Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Breeding Spread and Bred

The excitement and emasculation of Femdom breeding is something that I find particularly erotic. From the humiliation, emasculation to the knowing that you will have no choice but to be taken bareback again and again is all exciting!

  ~NEW~ Breeding Spread and Bred 

femdom breeding

 I know that you can’t stop thinking about it! Being bred and all that it implies. Yes, there will be cock after cock. All bareback. After all that is the ONLY way to be bred. The humiliation and emasculation of being told to spread and if it isn’t enough forcibly being spread, pushed further apart as you beg to be taken. Beg to be taken and bred. Spread and bred. Exactly what you crave. Exactly what you need!  (LISTEN NOW!)

 I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas! The first thing we did was try out our new paddle boards in the morning! I have to say with the water being so cold (72 degrees) it was a good incentive to make sure NOT to fall in! But it was gorgeous, warm and sunny! I decided that  a trip to Belize would be the perfect present and I can't wait to go this winter!  The day was filled with friends, family and a lot of food and a lot of visiting from North Miami up to Palm Beach. It was an interesting day with different lifestyles as well as different religions!

Today is more of a relaxing day with a few errands. It has been quite busy this morning and  I will be taking calls, be available for chat and for custom recordings throughout the day into the evening.

More Femdom breeding files!

BBC Breeding 

femdom breeding

 I did tell you that one femdom breeding session would most likely not be enough! However this next breeding session is going to be a bit different! It will only have participants that have a minimum of 9 inches. Of course, you know what that means! Superior big black cock! From the videos you have watched you know how aggressive they are and how they love using white bitches like you. The onslaught of big black cock will go on and on. This is the proper way for you to be bred!  (LISTEN NOW!)

  Dirty Bitch to be Bred 

femdom breeding

 I have such plans for you! A complete transformation into a juicy thick curvy bitch with large boobs and a big ass. A ass that is just begging to be grabbed, taken and used. Wide hips that are perfect for breeding and built for rough submissive sex with a dominant bull. See I have banning any type of protection and you will ONLY have bareback sex from now on! THIS will ensure that you are properly bred like the dirty bitch you are! Every day a different man will be taking you as I watch, direct and film each breeding session. This will go on and you will be violated and taken over and over until you are bred!  (LISTEN NOW!)

  The Insemination Station

  femdom breeding

 What a surprise you are in for! The ad that you answered in the newspaper sounded exactly like one of those ads for a medical research study. Well, you had an idea that it had to do with sexuality since there were quite a number of questions regarding your sexuality and sexual activities. Welcome to the insemination station! Naked and vulnerable you will be filled. Filled with cum over and over again. Positioned for maximum penetration. I pull on a pair of black latex gloves to make sure you are properly lubed. In addition I will also be manipulating your cock to make sure you are properly aroused! I believe that this is just your first session at the insemination station! Like everyone else you will be back for more!  (LISTEN NOW!)

  The Breeding Stall 

femdom breeding

 Finally , I have allowed you to serve Me in person! It has been a long road with many twists and turns.Many tasks have been performed and assignments completed. I have decided that you are ready. Ready for complete surrender. No more free will. No compromises. The word no is no longer in your vocabulary. Blind obedience without hesitation. As you kneel in front of Me I reiterate once again that I am in control. That you no longer have free will to do as you please and you will follow My commands exactly as they are given. The only things that matter at this point are Goddesses wants, needs and desires. Once you have agreed there is no going back. No safe word. No escape. I have something special planned. Something that will emasculate you and bring you to the point of being completely broken. This Femdom breeding file describes how you will be taken again and again. After a session or two in My breeding stall you will be completely changed mentally and emotionally! Oh, not quite what you expected, was it? I did tell you to leave your expectations and own desires at the door. (LISTEN NOW!)

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