Friday, April 19, 2013

My Goddess Worship Group and How it Began

Many years ago, I founded a Goddess Worship group because I felt one was genuinely needed in the south Florida area. While I did find some groups and remnants of groups they seemed to focus on the religious aspects. 

WHY I started My own Goddess Worship Group

These groups also didn't emphasize the philosophy of Female Supremacy which I wanted to be embrace. As a firm believer in Female Supremacy and the Dominant Female, I wanted to incorporate the BDSM lifestyle into a Goddess Worship group. So on that basis My Group began.

A few facts about the Goddess Worship Group

There are rules and initiations. Prospective devotees (male members) are interviewed by all of the Dominant Female members of the group. The meetings are held every four to six weeks . My Goddess Worship group has members from all over the world who fly to south Florida at least twice a year for Our meetings. Actually, attending meetings at least twice a year is a requirement. The Goddess's in the group and all Dominant Females and also firm believers in Female Supremacy. There is so much more to belonging to Our group and learning about Goddess Worship and Female Supremacy! 

The articles below can enlighten you and you may also call Me at on NiteFlirt to discuss our initiation  rituals and more

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Goddess Worship: Introduction into Our Group  
Goddess Worship: Rules and Rituals 
My View on Female Supremacy 

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