Monday, May 20, 2013

Female Domination The seduction of jenny

Female Domination 

 I am sure by now you have read My original “The Farm”. As I have grown in the Lifestyle and expanded My interests, I decided to revisit My original story and expand on what I would like My “slave Farm” to be… present day! Below is an excerpt.

 Chapter 1: The Seduction of jenny 

The idea grew in my early teen years that I could own a boy by controlling his cock. As I matured I came to realize the innate Superiority of Women. I began to see men as pitiful fucktoys and masturbators. I could manipulate and dominate them to My own benefit, comfort, and luxury. I never dated without being in total control, and on the flimsiest of whims I was quick to laughingly abandon a boy. Occasionally I made one walk home without a ride. A funny thing happened on the way to graduation. As My reputation for callousness and meanness grew the boys came courting in greater numbers. I learned that cruelty attracted boys like flies to honey. My treatment of them was downright pitiless.

Somewhere along in My late teens I began to fantasize about living on a big estate of some sort, or maybe a farm or a ranch. There I would be worshipped by submissive females who loved Me. And I would be served by the hard labor of inferior boy beasties of burden. It was just an incipient dream at that time. But, it made Me wet.

 Also, around that time of my life a dark urge started to grow within me. I thought how lovely to have a boy suffer for Me, and to see the helpless, pleading look in his eyes while I inflicted some undefined pain. By graduation time I developed a hunger to seriously hurt and torment boys. More than that, I began to fantasize about medieval instruments of torture, of whips and crops, of canes and bondage. My fantasies became intensely erotic the more I toyed with and abused My little dumbnuts classmates. My little girlfriends became so proud of the powerful orgasms they provoked in Me, little understanding it was not their tongues but My own imagination that sent Me into throes of passion.

It was obvious to Me, however, that My small town was not a safe place to play out My wet hot sexual dramas of Female Superiority and cruelty to men. So, I went off to an urban university where I could secure more anonymity and many more hapless male victims [chuckle]

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