available until 3PM for calls and chat. This afternoon I will be administering some well-deserved discipline!

 Although I have many audio and videos available to the public as you know I also have many files that are NOT available to the public. I have listed some below and you can


Click here for Exclusives featuring Strapon, SPH and Chastity  

  Anal Training~ Making you My bitch

 I have SO many toys for us to play with! In this short clip I show you the toys that will turn you into My bitch! Look at Me..sitting waiting for you and showing you what and how I will use each one on you! Stretching you, lubing you..all to get you ready for My strap-on! It's time for you to get fucked! All that is missing is you!

  Stockings and Stilettos

 I love wearing stockings and of course stiletto high heels! First I pull on a pair of thigh high black stockings one at a time and then stroke and caress My legs all the while telling you I know how much you want to be here...worshipping My beautiful legs! Then the leather of course!! Featuring high heels, fetish, high heel worship, stockings

  Ass Worship 

 I know by now that you have learned that Mistress loves a good ass worship slave! BUT I had never recorded an ass worship video…until now! Dressed in black cleavage showing bra, waist cincher and thong as well as My favorite black heels, I show you and instruct you. Do you have a strong tongue? Obedience and devotion..that is what is required! Maybe you will be allowed to sleep with your face between My ass cheeks..wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to sleep?? Lick, dart, swirl…just some of the commands for ass worship. Nice close ups of Mistresses ass and beautiful body! Featuring Ass worship, instructions, body worship

 Did you know I have over 1100 videos and audios listed on Niteflirt? I realize it can be overwhelming however I would be more than happy to make recommendations based on your erotic interests!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Female Domination Mistress Goddess Natasha

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! It was a beautiful day for the Miami Book Fair yesterday. However this morning it is cool and breezy!

 My most popular video this week was one of My exclusives called male to be used for My pleasure. It is the first of a two part set which features leather and extreme Femdom. The second part is called Continuing Torment of a male which you can review here.

 This weeks most popular audio was one of My many feminization files and one of My Strapon recordings appeared on the marque!

  My phone and chat lines are on this morning and at 12 noon I will be heading out for Sunday brunch. I will be online and available again this evening.

  Appearing on Marque

  Be My bitch ~ Strapon Training 

 Strapon training and making you My bitch is one of the most empowering and erotic ways for Me to dominate you! Not only dominating you but also reinforcing your submission and taking you as My bitch! It is so empowering to bend you over and force you to submit to My cock! Feeling My thighs as I press deeply inside you. Stopping. Feel My cock inside you. Pinned and under My control! Having you cock trained as I like to call it as I further emasculate you when you begin imagining taking a REAL cock for Me! Whether it is slow and sensuous, a fast pounding or sitting as My cock juts between My legs and forcing you to ride it, you will submit to it all! Featuring Femdom Mistress, strapon, strapon training, forced strapon, bitch training, forced strapon

  Most Popular Video

  Captured! male to be used for MY pleasure 

 As you become more aware of your surroundings, you see Me sitting in front of you. Do you recognize Me? It’s Natasha. The Woman you approached to buy a drink. As you try to answer you realize you cannot move or speak. Oh I don’t have you restrained with ropes! Paralyzed by the drink you indulged in you can only blink your eyes! I begin explaining why you are here, your eyes widen in horror! As you realize that no one knows where you are and you are completely helpless I can see the fear in your eyes. Oh you aren’t the first male to be taken to be used to satisfy My sadistic streak! Disbelief at My plans for you as each detail fills you with dread. The smile on My face indicates My pleasure at your fear as I stroke your face with My leather glove. Peeling My glove off you see My long nails which excites you until I begin explaining how they will be used on your body including your cock and balls! Featuring Femdom, extreme Femdom, leather gloves, sadistic Mistress, interrogation, CBT, extreme Femdom Mistress

  Most Popular Audio

  Complete Emasculation Total Feminization


 Before you can be totally feminized you will be emasculated. As a matter of fact it is not only the first step but one of the most important! To be stripped of every bit of your masculinity, male ego crushed and left in tatters. Then the process of your feminization can begin! First standing in front of Me completely naked and vulnerable for an inspection as I begin to plan your emasculation and feminization. From hormones to chastity your journey is only beginning!

