Monday, January 1, 2018

Goddess Natasha Financial Ruin

As you know I do not consider Myself a “financial dom” or “findom”. However there are aspects of these layers that appeal to Me. Such as the idea of bringing you to the point of financial ruin. The feeling of you losing control, unable to help yourself. Myself having the knowledge of what your weakness is and then manipulating it and controlling it! After all, I have told you time and again how exciting complete control is for Me! How exciting to use and manipulate your weaknesses whatever they may be! The thought of that control and your helpless and vulnerability is what interests and excites Me!

  ~NEW~ Financial Ruin 

  financial ruin

 It seems so exciting! Ruined! Financial ruin! Total destruction! It has been the only thing that was guaranteed to get you aroused. I know that you just CAN’T stop thinking about it. So hard and excited to think about complete destruction. Slowly you imagine yourself getting in deeper and deeper. Imagining the excitement and the thrill. This is just the beginning. But there is so much more! Things you may not have ever considered doing that will lead to your complete financial ruin! (LISTEN NOW!)

 Now for another very different type of control and manipulation! Encouraging and reinforcing your sexual attraction to sexy feet like Mine!

  ~NEW~ Encouraging your Foot Fetish 

  financial ruin

 I so enjoy manipulating sexual urges! Like your love of feet! Making you even more sexually attracted AND sexually aroused! No matter where you are or what you are doing. Planting suggestions in your subconscious so that you become instantly aroused! (DOWNLOAD NOW!)

 I hope that your New Year’s Eve was absolutely fantastic! Although our dinner reservation was for 10 PM at Council Oaks last night we didn't get seated until 10:40 PM! Which meant at the stroke of midnight we were still eating! None the less it was a unbelievable dinner and we had a great time!  I am relaxing and celebrating New Year’s Day at home so My phone lines are on. I am also available for live chat! Enjoy the first day of 2018!

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