Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Views on Chastity


 As many of you know, I am a great advocate for chastity in relationships. In My opinion, it does not matter if the relationship is Lifestyle, a Female Led Relationship or a "vanilla" relationship.

 In the Lifestyle, some may consider this a fetish. However, this is an absolute requirement for any male who serves as My personal slave. Or for a male who is owned by Me. It is not up for discussion. There is no compromise. For a Female Led Relationship, this will certainly give the Woman a vast amount of control and a feeling of power over Her Partner.

 Frankly, I believe even so called "vanilla"  relationship can benefit from a male being kept chaste. I certainly don't mean taking his word for it! After all, what do most couples have arguments over? Sex! If a Woman is controlling Her partner's sexuality the basis for a number of arguments can be eliminated The device ensures She is controlling his sexual activities there is nothing to argue about or for Her to worry over.

 If a male is kept in a device for any length of time he becomes more obedient ,it deepens his submission AND his servitude! This has been My experience many times over. Controlling a man's sexuality and sexual activities through the use of a device in essence controls the man. He becomes docile and more willing to please. This willingness to serve and please, I believe comes from the male psyche that thinks "oh, I will be allowed a release as a reward for good behavior". While this could be the case, of course the Keyholder decides the when and where as well as the important how long!

This requirement is all about control for Me as most things are. The more control I have the better! Below are a number of videos and recordings that I have made available on this subject. I know that you will find them enlightening! The pictures below are from "Ultimate Chastity" and show what I believe to be an ultimate device!

Small cocks and Chastity
The Importance of Chastity
Chastity for all men
Ultimate Chastity 

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