  Recent Releases

  ~NEW~ Mind Control Mind Melt 

 All it takes is the sound of My voice so relaxing, so peaceful. My voice and words washing over you making you feel so good! So perfectly relaxed, drifting you go down further and further That is all it takes; the words of Goddess. Goddesses words taking you down. That wonderful state of relaxation where you can surrender and give up control. Right where you belong. Putting yourself in Goddesses hands. Putting your mind in Goddesses hands. All it takes is the sound of My voice. All it takes to surrender is follow Goddesses commands. To give in, to give up, to give up your personal power. Just let go and let Goddess take control. Picturing yourself caged by Goddess, so exciting to think of the mental cage, the pet cage, the chastity cage all controlled by Goddess. In your mind’s eye you can see it. Making you My personal pet. Perfectly obedient. Perfectly programmed to Goddesses way of thinking. All you have to do is listen to Goddesses voice. All you have to do is follow Goddesses commands. Featuring Femdom, Femdom hypnosis, trancing, mind control, hypno seduction

  ~NEW~ Advanced Feminization


 There are so many aspects of your feminization that I am enjoying! Each step thrills and empowers Me as more and more of your masculinity is erased! However I want more and permanent changes! The things that I have planned will be permanent and the effects noticeable! The changes I want and plan will force you into femininity and leave you unable to deny the truth! Featuring Femdom, Feminization, forced femme, emasculation, psychological, emotional, hormone therapy, testosterone blockers, Femdom Mistress

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Goddess Natasha Femdom Female Dominance

As I reflected what was new, popular, and most liked this week I noticed that there was an element of not only chastity but emasculation. These are very common elements in not only My recordings and My Lifestyle but Female dominance in general.

 My most popular video this week was a promo I did for cam which makes a great worship video! This weeks most popular audio was another tie between two different recordings! The first is called Chastity Orgasm Control and the second is called Cock Mocking Cuckolding. If you haven’t downloaded them I have listed them below.

 As you probably noticed I have over 1100 files available. I realize that it can be overwhelming and there isn’t an adequate search feature on Niteflirt . However I am always happy to make personal recommendations based on your erotic interests and training goals!

 I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! It has been a pretty rainy weekend so far and I have been busy taking calls, catching up on correspondence and filling custom audio requests.

 Today the rain continues and I am currently online taking calls, available for chat and taking custom requests.

  Appearing on Marque

  ASMR Whispered Sissy Affirmations 

female dominance

 Since you aren’t a real man it should be your goal to be a good sissy! Let go of all those thoughts that are stopping you from being a sissy! Realizing that you ARE a sissy! Facing the future as a sissy is so freeing! No more worrying about trying to convince anyone that you are a man! Accepting that you are a sissy! That you are better off being a sissy Featuring sissification, emasculation, whisper ASMR, sissy affirmations Best listened to with headphones and in a loop!

  Most Popular Video

Cam Promo 

female dominance

 I am wearing a short sexy black dress that shows off My cleavage, black seamed stockings, tiny g string and leather pumps. If you missed Me on cam this is a perfect video for worship!

  Most Popular Audio

  Chastity Orgasm Control 

female dominance

 This recording features Me teasing and describing the milking,forced cum eating, chastity, and the "chocolate eclair" training you will be subjected to! As I control your cock, I control you! As My slave you will be forcibly milked! From now on you will have limited masturbation or orgasms! How long will I deny you? Only I know!

  Cock Mocking and Cuckolding 

  female dominance

 It has always been apparent to Me that cuckolding and small cocks have a direct correlation. After all, you are perfectly aware that you cannot satisfy a Woman with THAT! So what else is there for you? A cuckold lifestyle is what you have to look forward to. As a Dominant Female I have always believed that MY sexual satisfaction and gratification is what is important. This satisfaction is not going to come from you! The satisfaction that you can give Me is the knowledge that I enjoy the emasculation and emotional anguish that I will inflict!

  Recent Releases

  ~NEW~ Mind Control Submit to My Control 

female dominance

 My gorgeous breasts are highlighted as My voice continues to lull you into trance as you are now conditioned to My seductive voice. My elegant hands and long nails capture your attention as I take you deeper and deeper. Submitting to My control. Craving My control. Needing to surrender. Featuring deep drop, mind control, Femdom hypnosis, all natural breasts, cleavage, finger snapping

  ~NEW~ Stunning Effects

  female dominance

 My makeup perfectly done and wearing a cleavage enhancing bra I I know just how entranced you are! As you watch My videos over and over again it deepens My control over you which makes Me VERY happy! As you know I AM all about control! The more control I have the more empowering and exciting it is! As you watch each wave of My hand imagining being in My presence and the stunning effects of My perfect 36C breasts, elegant hands and piercing blue eyes I know the effect these all have on you! Featuring Femdom, Female Dominance, worship, mind manipulation, cleavage

  ~NEW~ Chastised and Pantied 

female dominance

 Not only do I want you in chastity but I want you in a micro cage! Rather than having a penis you will have a clit! It will be the most natural thing in the world to be in chastity as your “clit” shrinks even more! And it will shrink! There will be no hope of an erection or cumming and you will have to accept that your clit is locked up forever. Of course the next step will be pretty pink panties! Trusting Mistress you know that it is for your own good! Featuring Femdom, Female Dominance, chastity, sph, small penis humiliation, feminization, panty training

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Goddess Natasha Femdom MP3 Files

As you know I have a wide variety of Female Domination MP3 recordings as well as many videos. However it happens quite often that even after all My years in the scene I come across a topic that I am not familiar with. It is one of the reasons that I enjoy receiving calls.

