Monday, October 31, 2016

Breaking of a slave Reprogramming

Brainwashing or Reprogramming is an essential part of My Breaking of a slave program. It has grown increasingly popular over the years. It is a life changing experience and one of the most intense experiences you will ever under go!

  Breaking of a slave Reprogramming Brainwashing

 The Breaking of a slave is accomplished through a variety of methods both mental and physical. After you are broken then it is time for your reprogramming! Brainwashing so to speak! My first goal is breaking you completely and after I have accomplished that then the reprogramming begins. This mental reprogramming is the second goal that I have. Trust Me that it is just as intense and is just as life changing! It is so powerful as well as erotic to now manipulate and control your thinking! One of the things that is so powerful is NOW you are thinking and behaving the way I want you to and you won’t even be aware of it. My type of thought reform will impede your ability to think and completely disrupt your male ego! THAT is true reprogramming! Believe Me that I have genuinely become an expert at this type of brainwashing after you are broken!

 Do you have all of My Breaking of a slave Recordings? Another SHOCKING Special 
  Breaking of a slave Complete Series
 Over the years I have perfected My Breaking a slave program. This program has been used in full (30 days) on over 25 submissives. This is a VERY intense program that leaves little room for doubt of who is in control and what the result will be! Believe Me, this is NOT for the faint of heart. These files will explain what My program entails and what you would have to endure! Everything from what I expect and demand, My methods of breaking you as well as the consequences of any misbehavior or hesitation! Complete Series Breaking of a slave This contains over 30 minutes of descriptions and details on My Breaking of a slave! (Three videos and five audio files: Breaking of a slave Revealed, Breaking of a slave My Methods, Breaking of a slave Obedience and Consequences, Breaking of a slave Preparation Visit (Video & Audio), Breaking of a slave Day One, Tongue Training, Breaking of a slave Broken)

 Don’t miss any of My SHOCKING Specials! I get asked often….WHY would I do this?? There are a number of reasons! One is that I WANT you to have these videos and audio recordings! I DON’T want cost to impede you from obtaining these files! I WANT you to watch and listen to them! It is all just part of My plan. My plan to bring you under My control. My plan for you to worship and obey. To become even further enthralled with Me and crave My voice, desire My attention and intensify your feelings of submission and servitude! Consider this another brainwashing method! These are recordings that I WANT you to have!

These are recordings that you NEED to listen to! 
Mind Control, Chastity, Stockings and Stilettos and Strapon Seduction

Speak with Me live about My Brainwashing Reprogramming and Breaking of a slave!

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