Sunday, November 6, 2016

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Since I was gone for the majority of the week obviously I was not taking phone calls. My time was limited although I did record two new audios and I did make some of My CLASSIC Goddess Natasha videos available such as Oral slave and slave Training I .

 If you are not familiar with My Classic Goddess Natasha videos these are My very first videos! Most of these were filmed in one or another of My private dungeons and featuring Female Domination at its finest!

 I am looking for a very productive week as I a number of days I will be filming some new videos and taking new photos. Still I know that I will have time for calls and custom audio recordings!

 This past week My most popular video has been Being My slave and My most popular audio recording was Women are Biologically Superior although My new Psychological Breakdown was a very close second! However My Classic Goddess Natasha videos were also very popular.

 Remember that this upcoming week I will be filming videos and taking photos with an out of town photographer! If you have an idea or suggestion or custom  video request, feel free to email Me! MOST POPULAR VIDEO
  Being My slave
  classic goddess natasha videos
 Dressed in a gorgeous black corset that shows off My breasts, I am once again I am addressing the issue of being My slave and what it entails. Let Me be perfectly clear…there are no compromises and your complete surrender is not only required but demanded. Your sole focus is now ME. There is something you need to know…I am not a jealous Mistress but I AM a possessive Mistress. Do you know what that means? If you are My slave you belong to Me and only Me. Oh, and one day? You will be tested. When I give you this command and you do what I tell you without hesitation, then I will know how much you really want to be My slave.
  Women are Biologically Superior
classic goddess natasha videos
I have been a proponent and believer in Female Supremacy for many years. It is easy to find the evidence and proof of this superiority as you surf the internet and watch the nightly news! This superiority is evidenced in so many ways and yes, even biologically! This is an enlightening, intelligent recording on what else? Women's Superiority!

~NEW~ Psychological Breakdown 
classic goddess natasha videos
I speak so often of your compete surrender as well as My breaking of a slave. It is your psychological breakdown that I am most interested in. Completely taking over your mind and leaving you helpless to My wants, needs and desires. My desire to take over not only your life but your mental capacity. THIS is what true control and domination is. It doesn’t take any finesse or brains to beat someone into submission. But taking over your very thought processes is what My goal has always been! The techniques and methods that I use are sometimes subtle and often cruel! As a matter of fact you have been subjected to a number of them without even knowing it! Hypnosis, trances, desensitization are just a few! This mental domination is what is satisfying to Me and the most erotic part of dominating and controlling you!
  ~NEW~ Femme Bitch to be Bred
  classic goddess natasha videos
 It is just a fact that you were made to be a sissy bitch! Not only a sissy bitch but a sissy bitch that MUST be bred! Frankly you have always been quite feminine! Oh your face has never been handsome but rather quite pretty! Those long eye lashes and you have never had a manly body but rather a feminine figure. Of course as My sissy bitch I will be enhancing that pretty face and with female hormones you will have an even more feminine figure! That is only the beginning! I have such plans for you such as body waxing, piercings and a very feminine tattoo! In addition your small clitty will be locked in a tiny chastity cage, smooth body oiled up and ready to be bred like the sissy bitch that you are!

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