 This past week was extremely busy with great conversations and even a few cam sessions! My most popular video this week was Poppers and Panties which is one of My recordings in My Future of My Cuckold Series. (View more of My Future of My Cuckold Series here!)

 This weeks most popular audio files was a tie between Chastity I hold the Key and an all time Cock Hungry Slut. If you have not yet heard them I have listed them below. Also last weeks Forced Femme audio files appeared on the most popular marque for the majority of the week!

 I hope that you are having a great weekend! It has been rain, rain and more rain in south Florida for the past 3 days. I am in Palm Beach until tonight however I am online taking calls . My chat line is also on which you can access here.

  Appearing on Marque

  Forced Femme ~ Forced Bi ~ Porn Star 

Female Domination MP3

 I know that you were thrilled to be taken along to a porn set for the shoot today! I told you that you would be the boy Friday, running errands and assisting. After just a few minutes I come up to you and tell you that we have a problem! The girl that was going to be the star of the shoot isn’t coming. Of course I am a problem solver and I have decided that YOU are going to take her place! After you stammer and fidget, I tell you that I am not ASKING you, I am telling you! So it is off to hair, make-up and getting fitting into your costume for your debut as a porn star! With make-up done you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror! The blonde wig, costume and stilettos are added and soon it is time for you to take your place on set! Of course, the secret is that there never was a girl that didn’t show up! It was always going to be you! Featuring Femdom, forced feminization, forced bi, cocksucking, Female Domination MP3

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  Poppers and Panties 

 Continuing in My Future of My cuckold I have let you out of chastity for a stroking session. Oh but it MUST BE a controlled and painful masturbation with kali’s teeth and no touching! As I guide your inhalation of the poppers I also guide your strokes! That’s a good cuckold slave! Featuring poppers, panties, worship, ass worship, popperbating, cuckold, guided masturbation

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  Chastity ~ I hold the Key!

Female Domination MP3

 As your Mistress and Owner, I tell you how I hold the key…both literally and figuratively! That means to ALL aspects of your life…the key to your happiness, your future and of course, the key to your chastity device! With the key I will control your life, erections, orgasms and all sexual activity!  Features Female Domination MP3,  chastity, TPE, ownership, control

  Cock Hungry Slut  Female Domination MP3

 I know exactly what you are! A cock hungry slut who just can't get enough and begs for more! So eager and so willing which of course pleases Me very much! This craving for cock has always been there but I can’t wait to bring it out of you for My own pleasure and purposes!Female Domination MP3

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~NEW~ Bimbo Bubble

  Female Domination MP3

 Relaxing and listening to My seductive voice your mind begins to fill with pink smoke. My words swirl around your mind like pink smoke…becoming pink smoke and then are drawn right into the center of your mind. That spot right at the center of your mind, the center of your subconscious. My words, pink smoke filling your mind. My words like pink smoke occupying a slightly larger area at the center of your mind. The rest of your mind just accommodates My words, accommodates the pink smoke and expands to make room for the words I am speaking, for the pink smoke. My words, the smoke forming a bubble. A pink, glittery bubble expanding…getting larger and larger. The bimbo bubble expanding…getting bigger and bigger. The bimbo bubble is pushing aside other thoughts. The bimbo bubble is pushing out masculine thoughts…masculine desires…the bimbo bubble is expelling all those thoughts. Pushing them out. Erasing them as the bimbo bubble takes up more and more room. It makes you feel so light, so free, so empty headed! As the bimbo bubble keeping expanding more and more of your thoughts are being pushed out! Erased! Not only thoughts but your very identity. Feeling so free, so giggly even though you know when the bimbo bubble bursts all that will be left is glitter, pink smoke and you will be a total empty headed bimbo! Female Domination MP3

  ~NEW~ Unworthy of Sex 

Female Domination MP3

 It has always been a fact of your life that you have a difficult time with Women. Most especially seducing Women and trying to convince them to have sex with you. Why would they agree? Women can sense and certainly evaluate someone like you! They KNOW that you are not a real man! Women can see your lack of confidence and self esteem. These things tell them that they WILL be disappointed! After all you are giving off all the clues that tell them exactly that! WHY would a Woman WANT to give you the privilege of having sex with them?? Featuring Femdom, humiliation, emasculation, denial, sph

  ~NEW~ ASMR Whispered Sissy Affirmations 

Female Domination MP3

 Since you aren’t a real man it should be your goal to be a good sissy! Let go of all those thoughts that are stopping you from being a sissy! Realizing that you ARE a sissy! Facing the future as a sissy is so freeing! No more worrying about trying to convince anyone that you are a man! Accepting that you are a sissy! That you are better off being a sissy Featuring sissification, emasculation, whisper ASMR, sissy affirmations Best listened to with headphones and in a loop!